Finally: A Good Cause that Doesn’t Require My Husband to Put on Pants

Finally: A Good Cause that Doesn’t Require My Husband to Put on Pants

Especially in the U.S., it seems like there’s a day marking every conceivable thing. On May 1st alone, we mark “School Principals’ Day,” “National Chocolate Parfait Day” and “National Mother Goose Day” — possibly all at once, by serving chocolate parfaits to school principals while they read aloud from Mother Goose

Calico’s favorite of these May Days has arrived. It’s her favorite not just due to the theme of the day and the things people do to mark it, but because it jives so nicely with something that’s already among her husband’s habits, meaning that to mark the occasion in her house, all she needs to do is sit on the couch and wait for events to play out in due course.

This year, however, Calico is asking more of her husband in marking this important occasion. It won’t be enough for him to just do his usual thing this time around; he’s going to need to bust out his checkbook, too.

What important occasion has Calico issuing good natured ultimatums to her husband? Will he comply, or do the truly unthinkable and modify his deeply ingrained, habitual behavior? Find out in Calico’s new post: “Finally: A Good Cause that Doesn’t Require My Husband to Put on Trousers.”

– Calico Rudasill, Unique Adult Sex Entertainment Movies 

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Doesn’t it Depend on What I’m Looking for in a “Dating Experience”?

Doesn’t it Depend on What I’m Looking for in a “Dating Experience”?

So many people complain about online dating — whether or not they’re actually trying to find dates online — you almost start to wonder whether the various dating apps and websites on the market are just collections of fake accounts and chatbots, fruitlessly wooing each other in an endless cycle of virtual catfishing and mutual sockpuppeting.

To hear a lot of people tell it, dating just ain’t what it used to be — especially for those who want to take things slow, which they say makes them outsiders in our “sex obsessed” modern “hookup culture.”

As a (more or less) happily married woman who tied the knot nearly 20 years ago, Calico has never tried online dating, be it on a site, an app, or by chatting up some stranger on social media. Even so, she wonders whether all the complaints, concerns and associated handwringing is really warranted.

Was our culture truly less “sex obsessed” in the good old days? Is there something deeply empowering and affirming about meeting someone in a singles’ bar? Were people truly less interested in casual sex in decades previous (including ones that had “summers of love” and the like) than they are now?

Get Calico’s take in her latest post, “Doesn’t it Depend on What I’m Looking for in a “Dating Experience”?”

– Calico Rudasill, Dating Tips and Porn Movies Supersite

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There Should be a Dow Jones-Style Index for Sex Trends

There Should be a Dow Jones-Style Index for Sex Trends

People must love reading about trends, because otherwise it’s hard to imagine the media would love reporting on trends quite as much as it does. There’s trend reporting for everything these days, from cuisine and style to financial markets and professional sports. And while there’s often a visual aid of some sort to assist you in understanding what the trend reporting means, there’s a real lack of creativity being exhibited in that department; it’s all the same, boring pie charts and line graphs, over and over again.

Some trends deserve better – including some trends that we don’t track nearly as closely as we should. And when Calico says these trends deserve better, she means both that they should have a separate index of their own (think of it like a “Niche Nasdaq”) AND a more compelling visual aid to help consumers instantly make sense of the data being presented.

Which trend is Calico most keen to see given more creative and attentive treatment? What sort of index does she have in mind — and is it ribbed for investors’ pleasure? Is it really a good idea to have a graph on the nightly news that looks just like a partially engorged penis?

The answers to these questions (other than the last one, to which the answer is “yes”, obviously) can be found in Calico’s latest post: “There Should be a Dow Jones-Style Index for This.”  

by Calico Rudasill, Porn Movies For Women and Couples

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Maybe Some Porn Clichés Aren’t As Far-Fetched As I’d Thought.

Maybe Some Porn Clichés Aren’t As Far-Fetched As I’d Thought

If you’ve ever ordered pizza for delivery, hired a plumber or retained the services of a pool boy, did you ever find yourself tempted to make a “porn joke” to the serviceperson involved, maybe something referencing his ‘pipe’ or ‘pepperoni’ in a knowing, naughty way?

While Calico has made such jokes herself, what she hasn’t done (and until recently, didn’t think anybody did) is seriously proposition a handyman, maintenance guy or Door Dash dude. As it turns out though, other clients have chimed in with plenty of lewd suggestions, from asking an electrician to dance topless to requesting that their house painters work in the nude.

While the survey this information comes from suggests that the servicemen in question all declined these requests, Calico wonders if she were in their shoes, would she do the same? On some level, if she’s called out to unclog a toilet, wouldn’t she rather dance around topless and leave the clog to the next poor sucker called out? 

Either way, maybe pornographers have been on to something all these years. Put another way — the way Calico titled her post, in fact — “Maybe Some Porn Clichés Aren’t As Far-Fetched As I’d Thought.”

– Calico Rudasill, Porn for Women that is NOT cliche!

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Humor – Finally: A Sexbot For ME

Finally: A Sexbot For ME

What are YOU looking for in a sexbot?

