Playboy Coverage: The Porn Movie That Was Filmed With Social Distance

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Playboy Coverage: Sex Addiction in the Viral Age (A Coronavirus Film). The Porn Movie That Was Filmed With Social Distance.

She goes to her lab as early as possible so as not to cross paths with more people. She works during the day and when she leaves, she goes directly to her house.

MEXICO, D.F. —’s adult short “Sex Addiction in the Viral Age (A Coronavirus Film)” was the subject of a feature in the Mexican edition of Playboy magazine on Thursday, March 26. 

The article, written by Playboy Mexico’s editor Arturo Flores — who is also a noted author and stand-up comedian — is entitled “La Película Porno Filmada Con Susana Distancia” (“The Porno Movie Shot With Susana Distancia”).

Susana Distancia (Susan Distance) is the name of a fanciful super-heroine created by the Mexican government to educate the public about social distancing protocols during the current coronavirus pandemic. Susana Distancia stars in a series of animated shorts promoting safer public health protocols to avoid transmission of the virus COVID-19.

“As Ian Malcolm said in ‘Jurassic Park’” Flores’ article begins, “life always finds a way.”

“And so does eroticism. Only a few weeks after the U.S. quarantined people in an attempt to stop the propagation of coronavirus, the first porn movie adhering to the concept of social distancing has been shot.”

The Playboy article includes new interviews with director Colin Rowntree (“a cult filmmaker who has made over 600 adult films,” according to Flores) and star Sicilia Ricci (“also known as Dr. June, a scientist specialized in epidemiology who works at a University of Missouri lab”).

Watch The Trailer:

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My Substitutes for Sex During Self-Quarantine

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My Substitutes for Sex During Self-Quarantine

With much of the world in “social distancing” and “Self-Quarantine”  mode due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are wondering whether it’s safe to have sex — even what has hitherto been considered “safe sex” — during the ongoing crisis.

Since by a quirk of fate and travel she and her husband are sheltering in place in different states, Calico hasn’t been confronted with the dilemma of whether to have sex with him or not. Instead, it’s a question of what to do as a substitute for sex in his absence — and more generally, as a substitute for his presence around the house, which isn’t an entirely unpleasant presence, despite how she often makes it sound.

What is Calico doing to make things less lonely? How does one go about simulating not just the feel of their loved one, but the sights, sounds and even the smells of that person? Are there any advantages, from a sexual pleasure perspective, so being self-quarantined? Get one (admittedly eccentric) woman’s answers in Calico’s new post, “My Substitutes for Sex While I’m Self-Quarantined.”

self quarantine covid humor

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Porn Stars Come Together to Address Social Distancing in New COVID-19 PSA

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Porn Stars Come Together to Address Social Distancing in New COVID-19 PSA

As the adult industry faces months of time away from film sets, Adult Time is bringing an all-star cast of porn stars together for an important public service announcement (PSA), urging fans to prioritize safety during the growing coronavirus pandemic.
The three-minute video, ‘Practice Safe Distancing for #Covid19 – With Porn stars!’, is up now at Adult Time’s official YouTube channel and features adult’s most popular performers reaching out with personal messages and reminders to keep a minimum of 6 feet (2 meters) apart from others in public and stay home as much as possible.
adult time porn star social distancing video
Adult Time’s Chief Creative Officer Bree Mills appears in and compiled video messages from top stars Angela White, Kristen Scott, Casey Calvert, Seth Gamble & Kenzie Taylor, Alison Rey, April Flores, London River, Dee Williams, Cadence Lux, Isiah Maxwell, Sofia Rose, Reagan Foxx, Tommy Pistol, Evelyn Claire, Jay Taylor, Serene Siren, Casey Kisses & Kylie Le Beau, Dani Daniels & Vic Cipolla, Scarlett Sage, Siri, Sovereign Syre and Wolf Hudson.
“This video is meant as a goodwill gesture to spread awareness and as a gentle nudge to take the necessary precautions during this trying time and, as much as it sounds like it’s a cliché already, it’s true… we really are all in this together,” said Mills.
“We need to take a breath during our ‘time out’ to support our neighbors and communities right now in order to get past this as quickly and painlessly as possible, so please… heed the warnings and take COVID-19 seriously.”
In the meantime, fans can subscribe to the platform and enjoy access to the full library of Adult Time titles – over 60,000 premium scenes, 200 channels and 5+ new releases per day – of the network’s award-winning brands.
To watch the full video of ‘Practice Safe Distancing for #Covid19 – With Porn stars!’ visit the official Adult Time YouTube channel.
Or, watch the video here…

