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  • man doing housework dishes

    Also True: He Sucks At Doing Dishes

    Also True: He Sucks At Doing Dishes Do you have trouble getting your significant other to do housework and the dishes? If you answered that question with a yes, chances are your significant other is a heterosexual male, according to the results of one recent survey, at least. The good news is that the same […] More

  • sex confessions
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    Some Celebrity Sex Confessions Are More Interesting Than Others

    Aside from the fact that they’re famous, what makes a celebrity more interesting than anyone else? Certainly not their “sex confessions,” as Calico recently found out. After all, is there anything shocking, scandalous or even remotely fascinating about a woman who frequently has sex with her husband? Do we clasp our hands to the side […] More

  • sex tips

    10 Essential Tips for Maintaining a Happy and Healthy Sex Life

    10 Essential Tips for Maintaining a Happy and Healthy Sex Life Whether you’re single, casually dating, or in a committed relationship, it goes without saying that a fulfilling, healthy approach to sex is essential. Getting in touch with yourself sexually and taking steps to maintain your ongoing sexual health are important not only to your […] More

  • first time sex

    Survey Says… Most First-Time Sex Is Awful

    A lot of sex surveys are silly, off-base or filled with responses which seem more like made-up figures designed to produce outrageous headlines, rather than represent legitimate responses from survey-takers. This is not the case with the latest survey Calico has stumbled across though, which asked people about their initial sexual encounters with new partners, […] More

  • woman watching porn research

    Women Who Don’t Read Scientific Research Abstracts Are Probably Even Happier

    Science is great — but reporting about science research often isn’t. While scientists (ideally) seek the truth and base their conclusions on carefully researched evidence, people who write headlines are often merely concerned with getting people to read, or at least click-through to, the articles their outlet publishes. The difference in goals means, among other […] More

  • erotic couple
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    Hot Sex Tips to Give You More Erotic Pleasure

    It doesn’t come as a surprise that diverse erotic sexual positions can greatly benefit your sexual life. The more positions you use the better. Because each and every position has its unique effect on the quality of sexual intercourse. Therefore, the greater amount of positions allows you to experience more pleasure and have a really […] More

  • sex positions tips

    Sexual Positions – It Depends On The Couch

    It seems like every time you turn around, someone has published a new article about the best sexual positions, or how to achieve the most pleasurable sex. Is outdoor sex the best, or can optimal pleasure be had in the back seat of a luxury vehicle? Should you watch porn with your partner, is doggy […] More

  • porn actor star
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    Of Stardom, Shock Career Moves And The Benefits Of Higher Porn-Education

    Calico’s latest screed is all about asking questions about the nature of celebrity. What does it mean to be a “star,” for example? Does the definition depend on what kind of entertainment or business a person is in? Can a relatively obscure athlete become a “star” overnight, simply by changing careers? And what the hell […] More

  • female orgasms

    Top 4 Myths and Facts about Female Orgasms

    Female orgasms – for some the simplest thing, for others, well, an unachievable goal. There are many urban legends about this magical event, which according to some happens once every three years or something like that. It doesn’t matter where it takes place – in the bedroom, in a shopping mall changing room or on […] More

  • mutual masturbation

    How Mutual Masturbation can Help Create Intimacy

    Intimacy may come easy for some couples, but we all know that becoming genuinely intimate with someone is not always a cakewalk. Whether you’ve found someone via “love at first sight” method or on a cougar dating site, it can be quite challenging to reach full intimacy with them. However, there are a couple of […] More

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