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It’s Time to Experience Your Own Erotic Story

Sometimes you want to hear a tantalizing story about romance, erotic passion, and hardcore sex. Other times you want to enjoy a naughty webcam...

Exploring the World of Ethical Porn: A Responsible Approach to Adult Entertainment

Ethical Porn? In recent years, the adult entertainment industry has seen a rise in a new concept: ethical porn. Ethical pornography aims to promote...

Maintaining Intimacy and Trust in the Modern World

In today's fast-paced and digitally connected world, maintaining intimacy and trust in relationships can be a challenge. The demands of modern life, technological distractions,...

Holly Jane Talks OnlyFans and Mormon Excommunication in New Newsweek Article

Top OnlyFans creator Holly Jane is opening up about her faith as a devout Mormon, particularly after her abrupt excommunication from the LDS church, in a...

Why Should Women Try Masturbation More Often?

Despite what some might think, women enjoy masturbating just as much as men. Masturbation is completely natural and healthy for all people, while also...

How Right Clothing Goes Along with Adult Sex Toys?

Understanding and getting the most out of adult sex toys frequently begins and ends at the objects directly. We must not, though, discount the...
Unscripted Intimacy with James and Lola

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Wasteland Studios now LIVE on Instagram

In an effort to spread the good news (and eye candy) of their original fetish photography, Wasteland has hand-curated a collection of Safe-For-Work photos...

So, you and your partner have been talking about sex toys.

You decide it's finally time to pop out to your local high-end sex toy shop and pick up a bagful of kink. You head...

Robot Handjobs and Sex Is The Future, Just In Time For Holiday Gift Shopping!

Yes, I know that sometimes it's just too easy to poke a little fun at Japanese popular culture and media, but one thing it's hard to ever tease them about is their prowess in technology and innovation. Well, until this new Robotics invention recently was released, the "VR Tenga" which simply BEGS for a bit of silly commentary. Over the weekend, this virtual sex simulator debuted in Japan, Kotaku reported. The "VR Tenga" is the product of a joint effort from adult toy company Tenga and virtual reality pioneer Oculus VR, the company behind an immersive virtual reality headset called the Oculus Rift.

Angie Rowntree’s ‘Gone’ – Definitely NOT Your Typical Porn Movie

Gone relates the story of Rebecca and Todd Adams, whose tale of love and loss is greatly enhanced not only by the on-screen chemistry shared by Blue and Richards, but by the fact the plot is largely based on the true story of a member.

How Might Piercing Affect Your Sex Life?

It doesn't matter if you're searching for a partner via free singles dating sites or by dating face to face, at the end of...


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It’s Time to Experience Your Own Erotic Story

Sometimes you want to hear a tantalizing story about romance, erotic passion, and hardcore sex. Other times you want to enjoy a naughty webcam...

Six Of The Hottest And Most Approachable Women Of Adult Entertainment on Twitter and OnlyFans

Six Of The Hottest And Most Approachable Women Of Adult Entertainment on Twitter and OnlyFans In mainstream Hollywood, the landscape of popularity is a constantly...

HD Porn Is What Does Better Than Anyone Else

HD Porn Is What Does Better Than Anyone Else Porn tube sites aren’t new at this point, but they have changed quite a bit...

Exploring the Phenomenon of Webcamming

Not too long ago, the concept of webcamming was new and largely unknown. It was a phenomenon that practically grew up overnight and no...

VR Porn For Women – When Do We Get To The Part Where He Does The Dishes Without Being Asked?

Today, Calico takes a (tongue-firmly-in-cheek) look at the subject of BaDoinkVR's new female-focused VR porn project, and why it's unlikely it represents what Calico herself would...

Eye Candy: Gabrielle and Ramon

The Raiment We Put On by Kelly Cherry   Do you remember? We were in a room With walls as warm as anybody’s breath, And music wove us on...

Eye Candy: Jason and Suzanne

Eye Candy: Jason and Suzanne Arrival by William Carlos Williams And yet one arrives somehow, finds himself loosening the hooks of her dress in a strange bedroom— feels the autumn dropping its...

Sexy Man Eye Candy Photos – Meet Marcus!

What I look For In A Woman: Intelligence, wit, a great sexy smile and kissable lips (I’m a bit of a romantic). I like women that are strong and confident, but also have a soft side. But above all, regardless of the “list”, there must be chemistry between us.

Erotic Audio Story – Singles Table

When a woman goes by herself to a friend's wedding reception, she is horrified to be at the "Singles Table"... Until A Tall Dark & Handsome stranger enters the scene!

The real face of female orgasm pleasure?

I’ve always had an issue with female orgasms in porn, mainly because it almost never seems real. When women cum in porn, it’s this surreal kind of orgasm.
VR Porn For Women!

