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Fans of erotica have always had a fetish for great wordsmiths, but in more recent years the world has also moved toward mixed media...

Review: LoyalFans unique features that make it stand out from other adult content platforms.

LoyalFans is a popular subscription-based platform that offers a unique experience for individuals looking for adult content. The platform caters to models, content creators,...

Six Of The Hottest And Most Approachable Women Of Adult Entertainment on Twitter and OnlyFans

Six Of The Hottest And Most Approachable Women Of Adult Entertainment on Twitter and OnlyFans In mainstream Hollywood, the landscape of popularity is a constantly...

Top 10 Mainstream Movies that Could Have Been Porn Movies

Top 10 Mainstream Movies that Could Have Been Porn Movies By Natalie Cross As we evolve as a global community, the lines between genres begin to...

How To Have Better Intimate Moments With Your Partner

Intimacy in a relationship isn’t all about sex, although that does play a part. What it really means is that you can get close...

All I Want for Christmas is a Silent Night. Or Month. Or Year

All I Want for Christmas is a Silent Night. Or Month. Or Year What do you get for Christmas for the woman who already has...

Why are we swinging during covid?

I sit here drinking my coffee and asking myself this question, Why are swingers events still happening during a pandemic?  This is a huge...

#SexTalkTuesday Welcomes @Wastelandmovies as Special Guest Moderator on October 6th

#SexTalkTuesday Welcomes @Wastelandmovies as Special Guest Moderator on October 6th CYBERSPACE – #SexTalkTuesday announced today that Colin Rowntree, Founder of, will serve as special...

Gone Viral. A XXX COVID A.I Sex Thriller Movie

Gone Viral.  An Amazon Prime COVID A.I Sex Thriller. Dr. Sarah Connor (Sicilia Ricci), a sex-addicted viral immunologist working on a COVID-19 vaccine at the Centers...

Banned in Boston: Ted Talks Censors Feminist Sex Commentator and Publisher.

Banned In Boston: Censorship of Messages of Healing in a Time of Pain By Kit Murray Maloney at O'Actually (Originally published on I’ve heard “This is...

“Using Explicit Sex as a Storytelling Element” # SXSW 2018 Date Announced

The panel “Using Explicit Sex as a Storytelling Element” will be held on March 11, 2018 at 3:30 PM during SXSW FIlm 2018. The panel’s official...

“Using Explicit Sex as a Storytelling Element” Selected for # SXSW 2018

Using Explicit Sex as a Storytelling Element Selected for # SXSW 2018   Panel of esteemed women adult filmmakers accepted.   October 23, 2017 (Austin, TX) -- The panel “Using Explicit Sex...

Political Correctness Vs The Freedom To Fantasize

Today, Calico looks at the uncomfortable relationship between political correctness and the freedom to fantasize, and explains how learning a bit about BDSM and the BDSM community opened up her mind to the fact enjoyable, fully consensual sex (and the depiction thereof) is a bigger and more varied universe than she had ever imagined it to be.

Sorry Dear: You Can’t Spend the Afterlife in My Dildo

Look, I’m all for innovation in sexual pleasure device technology, and normally just about anything which might offer the grief-stricken comfort is A-OK in my book, but I think this whole dildo-urn thing might be taking things a bit too far. Mostly, I think this because of the way my husband reacted when I showed him the Yahoo! article linked above: “Oh, man: Time to call the estate attorney, because I need to change my will!”

I Was Flogged In a BDSM Dungeon

Naked except for my purple lace thong, leather cuffs around my ankles and wrists, a collar around my neck, and the smooth, cool feeling of the wood pressed into my skin, I wondered for a second how I went from reading kinky stories online to being flogged by my Dominant in a BDSM dungeon.

Rekindle That Spark

Do you remember those moments when you were young, on one of your first dates? Waiting for your hand to brush up against her or...

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