PDCams Is as Fluid, Creative And Erotic As The Best Erotica Ever

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PDCams Is as Fluid, Creative And Erotic As The Best Erotica Ever


Many of us love the written word because it has certain characteristics that are hard for other forms of art to match. The subtleties of connotations, the playfulness of a turned phrase and so many different ways to flesh out a feeling when we choose the right combination of words. PDCams is more than just a live XXX Cams site serving up hot new live sex cams shows for porn fans. It gives you full access to all the best cam shows everyone online at once and it does it all for FREE. Awakening your erotic soul the way only your favorite short stories have until now.


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Apparently, A Ban on Sex Within Marriage Was Deemed Unnecessary…

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Apparently, A Ban on Sex Within Marriage Was Deemed Unnecessary…

– Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com

Confused couple sex

It seems like everywhere I look right now, there’s someone trying to rain on the parade of those of us who like sex, enjoy depictions of sexual conduct, find discussions about sex compelling, or who find interesting just about anything to do with sex.

You’ve got Senator Mike Lee with his “Interstate Obscenity Definition Act”, as well as his “Shielding Children’s Retinas from Egregious Exposure on the Net Act”, a bill that I strongly suspect began as the merely as the acronym “SCREEN”, after which Lee’s staff figured out what the bill should contain.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee, pharmacists at CVS and Walgreens allegedly are declining to sell people birth control pills and condoms. Evidently, being anti-abortion doesn’t mean you support measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies, other than simply not fucking at all.

Wait; Isn’t There a Sex Recession Going On?

Interestingly, all this legislation, lobbying and public handwringing comes at a time when people are (again, allegedly) having less sex than ever. I mean sure, there’s something of a paucity of solid, peer-reviewed evidence to support the idea of a true, global “sex recession”, but there’s more evidence for that than there is evidence to support the claims Mike Lee makes in support of his legislation, so let’s just roll with the idea that there’s a massive and ongoing sex recession, shall we? 

Heck, if we’re lucky, maybe Mike Lee will become concerned about this lack of sex leading to fewer Mormons being born and propose something called the FORNICATE Act. (I’ll let his staff come up with the full title for that one, too.)

Where is Gloria Gaynor When We Need Her?

Of course, for those of us who might think our lives could do with a little more sex, there’s no shortage of advice – or, should that advice fail, the sort of advice that comes from lawyers who help you end relationships for the low, low price of half of everything you own.

Hell, even Tony Robbins has advice for people trapped in sexless marriages. “Most couples don’t choose to be in a sexless relationship,” he tells us. Gee… thanks for that revealing news flash, Tony.

Some folks take the question a bit too far though, like whoever wrote this piece for Marriage.com, which asks “Can a man survive a sexless marriage?’

Well, considering that a lot of men who aren’t married manage to survive on masturbation and seething resentment of women, I think we already know the answer to this one, no? Or maybe that sub-headline was simply a mistake, because the question as rendered in the paragraph below it is: “can a sexless marriage survive?”

As for the lawyers who show up with their briefcases to help people escape sexless marriages, apparently in North Carolina, there’s an option called a “divorce from bed and board”, which isn’t really a divorce, but a legally-backed physical separation.

The list of causes for this sort of action includes adultery, abandonment, “malicious turning out of doors” and my favorites, “infliction of indignities” and “cruel and barbarous treatment.”

Hmm… Come to think of it, in the context of some couples, a little “infliction of indignities” and/or “cruel and barbarous treatment” might be exactly what a submissive spouse is looking for. So maybe North Carolina isn’t the best place for kinky couples to tie the knot.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia…

Where was I? Oh yeah – people having sex, or not having sex, and those who are trying to encourage/discourage them.

Just in case people are still having sex – and sex outside of wedlock, specifically – the powers that be in Indonesia have a solution: They’re banning sex outside of marriage.

“The aim is to protect the institution of marriage and Indonesian values, while at the same time being able to protect the privacy of the community and also negate the rights of the public or other third parties to report this matter or ‘playing judge’ on behalf of morality,” explained Albert Aries, a spokesperson for Indonesia’s justice ministry. 