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All Times Popular Announces ‘Pioneers of Feminist Porn’ Discussion June 16

Groundbreaking feminist porn director, producer and author Candida Royalle will be joined by award-winning New Sensations director Jacky St. James for a discussion about the history, evolution and future of feminist porn in an event called “Pioneers of Feminist Porn,” announced today.

Porn For Women – What DO Women Want?

Ever since the for-better-or-worse explosion of "Fifty Shades Of Grey", there has also been an explosion in mainstream media examining and theorizing "What Women Want" in their porn. These range from funny lists of websites that the authors think women would like (many of which most women probably wouldn't like!), to the odd new wave of articles that "porn for women" is hot, fully clothed men vacuuming and doing dishes.

Top 10 Mid Air Nude Scenes – A MrMan Playlist

Spring is finally in the air, and it seems like a nice time to post up some light-hearted eye...

Op Ed – A 2014 Wish List for Porn Directors

As the year draws to a close, we are all bombarded with lists of the year in review and predictions of what is to come in the following year, but this public "wish list" to porn directors stands out from the crowd, hits the nail on the head for some of the parts of being a porn actress that are downright annoying (and even dangerous), and ties it all up in a tongue-in-cheek "Memo To Porn Directors" of some things they could do to make things better in the coming year.

The Bright Side of Blogger's New Ban on Porn

On the evening of Monday, February 23, a select group of users of Google’s Blogger platform received an email with the anodyne subject line “Blogger Content Policy Update.” For the Blogger users in question, it might as well have read “GTFO, Pervert.” “We're writing to tell you about an upcoming change to the Blogger Content Policy that may affect your account” the email begins. “In the coming weeks, we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually explicit or graphic nude images or video.”

Other Porn Critics Take Note: THIS is Reasonable Porn Criticism

Other Porn Critics Take Note: THIS is Reasonable Porn Criticism - Calico Rudasill, Porn For Women “Oh boy,” I thought...

When TV sexual dynamics change

by Lola Lovely at I have to write about this one scene in the new TV show Outlander, mainly because...

Humor: South Park Transformed – The Day Internet Porn Died. Thanks Google!

By Coleen Singer at  I tend to keep an eye on new developments on the internet, particularly with regards...

I Was Flogged In a BDSM Dungeon

Naked except for my purple lace thong, leather cuffs around my ankles and wrists, a collar around my neck, and the smooth, cool feeling of the wood pressed into my skin, I wondered for a second how I went from reading kinky stories online to being flogged by my Dominant in a BDSM dungeon.

Op-Ed: Pat Robertson – Cheating is Natural For Men – Blames Women For Men Straying

by Coleen Singer.  Just when we thought we were safely enough into the 21st century that this sort of commentary...

Nick Hawk Interview Blooper

Blooper footage from an interview we produced featuring film star Ashley Fires interviewing Showtime "Gigolos" series star Nick Hawk....

The UK’s New Porn Regs – And What They Say About the Regulators

The UK’s New Porn Regs – And What They Say About the Regulators By Calico Rudasill at Porn For...

Op-Ed: Sexual Freedom Of Expression, Censorship and Putin's Russia as the Canary In The Coal Mine.

by Coleen Singer. By now, you've probably read countless reports on the new wave of censorship of sexual content, ranging...

The Challenges Of Crowd Funding Porn Movies

by Coleen Singer at Porn For Women When people think of porn movies, one of the things often overlooked...

Why is everyone going nuts over this Willow Smith photo?

For some reason, the Smith kids seem to rub people the wrong way. As if they can’t quite figure...

ABC Nightline Covers Sssh.Com, "Fifty Shades Of Grey" & Mommy Porn!

A few months ago, just after, was featured in Time Magazine, we got a call from a producer...

Why Not $50 AND 50 Shades?

by Calico Rudasil at Porn For Women If you’ve read any coverage of the upcoming release of the 50...

Hot Male Porn Stars – A Trip Down Memory Lane

As 2013 draws to a close, it's time to chime in with yet another list of memorable people and events, but this one focused on male porn stars. Not just from the year 2013, but the gents through the ages that supply some of the mechanics for making porn and to feature one in particular, Howie Gordon, that became an adult industry staple during the 1970s and 1980s.

Shocking New Sex Toy! The "Fifty First Shade"

  For those who are left wanting a deeper more robust level of satisfaction, reading and watching often just isn't...

Sorry Dear: You Can’t Spend the Afterlife in My Dildo

Look, I’m all for innovation in sexual pleasure device technology, and normally just about anything which might offer the grief-stricken comfort is A-OK in my book, but I think this whole dildo-urn thing might be taking things a bit too far. Mostly, I think this because of the way my husband reacted when I showed him the Yahoo! article linked above: “Oh, man: Time to call the estate attorney, because I need to change my will!”