Careful What You Mutter, Lest It Be Taken As A Real Proposal

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Careful What You Mutter, Lest It Be Taken As A Real Proposal

Like a lot of people who spend a good deal of time by themselves, Calico has the habit of talking to herself — sometimes far too loudly as a mutter. Luckily, she doesn’t indulge in this practice when she’s out in public, or people would call the cops out to do “wellness checks” on her even more often than they already do.

Still, Calico’s tendency to talk to herself isn’t entirely without its problems, particularly when her husband thinks the muttering and notes-to-self that he overhears are being directed toward him. It’s bad enough when he thinks he’s being criticized unfairly when Calico reacts out loud to an article about some irredeemable jerk in the news, but far worse when the subject is… um… let’s just say “sexually charged.”  

So, what trouble jumped off from one of Calico’s recent self-talks? What confusing, disturbing thing did her husband think he was being asked to do? Find out in Calico’s new post “Careful What You Mutter, Lest It Be Taken As A Real Proposal” .

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by Calico Rudasill,, Adult Entertainment for Women

I have this unfortunate tendency to mutter to myself as I browse news online, particularly when I’m in search of a good topic to write about. 

I’ll mull things over briefly as I click around, alternating back and forth between questions about whatever the subject may be (“How did the gecko wind up in the beer in the first place?”), or observations about how dumb or irritating someone referenced in the story is (“Really? He’s pardoning Mike-fucking-Milken now?”), or maybe just spout some string of nonsense in a moment of disbelief (“What the… but… is this… how… who decides what’s worthy of tracking as a world record, anyway?).

This habit of mine wouldn’t be a problem – except my husband is often nearby when I’m talking to myself in this way, and on occasion it has been known to produce confusion, consternation, or even heated arguments when he thinks I’m addressing him, not just talking to myself.

Mutter – How NOT To Do It

One recent misunderstanding flowing from me talking to myself was truly unfortunate – and, from my husband’s perspective, probably more than a little disturbing. It all started when I was reading one of the latest letters sent to “How To Do It”, Slate’s sex advice column handled by Stoya and Rich Juzwiak.

“For as long as I have known her, my wife has been interested in ‘incest’ role play,” wrote a reader identified as ‘Brother’s Keeper.’ “While it isn’t my cup of tea exactly, I have been willing and happy to support her in her exploration of this kind of fantasy and role-play. Often, she will have me dress up as her father, wear his cologne, etc., while she will wear her ‘high school’ clothes.”

Odd though that might seem to some folks, there was nothing there so far that would trigger my talk-to-myself impulse. That fact lasted for about four more sentences.

“A few nights ago, and after a few drinks, my wife got to talking fairly explicitly about some of the ‘family’ role-playing that she and I are into, and her brother—who I thought would be kinda horrified—was not only entirely supportive, but vaguely expressed interest in exploring this kink with us,” the letter continued. 

OK, now we’re talking! (To ourselves, that is.)

Mutter This – It’s Like a Family Feud Category: “The Family that (Blanks) Together Sticks Together”

“When we got home, I expected my wife to make it clear that her brother ever joining us in the bedroom was entirely off the table, but instead she seemed to think it was a really good idea,” the letter went on.

“Wow,” I said aloud.

Later, after much confused back and forth, it turns out my husband sort of half-heard me say wow and called in from the other room: “What was that?” I was so absorbed in the letter, however, that his response didn’t register with me at all.

“Hey honey,” I said, jokingly imagining myself approaching my husband with an idea like the one Brother’s Keeper was describing. “Let’s hook with my brother – he’s cheaper than an escort and a much better conversationalist.”

“In principle, I don’t have a problem with the idea,” the letter continued.

At this point, my muttered commentary had adopted a more conversational volume, without me becoming aware it had done so. Not realizing that my husband had entered the room and was now standing a few feet behind me, I continued with my rant-to-self.

“Sure,” I said, rather loudly now, “why would anyone have a problem, in principle, with having sex with me and my brother?”

“Uh, I have a problem with that idea,” I heard a voice behind me say. “Not a problem merely in principle, but in fact, in practice, in theory AND in principle.”


As awkward as that scene was, from the moment I realized my husband was standing there through the moment he absorbed my explanation, it could have been much worse. After all, later that day, I had occasion to exclaim “If I broker a date with myself, can I just keep the 25 grand?”

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Scientific Sex Advice: I’ll Drive – and Let’s Not Get “Hijacked”

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Scientific Sex Advice: I’ll Drive – and Let’s Not Get “Hijacked”

Of all the categories of sexual advice, the most useful (but, sadly, least entertaining) comes in the form of scientific sexual advice — and with so many people out there studying things like the neurological science behind orgasms and sexual pleasure, we’re bound to have some real breakthroughs in the years ahead.

Still, there’s the problem of the fruits of science being open to misinterpretation by the media, or intentionally twisted by social media shitheads, or seized upon to market products of questionable merit by celebrities turned Internet Health Gurus. Luckily, Calico has the antidote to such misinformation — her own misinformation, which has the benefit of being at least semi-entertaining.

