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  • horoscopes

    Horoscopes – How Can the Mood be “Romantic and Optimistic” Under These Conditions?

    Do you ever read horoscopes? Do you understand the jargon used in them, including phrases like “the Leo Moon activates your chart’s sex and romance sector”? If so, as an inexperienced horoscope-reader, Calico could use some help interpreting her latest “sex horoscope.” She’s just not sure what a lot of this stuff means — and […] More

  • dick pic funny

    Penis Size and Self-Esteem Study – Be Careful What You Ask For!

    Penis Size and Self-Esteem Study. If the internet has taught us nothing else, it’s that any company or person who solicits suggestions from the broad universe of “Netizens” is bound to be swamped with sarcasm, meanspirited jokes or outright verbal harassment. This is something Missouri State University sociologist Dr. Alicia Walker probably should have considered before […] More

  • male foreplay

    Sexual Foreplay: Do Men Like Foreplay, Too?

    Doing the research on this topic Carrie Bradshaw style, I asked my long-term boyfriend whether men liked foreplay, and got a simple, “Not really.” The straight answer kind of took me off guard because to be perfectly honest; I can’t recall the last time we had a quickie. So what does that mean? If men […] More

  • mile high club sex

    The Mile-High Club: You’re Doing It Wrong

    Some people love mixing the thrill of sex with the added thrill of risk-taking. Calico isn’t one of those people — although she can understand, to some extent at least, the thrill that comes with the possibility of getting caught in the act. She’s always figured that chance of getting caught was part of the […] More

  • woman smoking bong

    Puff-Puff-Pass… Me A Condom?

    Puff-Puff-Pass… Me A Condom? Evidently, there’s some recent research which suggests people who smoke cannabis have a stronger sex drive and/or enjoy having sex more than people who don’t smoke weed. Calico is open to the possibility this is true, but will likely never find out for herself, because that’s certainly not how she remembers […] More

  • Love toys
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    8 Game Changing Sex Toys to Add to Your Collection

    If you’re a sex-positive person, building a well-rounded collection of intimate playthings to enjoy is like maintaining a well-stocked pantry or a savings account. It’s not necessarily something everyone does, but it’s definitely something everyone could benefit from. Sex toys are the best way to get in touch with your body and take control of […] More

  • fisting foley artist

    Fisting A Jar Of Mayonnaise For Fun And Profit

    Fisting A Jar Of Mayonnaise For Fun And Profit. Have you ever been watching a movie and wondered to yourself “how did they do that?” after seeing an impressive special effect, or particularly wild car crash stunt? Of course you have – because everybody has done that. Have you ever wondered the same about a sound effect, […] More

  • fearless sex video

    FEARLESS’ Brian Begin Tackles Why Women Test Men’s Masculinity in New Video

    Brian Begin, founder of men’s empowerment group FEARLESS, has just released his latest video and blog, ‘Why She Tests Your Masculinity’, up now at   Begin demystifies and reshapes the idea of how women test men they’re flirting with or dating, and discusses the three primary reasons for these tests: when a woman is feeling […] More

  • sexpert postions

    This Sexpert Clearly Has Never Been To Arizona In June

    It’s always nice to get a good tip for improving your sex life, but some tips aren’t a good fit for all readers. Some sex positions require a degree of flexibility Calico has never had, for example, let alone the flexibility she has now as a 40-something. Other tips only work for partners who are […] More

  • bad sex location
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    This Week, In Inappropriate Sex Location News….

    Some people just have no boundaries when it comes to sex — including property location boundaries, evidently. Today, Calico looks at several recent incidents in which couples were either arrested or accused of having sex when and where they shouldn’t, along with the results of a survey which suggests there’s a whole lot of hanky […] More

  • bored couple bed

    They Forgot One: Familiarity Breeds Meh

    They Forgot One: Familiarity Breeds Meh When a person doesn’t want to have sex, what drives their lack of desire? An article Calico read recently endeavors to answer that question, offering eight different reasons why people find themselves unaroused and uninterested. It’s a good list, with plenty of truth to it. It includes things such […] More

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