The second part of Aries’ statement is in reference to the fact that scope of the legislation is “limited by who could report (violations), such as a parent, spouse or child of suspected offenders.”

Granted, not everyone supports Indonesia’s state-backed celibacy plan for singles, with Citra Referandum, an attorney from Indonesia’s Legal Aid Institute, saying the process that led to the new laws is “not only a setback but a death for Indonesia’s democracy” that has “not been democratic at all.”

Look at the bright side, Citra: At least they didn’t ban sex within marriage as well. I suppose that’s because they took one look at the headlines and decided such a ban simply isn’t necessary.


The Orgasm Gap – Some new stats about female -vs- male

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Only 24% of women achieve orgasm through penetrative sex, compared to nearly half of men

  • Just 24% of women said they reach orgasm from penetration, compared to nearly half (45%) of men

  • The average American woman has her first orgasm during sex between the ages of 18 and 25, whereas the average man is under 18

  • 37% of lesbians and 44% of gay people were under 18 when they had their first orgasm with a partner, vs just 30% of heterosexual people

orgasm gap

Many factors can influence whether or not we orgasm during sex, including gender. Research has shown 95% of men usually or always reach climax during sex, compared to just 65% of women.

Sexual wellness brand www.lovehoney.com surveyed over 2,000 US adults to investigate this orgasm gap, uncovering the average age at which Americans have their first orgasm, as well as the most common ways they reach climax. You can view the full research here: https://www.lovehoney.com/blog/the-first-orgasm.html 

45% of men orgasm from penetrative sex vs just 24% of women

Nearly half (45%) of male participants in Lovehoney’s survey said that penetrative sex is the best way for them to orgasm, compared to only 24% of women and 10% of non-binary people.

Women’s winning method for orgasm was found to be clitoral stimulation, with nearly 40% of women saying this is how they most frequently have an orgasm. Previous research has shown only 18% of women are able to orgasm through penetration alone, so it’s not surprising that the majority voted for clitoral stimulation as the best way for them to reach their peak. 

Masturbation was the third most popular method overall (21%), and the first among non-binary people specifically (33%). Non-binary people were also more likely to select sex toys as the best method for them, with 17% saying toys are how they most often achieve orgasm.

Men are twice as likely as women to be under 18 when they have their first orgasm from sex

The majority of women (41%) and non-binary people (26%) said they were aged 18-25 when they first had an orgasm from sex. Men, on the other hand, most commonly said they were under the age of 18 when they reached this particular milestone (42%).

Comparatively, just 23% of women and 20% of non-binary people said they were under 18, suggesting that men are younger on average when they first reach climax during sex. 

37% of lesbians and 44% of gay people were under 18 when they had their first orgasm with a partner

While only 30% of heterosexual people said they were under 18 when they had their first orgasm with a partner, this was actually the most common age given by lesbians (37%) and gay people (44%). 

In fact, people identifying as lesbian and gay were the only ones to most commonly say they were under 18, with all other sexualities (including heterosexual, bisexual, pansexual and asexual) most frequently said they were 18-25 years old.

Quality sex education and open communication are vital for closing the orgasm gap

The orgasm gap – the issue of women reaching orgasm less often than men during sex – remains a problem for many, but what can we do to fight it?

According to certified Sex Educator Javay Frye-Nekrasova (MEd), “The first step in combating the orgasm gap is making sure everyone has a comprehensive education about the human body (in all its different forms), and how best to stimulate different parts.”

“Another tool in combating the pleasure gap is normalizing talking about sex with partners, friends, and with family,” Javay adds, stressing the importance of open communication. “If you can comfortably talk about sex then you can better talk about what you like with partners, express to them what you would want to be done differently, and how experiences can be improved.”

Find the full research and more expert tips on sex education and wellness here: https://www.lovehoney.com/blog/the-first-orgasm.html

This Xmas, For The Man Who Has Everything: Fingernails and Sweat?

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This Xmas, For The Man Who Has Everything: Fingernails and Sweat?

– Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com

xmas man present

I realize this is not exactly news, but some people are into some truly weird stuff.

