Best Five Sites To Help You And Your Partner Lead An Improved Sex Life

Best Five Sites To Help You And Your Partner Lead An Improved Sex Life

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Back in the day, your parents and grandparents had Cosmopolitan, Red Book, etc to give the ladies tips on how to please their man. Then, as people realized ‘hey, women deserve pleasure too’, this began to change, and we had publications like The Joy of Sex; all the hip people had a copy of that one. 

Then of course, in the late 1990s, we had a new Sexual Revolution thanks to the Internet. This brought about a new profligate of websites telling men and women how to guarantee their, and their partners, sexual satisfaction, save their marriages etc. This amount of often redundant information overload made it so many of these sites are mere landing pages, and wastes of peoples time, and did not include the more kinky and explorative activities that are becoming mainstream pleasurable fun for many couples.

After careful consideration, presented for your pleasurable experiences are five recommended sources of information and exploration that are relevant for today regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or whatever type of kinky freak you might be.


Afrosexology | Educate. Explore. Reclaim. 

Twitter – Afrosexology (@Afrosexology) / Twitter 

Just like Black Lives Matter, Black Sex Lives matter too, and addressing the domestic and intimacy adventures and tribulations of the black community is what Afrosexology specializes in. This includes workshops, workbooks, and a journey centering on an affirmation of identity through the community and personal relationships all bringing about a more pleasure-centered life-style and appreciation of ones partners.



tabú – Sex, Relationships, Mental Health (  

tabú (@talktabu) / Twitter 

tabu is an all around informative site that can answer any questions and especially those of a sexual nature that you may be ashamed, or embarrassed to ask, and delivers intelligent and informed responses/answers from professional sexologists, educators, and therapists.

Profiled positively in the international media, tabu has been answering questions for years, supplying the answers that have been strengthening and enhancing relationships both in and out of the bedroom.


The Intimacy Institute

The Intimacy Institute 

Twitter – Jenni Skyler, PhD (@DrJenniSkyler) / Twitter 

Jenni Skyler, PhD, LMFT, CST and her husband Daniel Lebowitz, M.A., LMFT created this Institute over 11 years ago to help enrich other couples lives. They specialize and work on most of the common sexual  concerns of clients such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, anorgasmia, painful intercourse, sexual desire discrepancy aka wanting what you shouldn’t, which often leads to divorce, and a more recent issue for people nowadays, which is getting back to having a sex life while dealing with chronic illness and injuries.


O School

Homepage | 

Twitter – (@odotschool) / Twitter 

Free live real sex-ed? Yes! This is what O School offers, believe it or not. O School is a live-streaming platform where you can go to learn from doctors, coaches, sexologists, about a plethora of topics from proper sex-toy care and cleaning; kinky questions, and whatever fun and perverted thoughts might be racing through your mind. A free online version of everything you always wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask. 


GLAMerotica 101

GLAMerotica101 – YouTube 

Twitter – Sexologist Tyomi Morgan, ACS (@Glamazontyomi) / Twitter 

For a full-on female driven and motivated perspective, enter certified sexologist Tyomi Morgan, founder of The Cowgirl Workout.  With videos set to answer pretty much any question you can think of, as well as the ability to send in any that she hasn’t thought of. This includes tips on toys, squirting, getting the most comfort as well as intense orgasms out of riding on top. For the more intimate relationship oriented, she also has kissing tips and ways to keep your partner happy. 


With these in mind I’m sure you can find some advice and answers on any of your sexual intimacy related questions and concerns. Watch for further blogs to keep enhancing your sexual adventures in life!

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