3 Sexting Disasters that Can Happen to Anyone

Once you get involved with sexting, there is always a risk of something going awry. Now, the good news is there are different categories of wrong, including funny wrong and just plain wrong and we’re pretty sure that even you yourself have fallen a victim to the first one at least once in your lifetime. On the other hand, there are numerous sexting scandals like the one that happened to politician Anthony Weiner that prove that unfortunately, latter can also occur. On the bright side, what’s typical for sexting disasters, in general, is that they usually happen to younger or at least youthful people. That being said and assuming it has happened to you, we are glad to inform you that now you have a solid proof that you’re not quite ready to retire and try senior dating just yet. Congratulations!

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All in all, here are the most common types of sexting mistakes that can (and did, we’re telling you!) happen to anyone…

#1 Your Mom could come across your Nude Photos

They don’t say just like that that you should be careful what you’re texting about. Okay, we’ve just made that up but you probably see the point. Namely, we all have at least one friend who complained about his/her parents seeing their sext exchanges since they forgot to delete the history from their smartphones. Okay, we should assume that you’re smart enough not to sext with a complete stranger and that you usually do it only with your long-time partner but you should also make sure to get rid of the evidence once the fun is over or at least to be smart enough to store the photos somewhere safe. (Because saying goodbye to his dick-pic can be a heartbreaking experience, we know!)

#2 You could come across the Nude Photos of your Mom

Remember how they taught us that everyone is a living soul who deserves to live their life and their freedom no matter what? Well, this is nice and noble thought, we admit, but it’s certainly not applicable to our parents and you know well what we’re talking about. It was difficult enough that you had to go through the entire birds and bees story when you were a young and vulnerable teenager and we’re betting that wound is still fresh. Should you come across the nude photos of your mom on her smartphone because your battery suddenly died and you had to give Jane a call, try to suppress it to the deepest levels of your mind and make sure never to think about it again. Ever! In case you cannot exorcise the image from your mind, you can always give a call to the nearest therapist and hope for the best. Also, always have a portable recharger at your disposal. Prevention is the best cure, they say!


#3 You can send your sext to a stranger

They don’t say just like that that you should be careful whom you’re sexting with. Okay, this one is also made up but we all know how the things go: you’re a tad drunk, stripped down of all inhibitions and honestly believing there’s no tomorrow so you’re living for the moment. Unfortunately, tomorrow will come in 6 hours or so, and it will come to bite you from behind like a vicious predator it is since your photo can easily end up online. Hell, it can even go viral and once it happens, your social life is ruined. Remember the “plain wrong category” we talked about above? Well, this is it, so you should better limit the intake of intoxicants in case you’re lonely, horny and partnerless.

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