If, like me, you work in the adult entertainment industry, you can’t help but know that some people are into some truly weird stuff, because that’s how we end up with websites like… well, like the one I was thinking about linking to from this sentence, but then thought better of that notion, because it’s the weirdest porn that Germans can come up with – which makes it possibly legally unwise to link to from this U.S.-based site.

Chain Chain Chain, Chain of… Beards?

Of course, you don’t have to be into porn to be into weird stuff. Just ask men who chain their beards together to not only break the record for longest beard chain, but more than double that record.

Honestly, I was a little disappointed to read they’d only been thus chained together for 31 seconds, because that seems like a copout. I think they should have spent at least a few weeks that way, just to see if they could organically grow the record by another couple feet.

Some folks are also weird about the things they choose to acquire, especially when it comes to collectibles – or, in some cases, things which wouldn’t be remotely collectible, but for the fact that they belonged to someone famous. Like, say, a pair of Birkenstocks once owned by the CEO of one of the world’s largest companies.

But hey – before you scoff at the $218,000 price tag on those used sandals, consider this: “The cork and jute footbed retains the imprint of Steve Jobs’ feet, which had been shaped after years of use.”

OK, now you can scoff.

When We Say “They Put Their Blood, Sweat and Tears Into This”, We Mean It

Anyway, taking the subject back to porn-related weird stuff people are into, I recently received a press release from a site called FansUtopia.com that is “now offering custom vials of body fluids in an effort to reap the rewards of an ever-growing demand for intimate specialty items that offer the ultimate in exclusivity.”

I know what you’re thinking: What; no fingernail clippings? Good news, my friend: The site also offers fingernail clippings! (And toenails, for the record.)

“Imagine literally having a piece of Siri Dahl whenever you want,” the site encourages its prospective customers. “To taste, smell and admire.”

On second thought, maybe you should hold off on the “taste” portion of that thing you’ve been asked to imagine, because further down the page, in ALL CAPS, the site admonishes you to “PLEASE NOTE THESE ITEMS ARE NOT MEANT TO BE CONSUMED OR USED IN ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.”

Well, there goes my fantasy of sticking up a bank using a fake gun composed entirely of Siri Dahl’s toenails. What a buzzkill.

Challenge Accepted!

The site’s owner, one “Natasha” by name, says that she wants “buyers to feel as if nothing is off-limits when it comes to their requests,” adding “trust in me that I will do my best to meet their needs.”

If there’s one thing I immediately recognize, it’s a challenge. And I do believe Natasha has just challenged me to come up with something that will meet my needs, in light of the fact that nothing is off-limits here.

Along those lines, I would seriously dig it if Natasha can score me a vial of plaque scraped from Mick Blue’s teeth. This is assuming there is any plaque on Mick Blue’s teeth to begin with, of course; he seems like a guy who takes his personal hygiene quite seriously.

Sadly, judging by its current roster of star-parts (which in addition to Siri Dahl currently includes Kenzie Anne, Amirah Leia, Brittany Kade, Cara Belle, Bunny Madison, Nikki Sweet, Coco Lovelock, Kenna James, Kenzie Taylor and Samantha Mack) it appears FansUtopia is only catering to the obsessive and possibly slightly disconcerting tastes of male porn fans – which is just so typical of this industry.

Oh well. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to purchase Manuel Ferrara’s nostril hair trimmings, or Italian Stallion pubes from the legendary Rocco Siffredi, but it appears that this Christmas, I might be forced to make do with some bicycle shorts once owned by Elon Musk.

Is There Any Such Thing As “Emotionless” Sex?

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Is There Any Such Thing As “Emotionless” Sex?

– Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com

sex no emotion

When I first became sexually active, back in the mid-80s, the old double-standard under which the tendency of young men to have sex (or try to, at least) with everything that moved was tolerated (or even encouraged), while chastity was expected of young women was alive and well, despite being called out by women repeatedly over the decades… or maybe that should be over the centuries?

At any rate, I never paid much attention to that double standard, or those who sought to criticize me by employing it. I was fortunate enough to be born into a household headed by parents who had no use for that sort of hypocrisy – and in which I lived with an older brother who always reinforced the idea that I was free to do everything (and everyone, for that matter) that he did, which made it easy for me to ignore people who thought otherwise.

