Give Your Curiosity and Desire the Chance to Blossom with Femme Funn

For a modern, independent woman, a great Femme sex toy is so much more than a reliable, convenient way to treat yourself to an orgasm when you want one. It’s also about the empowerment that comes with making yourself the master of your own pleasure. It’s about giving yourself the freedom to fully explore your cherished fantasies, your innermost desires, and your burning curiosities to the absolute fullest as well.

ultra rabbit sex toy

Femme Funn isn’t just any sex toy manufacturer. It’s a growing company that’s all about providing curious, passionate women everywhere with the top-tier tools they need to explore their sexuality to the fullest, either on their own or with a partner. It’s about making personal pleasure innovative, satisfying, and – most important of all – fun! To join the Femme Funn revolution is to find out how far the right toy can really take you.

What Sets Femme Funn Toys Apart?

Here in the age of information, you can get a sex toy just about anywhere. However, Femme Funn isn’t just any adult toy retailer. It is home to an exclusive line of powerful, innovative, high performance sex toys that are guaranteed to rock your world on an entirely new level.

  • Each Femme Funn toy is expertly designed and carefully crafted to bring a different style of stimulation to the table.
  • Every detail of each unique item brings something to the table and is there to add something special to the experience of using it.
  • Each toy is made from the very best materials out there and reflective of the latest cutting edge technology on the market.
  • However, you like to be touched and pleasured, you can rest easy in the knowledge that there’s a Femme Funn masterpiece designed with your needs and preferences in mind.

Since Femme Funn began in 2015, it has launched multiple items, each one completely unique and unlike anything else out there. Each is created with today’s fun, fabulous, empowered woman in mind. What’s more, new creations are added to the catalog all the time, so pleasure lovers everywhere can always count on Femme Funn to continually bring them the latest and greatest adult toy options.

The Very Best of Femme Funn

The innovative toys in the Femme Funn catalog aren’t just effective from a practical standpoint. They’re also beautiful, sleek, and stylish enough to suit even the most discriminating pleasure seeker. Pick your new go-to favorite or choose several to add to your growing collection. The following are just a few of the many options you have to choose from.

pirourette sex toy
This sexy little number was dubbed the Pirouette for a reason. Just as a traditional pirouette is an absolute essential without which no ballet could be considered complete, this sleek and elegant toy is a must-have for your nightstand. You’ll see why the very first time you let it twirl and seduce you toward the best orgasm of your life.

  • Features a 360-degree rotating head that will absolutely rub you the right way, activating all your sweet spots in the process.
  • A dual-pronged clitoral stimulator doubles your pleasure by bringing world class clitoral stimulation to the table.
  • Adjust your Pirouette’s functionality to suit your mood with 8 incredible vibration modes and a special turbo boost button.
  • Waterproof, quiet, and discreet for pleasure that fits seamlessly into your life.

Ultra Rabbit:

ultra rabbit sex toyThe Ultra Rabbit isn’t just any rabbit-style vibrator. It’s specially designed to stimulate your G-spot to perfection with the same knowing, intuitive touch you’d expect from an experienced lover. An entire symphony of interchangeable functions presents endless pleasure possibilities to explore.

  • Features 10 different internal and external vibration functions, each one independently controlled for customizable pleasure that fits your every whim and mood.
  • Not one, not two, but three motors ensure all your sweet spots are adequately stimulated as you play.
  • Made of only the very best pharmaceutical grade silicone for smooth, sexy, body-safe pleasure you’ll love.
  • Integrated memory function lets you teach your Ultra Rabbit exactly how you like to be touched.
  • Clitoral stimulator is larger than commonly found on other rabbits, making it a “one size fits most” feel that adjusts to all body sizes and shapes.

Diamond Wand:

diamond wand sex toy
The incredible Diamond Wand isn’t just exquisitely designed and lovely to look at. It’s expertly designed with your body’s every curve and contour in mind, as you’ll see the very first time you take it to bed with you. It wrote the book when it comes to functionality as well with an astonishing 21 vibration modes just waiting to be explored to the fullest.


  • Multiple vibration modes ensure there’s a function that’s just the right fit for what you’re in the mood for tonight.
  • A tapered head, textured shaft, and flexible design help the Diamond Wand activate your every sensitive nerve ending for pleasure you’ll have to experience to believe.
  • Quiet, discreet, compact, lightweight, and waterproof to boot, your Diamond Wand fits effortlessly into your busy lifestyle for pleasure that goes wherever you go.

Funn Beads:

funn beads sex toy
Femme Funn is also second to none when it comes to beautifully designed toys created with backdoor pleasure in mind and Funn Beads is a shining example. A perfect hybrid that’s part plug and part bead set, it’s as functional and user-friendly as it is sleek and elegant – perfect for pleasure lovers of absolutely any experience level. Get it, use it, love it!


  • Easy one-button operation makes your Funn Beads super user-friendly. Enjoy it on your own or with your favorite play partner!
  • Soar toward ecstasy as you explore 20 different vibration functions, each more orgasmic than the last.
  • Funn Beads is compact, lightweight, waterproof, whisper quiet, and refreshingly discreet for portable, versatile pleasure that fits perfectly into your repertoire.
  • Use it on its own or in tandem with other favorite toys for a multi-level pleasure experience you’ll fall head over heels in love with.

As you can see, Femme Funn sex toys aren’t just well-crafted and beautifully designed. They’re multi-functional, versatile tools that make exploring your personal pleasure to the utmost a positively irresistible adventure. Start with the sensations you already know you like. Then let these powerful, innovative toys take things to the next level. Explore the possibilities today! The most powerful, world-changing orgasms of your life await.

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