Let me guess: You think sex dolls are skeevy and gross and you aren’t looking for one, period.

In my defense, I never suggested you wanted to have sex with a sexbot — although, to be fair, I suppose that was an understandable inference on your part.

Like you, Calico never figured she’d be interested in owning a sex doll, other than possibly to use as a fake passenger the next time she’s on a freeway in Los Angeles and wants to drive in the carpool lane. But that was before Calico learned about “Nova” a hyper-realistic, AI-enabled sex doll who talks.

That ability to speak is only part of what has drawn Calico to Nova — with whom Calico never plans to have sex, but does plan to have many engaging, fascinating, possibly even heated conversations. In other words, what has really piqued Calico’s curiosity isn’t merely that Nova can speak, it’s what Nova has to say when she does pipe up.

What does Calico envision herself discussing with Nova? Is Nova, like Calico, a sci-fan fan? As an AI-driven sexbot programmed by humans, is Nova allowed to NOT be a sci-fi fan? Find out in Calico’s latest post, appropriately entitled “Finally: A Sexbot For ME.”

sexbot sex doll 2

– Calico Rudasill, Porn For Women and Aggressive Sex Dolls

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Humor: Vote For The Least Valuable NFT

By now you have heard about the NFT bubble, unheard of since the Great Tulip mania Crash of 1639 in Holland.  This week, the New Yorker’s artists took a stab at creating a set of NFTs that would be so unattractive or disturbing that they would insure low bidding on the collectibles market.

Let’s take a look at what they came up with:

Sexy Shrek with a goatee.

Sexy Shrek with a goatee.

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Mastercard’s New Porn Policies Won’t Help

Mastercard’s New Porn Policies Won’t Help

This week, Mastercard announced new policies that will have profound and unfun implications for creators and sellers of adult content, from porn studios and live cam networks to individual models, content creators and influencers. So , in a break from her usual silliness and absurdity, Calico is going to get serious for a minute here.

Whenever a new, internet-related law, regulation or policy is announced, Calico’s first questions are: “What problem is this trying to solve?” and “Does it do anything to solve the problem?” Actually, given the way most of these changes play out, that question is usually phrased in her head like: “Does it accomplish enough toward solve the problem to be worth the unintended consequences?”

And… well, Spoiler Alert: The title of Calico’s latest post is: “Mastercard’s New Policies Won’t Help.”

by Calico Rudasill, Erotic Movies and More…

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Filth (I’m Glad to Say) is in the Eye of the Beholder, Too

Filth (I’m Glad to Say) is in the Eye of the Beholder, Too.

Of all the recurring categories of Things That Go Filth Viral, from failed cakes to martial arts showoffs hitting themselves in the heads with their own weapons, perhaps nothing brings Calico more delight than the Photo That Looks ‘Naughty‘ But Isn’t.
From intertwined limbs forming false crotches to corporate logos that make you wonder if the graphic designers involved hated their bosses and wanted the company’s stock to crash, every accidental phallus and false ass crack reduces Calico to giggles. (True, it’s not a great sign for the level of her maturity, but growing up has never been high on Calico’s list of priorities.)
Somehow, a few months back, Calico completely missed the viral spread of an item that falls within her favorite subcategory of the Photo That Looks ‘Naughty’ But Isn’t genre — the rare and highly prized Naturally Occurring Innocent Thing That Looks Vaguely Pornographic.
What was the item in question? Does it look more like a toy from Calico’s childhood, or someone who has strapped on a toy from Calico’s adulthood, if you catch my drift? Find out in Calico’s latest post: “Filth (I’m Glad to Say) is in the Eye of the Beholder, Too.”

Calico Rudasill, Filth Porn For Women

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Trump Campaign Takes Fundraising Tip from Online Porn Industry (Circa 2005)

Trump Campaign Takes Fundraising Tip from Online Porn Industry (Circa 2005)

If you’re old enough, you may remember Columbia House and its “12 Albums for a Penny” marketing campaign — a musical recording subscription deceptively marketed as a one-time purchase of a single record with a too-good-to-be-true bonus of 11 additional records (or tapes, or CDs, depending on what Columbia House era we’re talking about here).

Fast forward a couple decades and the adult industry adopted this approach to adult website subscriptions, presenting consumers with $1 or “free” trial memberships that roll over into additional charges — and not only that, but which included little pre-checked boxes committing the customer to other subscriptions, as well. Before they knew it (in many cases literally before they knew it) people who thought they’d spent a dollar on porn were on the hook for over $100 in recurring monthly charges.

This same approach is being used now by political campaigns, with varying degrees of aggressiveness and sleaziness. And you’ll never guess which politician’s campaign appears to have been the most aggressive and the sleaziest.

Actually, you won’t have to guess which campaign it was, because the title of Calico’s post on the subject is: “Trump Campaign Takes Fundraising Tip from Online Porn Industry (Circa 2005)”

– Calico Rudasill, Rebillable Porn Movies For Women

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