To be clear, I have still been subjected to lots of other double-standards – at school, in the workplace, while trying to get a little customer service at any number of businesses which think of themselves as catering primarily to men, etc. etc. – but where sex is concerned, I’ve always felt free to pursue it as I please, where I please and with whom I please.

I’m Game – But I’ll Need a Penis, First

What got me thinking about the old sexual double-standard was a headline from Vogue: “Should Women Have Sex Like Men?” 

Honestly, I’d forgotten that, as is pointed out by the author of the piece (Tom Rasmussen), that this was the question that kicked off Sex and The City. So, my first thought was “If we’re talking about pegging, then I’m all for it.

Unfortunately, my husband feels differently about pegging than I do. On the bright side, his aversion to allowing me to fuck him in the ass with a fake penis has helped him accept my unwillingness to letting him put his real penis in my butt, so at least there’s a plus for me couched in his hang up.

Whether women should peg men was not, of course, what Carrie Bradshaw was wondering as those words scrolled across the screen in the series’ pilot.

Can We Have Emotion-Filled Sex for Power, Instead?

“The question was, in 1998, a synonym for a sort of late third-wave mentality where sex meant ‘power,’ and where ‘men’ meant ‘devoid of feeling, emotion, and care,’” Rasmussen explains. “And so the question — with gender removed and cultural context applied — becomes ‘should we have emotionless sex for power?’”

Rasmussen goes on to argue (after revealing that he has experimented quite a lot with trying to have emotionless sex) that “Good Sex without emotion is not possible.”

I agree with Tom – but I’ll take it one step further: In my view, sex of any kind without emotion isn’t possible.

Remember: Boredom and Despair Count as Emotions, Too

As Rasmussen notes, having good sex with emotion doesn’t mean “the emotions all have to be good themselves.”

“Yes, love, care, soothing touch, intimacy, connection, can feel good, and can feel healthy, when associated with sex,” he adds. “But even complicated emotions are important to access during sex, whether it’s delving the depths of your own shame, whether it’s about making you feel really really hot, whether it’s about gaining pleasure in a completely selfish way mutually agreed upon, even silently, with the person whom you’re fucking that day. Good sex should have some sort of feeling. Good sex should not be numb.”

As someone who has greatly enjoyed rage-fucking, revenge-fucking, love-fucking, jealousy-fucking and sure-why-the-hell-not-fucking many times in her life, I couldn’t agree more with Rasmussen. All I’m saying is that every bit of bad sex I’ve had has also been emotional. Quite often, those emotions have stemmed from just how bad the sex was, in fact.

I have felt pity during bad sex, but also resentment. Hell, I’ve felt those two things simultaneously during bad sex. The only thing I haven’t felt during sex – good or bad – is emotionless. Come to think of it, I think the only thing I’ve ever done without feeling some sort of emotion has been math!

Hmm. Math-sex; have I tried that? First, I suppose I’ll have to figure out what it means. Luckily, I have a husband who is willing to try just about anything (other than pegging, of course), so maybe tonight we’ll give it a shot.

Hey honey, get over here: I need you to “solve for xxx”, so to speak…


If I’m Any Indication, Sex Can’t be MUCH Exercise…

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If I’m Any Indication, Sex Can’t be MUCH Exercise…

Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com


Every couple years or so, my husband and I indulge in a ritualistic January fiction, wherein we vow that This Will Be The Year when we lose all the weight we’ve put on since we first started letting ourselves go, a process that began in our adolescence.

To be honest though, I didn’t exercise much when I was pre-adolescent, either. I just had the magic of a youthful metabolism – meaning that I didn’t gain an inch around my waist every time I looked at a cupcake, along with another inch if I ate said cupcake.

Having given up on 2022, I’m already eyeing 2023 as The Year I finally get serious about getting into shape. Precisely what shape, I haven’t quite decided yet, but I do know I’d like it be less “award-winning massive tomato with legs” than the shape I currently exhibit.

I Don’t Suppose There’s a Hot Exercise Trend that Involves Staying Seated and Motionless?

