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  • sex survey
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    The 2019 Sex Survey – Chime In!

    Hello! You are invited to participate in our sexual tastes and desires survey. Your participation is completely voluntary. There are no foreseeable risks associated with this project. However, if you feel uncomfortable answering any questions (17 in all), you can withdraw from the survey at any point. Your survey responses will be strictly confidential and […] More

  • invictus sex movie
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    News: Presents “Invictus” an Erotic Voyage into a Dystopian Future

    A post-apocalyptic thriller from renowned director Angie Rowntree offers timely political commentary. Over the years, adult film director Angie Rowntree has earned a reputation for taking on subject matter and emotional territory which is unusual to find in a pornographic work. Her latest film, Invictus, is yet another example of this intrepid tendency. Calling it […] More

  • prostitute valentines day

    Sex Worker Reveals What It’s Like to be a Legal Prostitute on Valentine’s Day

    Pahrump, NV, February 12th, 2019 – A licensed sex worker from Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel near Las Vegas, Nevada, has revealed what it’s like to be a prostitute on Valentine’s Day and how the holiday impacts sex workers and their clients.   Roxanne Price, a 25-year-old sex worker at the brothel specializing in ‘Girlfriend […] More

  • stripper parade expo

    The New Stripper Parade & Expo coming to Las Vegas

    Strippers are the unsupported cousins of the adult industry but that is all changing with a new Stripper Parade & Expo ( coming to Las Vegas. In the past year we have heard a lot about how the adult industry does not seem to be supporting their people. From the new audible podcast about the […] More

  • border wall porn

    Let’s LITERALLY Build The Border Wall Out Of Porn!

    Sometimes, in order to make progress, opposing sides have to compromise — something our elected officials in Washington aren’t real big on doing, as our ongoing government shutdown demonstrated. Along with compromise, what’s far too often lacking in government is creative, outside-the-box thinking. Sometimes, even a bad idea proposed by one side of a conflict […] More

  • sexy robot

    The Best Little (Robot) Whorehouse in Texas?

    Robot Whorehouses??? It’s always a good idea to plan ahead — especially if you suck at procrastinating, and find yourself curling up into the fetal position when you’ve run out of time to complete a task, pass a law, or catch your one of your coworkers in a trust-fall exercise at one of those corporate […] More

  • nude dining paris

    Context Matters – Nudity And Food Edition

    Some things which might be a good idea in one context aren’t so hot in another. For example, if you’re playing Monopoly, it’s just fine to demand money from anyone who parks on “your” street. For some reason though, if you try that same thing because attendees of a nearby college football game have parked […] More

  • CES Winner Sex Toy

    And The CES Is Winner Is – Wait, We Mean ISN’T

    While some folks will spend hours watching televised winner coverage of awards shows, from the red carpet interviews to the final long-winded acceptance speech in which someone thanks God, her or his parents, all their fans and everybody else except the real person they depicted in the film for which they just received an award, […] More

  • berlin metro
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    Oh Great – Now I Have a Parody of a Berlin Song Stuck in My Head

    Throughout her life, Calico has been plagued by an involuntary mental mechanism in which her brain spontaneously comes up with terrible parody lyrics to popular songs matching circumstances she’s in, things other people say and/or things she reads about. The results have been devastating to her mental health — especially when she finds herself humming […] More

  • good sex
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    “Is Sex Good for Us?” It Is If You’re Doing It Right. Or Is That Not What You Meant?

    One of the things you’ll often hear people ask about any commonly enjoyed activity like sex, is the question “Is it good for us?” It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about drinking wine, engaging in some particularly rigorous form of exercise or eating pancakes — there’s always going to be some buzzkill out there who […] More

  • top sex stories 2018
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    Calico’s Top Ten Sex Related Stories of 2018

    The end of the year is upon us, which means people will soon be pretending to enjoy drinking champagne, asking whether auld acquaintance should be forgot and watching celebrities on TV count backwards from 10 while a big disco ball descends from the sky. It’s also the time of year when journalists, bloggers and other […] More

  • sex copper mine

    Sex? Next Time, Maybe Just Get A Room

    There are good places to have sex, there are not so good places to have sex — and then there are places into which you shouldn’t go at all, let alone go to have sex. A recent story out of West Virginia covers one of those latter places. A foursome of intrepid folks down there […] More

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