About Adult Time:
Launched in 2018, Adult Time is a streaming service exclusively for adults.  Created by award-winning filmmaker Bree Mills, who also serves as Chief Creative Officer, Adult Time is a platform built by fans who believe in a future where mature audiences can safely, securely, and proudly have a place in their lineup for `premium adult content.
Dubbed the ‘Netflix of Porn’ by mainstream media outlets, Adult Time offers an extensive catalog of over 200 channels, 60,000 episodes and 5+ new releases per day from some of the most recognized studios, including Girlsway, Pure Taboo, Burning Angel, Fantasy Massage, 21 Sextury, and Vivid Entertainment, alongside exclusive original series, feature films, and much more. 
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Something To Do In #COVID Self-Quarantine: Write A Letter To Mrs. Maisel!

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Things to do in #COVID Self-Quarantine: Write A Letter To Mrs. Maisel!!

Our founder and director at Wasteland penned this letter to Rachel Brosnahan, star of “The Magnificent Mrs. Maisel” this moring and sent to her as a DM.  Not sure if she will reply, but its a ripping good true story!

marvelous mrs maisel

Hi Rachel,
My name is Colin Rowntree, an Indie film director for about 25 years, and have a bit of an offbeat story to tell you about how you and I had a rather unusual “3 degrees of separation” moment early this year.

In January, I was a speaker at a film conference in LA which specialized in Indie “adult” film making that aims to educate screenwriters, directors, and actors on things they can employ in their craft to elevate the quality of their films and increase viewership. The session I was presenting focused on the use of character development to increase viewer loyalty in episodic film series. As my wife and I are ardent “Magnificent Mrs. Maisel” fans here in New Hampshire (yes, we live in the same town as Ken Burns ironically), I used your “Midge Maisel” character as the sole example of how to effectively do this.

During the seminar, I noticed a woman in the audience taking photos of me while I was speaking and figured I was going to end up on her Instagram or Twitter feed.  But, in the hallway outside the ballroom after the session, she approached me and said that she sent them to a friend, and her friend replied that she had sent them to Rachel Brosnahan, who is a friend of hers from college. She also said her friend told you that she also informed you in the message that you were being used to set an example of using a character in a series as an anchor to increase viewer loyalty…. at an adult film director/writer/actor conference.  The woman in the hallway said her friend texted back to her shortly and said that you had replied something to the effect of “Woohoo! I have ARRIVED!”.  

So there we are. An unusual tale of three degrees of separation, written during self-quarantine in New Hampshire. Hey, all film production now on hold so I am enjoying doing some writing like this to pass the time and keep the brain engaged!

Tits up for Season 4!  Can’t wait!

Colin Rowntree, New Hampshire

Lizzie McGuire Movie Humor – Reboots, Remakes or Rehashes?

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Lizzie McGuire Movie Humor – Reboots, Remakes or Rehashes?

There are so many reboots, remakes and re-imagining of movies and TV shows out there these days, sometimes it feels like there’s a dearth of people in the entertainment business who have an original idea to offer. Worse, when studios and networks pump out their reboots, they all too often are rehashes, too. Same jokes, similar situations and themes, just updated to seem ‘current’ and up with the times.

Looking at the questionable future of the Lizzie McGuire reboot planned for Disney+, Calico can’t help but think Disney is stuck in the past with the original titular character — a thought that seems to be bothering Hillary Duff, who is on board to reprise the Lizzie character, but would prefer for the adult Lizzie to feel as authentic to her age as the adolescent and teenage Lizzie were to theirs.

As always, Calico is full of helpful suggestions about how Duff and Disney can come to compromise here. What does she have in mind? Read her new post, “Reboot, Remake or Rehash?” to find out. 

lizzie maguire
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Coronavirus Tips For Sexually Active Dating Singles 

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Coronavirus Tips For Sexually Active Dating Singles 

The Corona Virus is everywhere, literally and figuratively. Turn on the news, watch for a few minutes and you’re certain to hear about the coronavirus. Head to a major news website, and again, Coronavirus, or COVID-19, will dominate the headlines. Everyone, from your neighbors to the leaders of major countries are talking about the Coronavirus.

First, let’s talk about the Coronavirus. Its official name is Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19, for short. Many people simply refer to it as Coronavirus. Keep in mind, however, that Coronavirus is actually a common family of viruses. In fact, Coronaviruses are one of the main causes of the common cold.

For those of us looking to hook up, the coronavirus is a natural concern. The coronavirus can spread through droplets of saliva and through the air. Even a drunken kiss could be enough to spread the bug.

coronavirus social distancing

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