Naturally, whenever I’m pretending to be gearing up for a serious effort to exercise, the first thing I do is make sure I take stock of all the hot, current trends in exercising, so I can begin crossing them off the list of possible approaches, after finding them too impractical, too embarrassing, or too much the sort of thing that requires getting off the couch.

One current trend, evidently, is “hybrid” gym memberships. This one caught my eye, mostly because I’ve never given much thought to whether my gym is gas-powered. I’ve always kind of assumed the gym has a generator connected to the treadmills and rowing machines and we members are powering the lights through our efforts.

Another trend: “wellness-tracking wearable technology.” This one is a big “no thanks” for me. Frankly, I don’t need a watch to tell me I’m overweight – much less a watch that conspires with my phone, laptop and possibly even my fridge to make sure I’m constantly made aware of just how badly I’m falling short of my exercise goals. After all, I made those goals in January, so if I haven’t reached them by now

It’s much easier just to wait until January 2023 to make the next set of goals that I have no intention of reaching, rather than sit around dwelling on the past. (Always forward, people!)

Thor Looks Pretty Buff; How Come We Never Hear About Norse Exercise Myths? 

The other thing I do annually, mostly to put off the part where I actually start exercising, is take stock of exercise myths. My favorite has always been the one about Hercules and the Lion. Or maybe it’s Perseus and the Lion? It was some big Greek fellow, of that much I’m certain. Either way, one hopes the lion wiped down the gym equipment properly when he was done eating the big Greek fellow.

More recent exercise myths include “lifting heavy weights bulks up women.” This is good to know, but if it’s all the same to you, I’m still going to use this as one of my countless excuses for not lifting heavy weights, if only because even if it’s not true, it still sounds better than whining BUT I DON’T WANNA LIFT HEAVY WEEEIIIIGHTS at the top of my lungs.

Another myth: “Crunches are the best moves for your core.” For some reason, I’m relieved to hear this, even though I have no idea what a “crunch” is, or what my “core” means in this context. Offhand, though, “crunching my core” sounds like something that might happen if I fell into a trash compactor, so I’m inclined to avoid all this core-crunching business, either way.

Can I Fuck Myself Thin?

According to the nearly eight minutes of research I’ve done so far, the most recent hot exercise trend, or hot exercise myth, or perhaps mythically hot exercise trend, is… having sex?

I know what you’re thinking: Wait, no I don’t. Sorry, that was almost very presumptuous of me. I only know what Katherine Chang wrote in the post linked above, which is the central question here: “Does sex count as exercise?”

“It depends on what benefits you’re looking for,” according to Dr. Catherine Dukes, a sex therapist and educator at “The Center for Connection & Desire LLC”, a place with a name that starts out sounding like a hippy commune, but ends with “LLC”, which suggests it’s a for-profit hippy commune.

“If you are looking to build muscle or improve cardiovascular ability, then sex isn’t enough to replace a workout,” Dukes continues. “But if you’re looking to make sure you’re physically active each day and take care of your body in ways that keep you active, connected, reduce overall stress in your life, help you stop and be mindful, then YES, sex can absolutely be the best workout.” 

That sounds great Cathy, but it doesn’t translate into something I can quantify in a useful way. Given my dietary predilections, what I need is useful, easy to understand metrics

For example, assuming it’s a rigorous, energetic handjob, does 20 minutes of yanking on my husband’s crank entitle me to eat a jelly donut when I’m done? How much time must I spend riding him in reverse cowgirl position to offset drinking a 16-ounce Pepsi? Is there any amount of fucking that can undo the caloric impact of a Culver’s Double Butterburger with cheese and bacon?

Alas, it seems the answers to my questions are nowhere to be found – or nowhere to be found within 10 minutes, at least. And that’s all the time I have today, now that I’ve added six hours of vigorous masturbation to my schedule, in hopes of counteracting the excessive quantity of half-and-half I put in my coffee this morning. 


Pythons: I Always Expect the Unexpected – But Maybe Not When It’s THIS Unexpected

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Pythons in a Man’s Pants: I Always Expect the Unexpected – But Maybe Not When It’s THIS Unexpected

– Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com

python in pants

I’m one of those people who often sees the twist coming, be it in a fictional context like a movie, or an ostensibly nonfiction context like an American election. 