What does Calico make of the latest science-and-data-based sex advice? Find out in her latest post “Scientific Sex Advice: I’ll Drive — and Let’s Not Get ‘Hijacked'”

scientific sexual advice

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Sheri’s Ranch Courtesans Offer Valentine’s Day Advice  

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Sheri’s Ranch Courtesans Chasen and Max Dream Offer Valentine’s Day Advice  

(Pahrump, NV / February 11, 2020) — Chasen and Max Dream, top courtesans at Nevada’s famous legal brothel Sheri’s Ranch, open up about the art of pleasing a woman on Valentine’s Day in a new blog post at
valentines day advice

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Sex News – Needed: A New Constitutional Amendment

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Sex News – Needed: A New Constitutional Amendment – Freedom Of Pleasure.

It has often been said that comedians are among the few people with license to tell the real truth. There’s just something disarming about laughter, a sense in which once a person has made you laugh, you’re might be more receptive to having that same person ask you to think — particularly when it comes to uncomfortable or unpopular thoughts.

At a time when social conservatives are seeking to rekindle their (quite odd) political alliance with left-wing feminists to combat the familiar foe of pornography, remembering an old satirical song has Calico thinking it’s time for lawmakers to step in — not to respond dutifully to the call to crack down on porn, but to protect their constituents from the potential prosecutorial whims of the likes of William Barr and those currently pushing for him to renew the so-called “War on Porn.”

What sort of protection does Calico have in mind for those of us who enjoy sexually-explicit entertainment and sincerely don’t want to see producers of it placed behind bars? The title of her new post puts it right up front: “Needed: A New Constitutional Amendment.”

constitutional justice amendment

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What Is It With Sports Fans And Socially-Unacceptable Celebrations?

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What Is It With Sports Fans And Socially-Unacceptable Celebrations?

Of all the myriad reasons why we humans occasionally lose our collective shit and start a riot, the impetus that makes the least sense to Calico is the occasion of a cherished sports team winning a championship. What is it about a handful of athletes winning a trophy that makes those who root for them flip cars and set their cities ablaze?

On the bright side, at least most sports-inspired rioters manage to keep their pants on, which is more than we can say for a certain Scottish football fan who went on something of a one-man rampage when his favorite team, Celtic, achieved the coveted “treble” of championships.

What exactly did this overly exuberant soccer fan get up to in his celebration? How did it come to involve both an innocent taxi AND a perfectly blameless fence? Find out in Calico’s latest post, “What Is It With Sports Fans And Socially-Unacceptable Celebrations?”

TAXI sex sports

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A Busy February for Bella Vendetta – Sex Worker Advocacy

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A busy month is already underway for Adult Industry veteran Bella Vendetta (

Since Bella announced she quit as manager of Club Castaway stripclub in Western, MA she has been quite busy!  Recently news came out about the situation surrounding and leading up to her resignation in November. The Valley Advocate ran the story:

Bella has since been able to focus back on not only her career in film but her advocacy work towards sex worker’s rights.

bella vendetta sex worker advocacy
Bella Vendetta Sex Workers Advocate

She has recently taken positions in multiple counties on various task forces aimed at ending domestic violence, sexual assault and sex trafficking.  

“It’s been amazing to be allowed in these spaces where people with power are discussing how to handle situations.  I am so thankful that they not only are including the voices of sex workers but including actual trafficking survivors to address their needs.  It gives Me alot of hope for our little bubble of Western Massachusetts.”

The collective of current and former strippers working and living in the area that Bella founded TeamClearHeels413  recently got the chance to table at a community event where the District Attorney was quoted as saying she does not want to prosecute sex workers.,596756?fbclid=IwAR3bmI-QCvKsIclvgkkt8hg1HE3gRPyehnaIJ-2jnC19tHtkSK7cmKu32Ws

Bella is also excited to be back to regularly posting online content again.  With weekly videos dropping for the first time in a 2 year hiatus on her c4s store

And releasing both old and new content DAILY in her store.

Bella is excited to be able to spend time in Her studio once again and in addition to working on Her own projects She is getting back to Her roots in film work, and has announced She will be working on the new series: Goddess The American Stripper

Bella will be working as a production consultant and directly on set.

She says, “This project I am SUPER excited about because it’s about a group of strippers who get to open the queer-inclusive club of their dreams which is not unlike exactly what I tried to do!  It called to Me, I am excited to work with such a diverse group of talented badasses.”

The project is now in the pre-fundraising state but will be releasing an official online fundraiser and press tour soon.

For the rest of the month Bella has a busy appearance schedule:

Feb 10th:
Instore signing for Adam & Eve store in greenfield, MA
Bella will be signing DVDs posters, and books and have T shirts and other merch for sale.

Feb 14th:
Bella will be appearing at 5th Alarm Gentlemen’s Club in downtown Springfield, MA, Noon til 7 pm

Feb 24th:
TeamClearHeels413 monthly dancer only meeting in downtown Springfield, MA

Feb 25th:
Bella is hosting a live nude modeling session with guest model and local stripper and burlesque star Sunny Cheex

Feb 27th:
Bella and her team from TeamClearHeels413 get to have a follow up meeting with Senator Elizabeth Warren’s outreach team about the effects of SESTA/FOSTA in the local Western MA community.