For example, back in early 2016, when many friends of mine were still laughing at the then-unlikely-seeming notion Donald Trump might become President, I was already asking myself who Trump might pardon, once granted the unfettered power to offer such. I eventually settled on Charles Manson being the most outrageous (and therefor most likely) possibility – but then Manson up and died and Trump had to settle for Charles Manafort, who had the name closest to Manson’s in the Pardon Telephone Directory, I guess.

So THAT’s Where I Parked It!

Even when an item in the news sounds quite strange at first glance – like, say, authorities finding a car reported stolen in 1992 buried in the yard of a $15 million mansion –  sometime you can peruse the details of the story and conclude it’s not that surprising, let alone unforeseeable, after all.

In the story linked above, for example, the mansion in question was “built by a man with a history of arrests for murder, attempted murder and insurance fraud,” which makes his old house sound to me like just the sort of place a car reported stolen in 1992 might turn up, if one were to dig in the right spot.

I don’t suppose they also found one-half of a pair of knee-high socks with cute little bugs on them buried in his yard, by chance? I’ve already tried the washer, drier, dishwashing machine and my husband’s underwear drawer, so I’m fresh out of ideas for where to look next.

See You Later, Alligator… In Idaho?

Still, just because I see a lot of things coming doesn’t mean I see everything coming. Heck, if my husband were to bring me flowers when he comes home from work this evening, it would surprise the hell of out me – and give me great cause for concern, as the only plausible explanation would be that he has somehow confused Halloween for Valentine’s Day.

Similarly, if I were out walking in a rural neighborhood about 40 miles north of Boise, Idaho, I think I’d mighty surprised to spot an alligator lurking in the bushes. After all, Boise is quite far from an alligator’s natural habitat, which of course we all know to be the sewers of New York City.

Is That Three Pythons in Your Pocket, Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Speaking of finding animals where you don’t expect them, this brings us (at last!) to the reason I sat down to write this post today: literal “trouser snakes”.

Trouser snake has always been among my favorite euphemisms for “penis”, in part because even the word “trousers” by itself is enough to get me grinning. But, add “snake” to that? Fuggedaboutit – that’s a recipe for me to wind up in Giggle City…. Where, ideally, they do not have alligators in the sewers. (Or the bushes.)

Where was I? Oh, that’s right; trouser snakes.

“A New York City man has been charged with smuggling three Burmese pythons in his pants at a U.S-Canadian border crossing,” reports the Associated Press.

Beyond the obvious, one thing that jumped out to me about this story was the date of the incident that led to the man’s arrest: July 15, 2018

How on earth did this man successfully smuggle three pythons in his pants and avoid arrest for over four years thereafter? Were the pythons in his pants this whole time? What size pants does this man wear? Are these 1980s-era parachute pants equipped with pockets not only large enough to conceal a python toddler, but to accommodate its growth into a teenage mutant ninja python of some kind?

Snakes Get Misidentified All the Time; Are We Sure They’re Burmese? 

Given the medium in which they were smuggled, my hunch is these alleged ‘Burmese’ pythons were, in fact, ball pythons (also called “royal pythons”, because that’s just how highly men think of their balls, I guess) and that they were babies at the time when the smuggler originally boarded the bus that brought him and his various balls to New York.

According to the experts at EverythingReptiles.com, ball python hatchlings are between 10 and 17 inches at birth (granted, men are well-known for exaggerating the size of their trouser snakes, so these figures should be taken with a grain of salt), and then grow at a rate of 8 inches per year for males and 12-16 inches for females.

By my calculations, at the time of his arrest, this guy had somewhere in the range of 54”-115” of snake in his pants, total – a fact that could not have been subtle. Of course, it’s probably the case that pythons that have been confined to a man’s slacks grow more slowly than pythons in the wild, so it’s hard to be too confident in these calculations.

Incels: You Have the Right to Keep Trying. Let’s Not Push Beyond That

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Incels: You Have the Right to Keep Trying. Let’s Not Push Beyond That

– Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com


The first time I heard the term “incel” was a loooong time after the term was first used. And like a lot of other people, I had no idea the term was first coined by a Canadian lesbian – and I think those of us who were surprised to hear that fact can be excused for our shock, because in the years since a young woman going by the name “Alana” launched “Alana’s Involuntary Celibacy Project”, the term has been comprehensively hijacked by a community of hapless (and occasionally quite violent) losers.

Yes, I called incels losers – and no, I don’t feel at all bad about doing so. 

Look, if you want to go around feeling sorry for a bunch of entitled, self-pitying whiners who think it’s someone else’s fault they can’t relate to or effectively speak with women, let alone attract any as potential sexual partners, knock yourself out. Just don’t expect me to join you, ever, in sharing that sympathy. 

Seriously, fuck those guys – metaphorically only, I mean.

A “Right to Sex”?

I didn’t really set out to write about incels today, though; I set out to talk about the concept of a “right to sex”, an idea that has been getting some attention lately following some comments by former sex worker, political activist and erstwhile Congressional candidate Alexandra Hunt.

Sharing data suggesting that “young men aren’t having sex” (or more accurately, data showing a little under a third of men under 30 reported that they haven’t had sex within the last year) Hunt asserted that “we should be moving toward a right to sex.”

“People should be able to have sex when they feel they want to, and we need to develop services that meet people’s needs without attaching the baggage of shame or criminalization,” Hunt added.

Now, to be clear, what Hunt is suggesting here isn’t that people should be able to have sex “when they feel they want to”, irrespective of whether the person with whom they want to have sex shares their desire. What Hunt’s advocating for (I think) is legal access to sex workers – who would still be empowered to decline to have sex with any individual client that might come along seeking to assert her/their/his ‘right’ to sex, presumably.

Even framed this way, though, I think the idea is a nonstarter.

Get Ready for the Class Action Case Sad Sack Guys v. Every Woman Alive

Among the many problems with the idea of a right to sex is that it would immediately create a potentially problematic “protected class”, from a legal perspective. For example, under employment law and other areas in which people file lawsuits claiming they’ve been discriminated against, people are protected from such discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex or disability.

But if the protected class is everyone…. Well, to be honest, I have no earthly idea what a court would do with that notion, or if that arrangement would mean that plaintiffs filing lawsuits alleging a violation of their right to sex would just be able to skip the step in which they demonstrate they’re part of a protected class.

On the other hand, it might be good fun to watch Congress try to reason its way through defining and limiting the protected class when it comes to a right to sex, along with weighing all the other considerations that would come with such a debate. 

Would there be additional rights pertaining to specific sex acts, laid out in numbered paragraphs and verbiage like “members of the protected class have a right to sex acts which include, but are not limited to, blowjobs, hand jobs…”? For that matter, would there be a vigorous sub-debate about important questions like whether it makes sense that Microsoft Word readily accepts “blowjob” as correctly spelled, but underlines ‘hand job’ in red squiggles if you try to render it as ‘handjob’?

Speaking of Interpretation…

Regardless of what Hunt and other advocates for the idea mean by a “right to sex”, or what Congress would make of it if this notion ever gained traction with our elected representatives, what a lot of incels seem to think it means is that the precise people with whom they’d like to have sex should be obligated to have sex with them, under threat of law.

Obviously, as it is currently comprised, Congress is never going to pass a law like the one a lot of incels would like to see imposed on all their would-be partners. But what if Congress were to go through some crazy, Twilight Zone-like transformation, following which it did pass a law of that sort?

On this point, I can be very clear and entirely definitive. Even if Congress were to pass a law enumerating a right to sex, and even if that law specifically said I had to provide sex to my old college classmate Hugo – an exceptionally creepy guy who literally followed me home from class on three separate occasions in the early 90s, trying to get me to listen to reason and acknowledge that he was the one for me, not that jerk I was dating at the time – persuading me to have sex with a man like Hugo is something that’s simply beyond the capabilities of law.

No amount of prison time I would have to face, no monetary fine, not even the threat of imminent death could persuade me to touch any part of a man like Hugo in a sexual way.

Thankfully, I’ll never be confronted with that sort of life-or-death choice, because we’re not in the Twilight Zone, Congress isn’t considering establishing a right to sex and the last time I checked, Hugo had moved to Wisconsin, rather than the house next door.

Hmm. Now that I think about it, maybe I should double-check that last comforting fact right now, just in case. On a related note, does anyone know if Walgreens sells incel-specific tasers?

Stunner: People Who Normally Enjoy Having Sex Even Enjoy Having It During a Pandemic

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Stunner: People Who Normally Enjoy Having Sex Even Enjoy Having It During a Pandemic

– Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com

pandemic sex

As a person who grew up around a bunch of doctors, clinical researchers and other laboratory-inclined folks, I’ve long understood that some studies are better than others, some research is of higher quality than other research – and some conclusions are so damn obvious that it boggles the mind that anyone thought they needed to be supported by research in the first place.

Granted, I’m also not the most charitable soul on these matters, so I’m probably being more than a bit unfair when I say that I didn’t need a study to tell me that “people who viewed sex as a leisure activity enjoyed more, better sex during the pandemic.”

Another way of putting it: People who enjoy having sex under normal conditions still like having sex, even when the world around them is a thousand kinds of fucked up.

Survey Says: Sorry, Too Busy Fucking

Researcher Liza Berdychevsky from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (which, my husband points out, sounds like one of those schools that larger universities like to schedule early season football and basketball games against to give their own team more confidence before facing any serious competition) conducted a survey of 675 adults to examine their “views of sex as leisure before and during the pandemic and the effects those outlooks had on the respondents’ quantity and quality of sex,” as the University puts it in the press release about the study.

The sex-as-leisure perspective was defined in the study as “engaging in sexual activity for purposes such as recreation, relaxation, self-gratification or personal development.” This sounds like a pretty sensible definition of sex-as-leisure to me – although I might have added to the list “sex for the purpose of again putting off doing the laundry, which continues to pile up in almost comical fashion.”

What the study found was that “those who strongly viewed sex as a leisure activity had more resilient sex lives” and such respondents “reported increased sexual desire, as well as greater variety, frequency and quality of sex compared with people who were less inclined to view sex the same way.”

“Viewing sex as leisure minimized the negative effects of the pandemic on people’s sex lives and was linked with greater ability to reach orgasm, heightened sexual intimacy and more touching and caressing,” Berdychevsky noted.

That’s great, but I do have one quick observation: DUH.

Was There a “None of the Above” Option?

To be fair, I’m not sure what other perspectives on sex were represented among the survey’s respondents. If you don’t view sex as a leisure activity, I suppose you must view it as either a form of work, a solemn duty of yours that is inextricably tied to procreation (although it’s puzzling where even the devoutly religious would get this idea), or perhaps something you are commanded to engage in from time to time (but certainly NOT for pleasure’s sake) by some third-party that isn’t a deity, but you feel compelled to obey anyway. Have the Ancient Aliens guys addressed this question yet?

I’m sure there must be other perspectives, too – like those of sex cult members who believe having sex with their cult leader will enable them to live forever, or at the very least, avoid paying federal income tax. Maybe this is where my laundry pile avoidance fits in: Sex-as-escapism. Not so much a “leisure activity” as it is a determined effort to avoid the opposite of leisure.

A New Rule of Physics? A Body That Tends to Like to Have Sex…

In any event, what I would find noteworthy is if a pandemic had the opposite effect – making people who normally enjoy sex as a leisure activity view it as something dreadful, dull or just plain too dangerous, while suddenly turning the “sex is for making babies only” crowd into insatiable sex hounds.

To me, this research is a little like conducting a survey in which you asked a group comprised in part of total gym rats and in part by people like me whether they found solace in exercising during the pandemic. My hunch is the people who have been exercising religiously every day for years would tell you they continued to do so during the pandemic, while people like me would snort-laugh and pour themselves another glass of wine. 

I also think in this context, the responses tell us more about the respondents than it does the impact of a pandemic on the things those respondents enjoy (or don’t) – but maybe that’s just me.