Why are we swinging during covid?

I sit here drinking my coffee and asking myself this question, Why are swingers events still happening during a pandemic?  This is a huge problem and I feel so many people are ignoring the larger issue at hand here and it is not Covid-19. 

Between Fobes and MSNBC there are more and more articles coming out about the recent cases of Covid traces back to Naughty Nawlin,  a swingers event recently held in New Orleans.  Naughty Nawlins happened just before the Queens, New York, Caligula club incident where the club was raided and shut down due to Covid-19 event restrictions. 

Despite warnings from the media, warnings from the government, restrictions from local and state laws on gatherings, we continue to see many of the popular swinger lifestyle  sites posting new events coming up before the end of the year.  New Years has always been a big party holiday for swingers and by the looks of it, this year may not be any different. News Years Eve swingers parties are being advertised all over websites as well as Facebook Groups.  


When asked why take the risk of exposure to Covid-19 the most common response is that they are not worried about getting Covid-19 or they have already had the virus and they think the antibodies are going to keep them from contracting the virus again.  The problem is they are missing the big picture. 


Beyond the fact that going to these events are putting you, your friends, your family, and your entire extended social contact circles at risk, besides the fact that it is setting a very bad example of doing what you want to do without regard for public health, you are also putting yourself at risk for being outed. Being outed is a huge concern for many in the swinger lifestyle.  If your local swingers group has a gathering at either a venue or a hotel with 100 attendees, because this is in direct violation of social distancing event restrictions in most places, you are at risk of having your event reported to the police. In most cities with health mandates in place, the police will be forced to investigate which can lead to writing tickets and citations.  In many cities and states around the country getting a ticket and or a citation can lead to your name being published as a matter of public record.  An event as interesting as a swingers event getting busted can also draw the attention of new media, which risks having names and faces of attendees being published on television, the web, and social media. 

If a few people come down with Covid shortly after the event then you can quickly get caught up in social tracing.  The name of the venue will be given and since this is a health crisis it is possible a subpoena could be issued for the event coordinators guest list.   I’m not a lawyer but this is a lot of headache for people trying to keep their involvement in the Lifestyle private. 

The health implications, as well as this negative press could leave a very bad taste in the mouth of venues and communities that right now are friendly to swingers clubs and events.  So everyone reading about the Caligula and Naughty could be canceling contracts with other clubs causing less safe and healthy events in other communities.  Protecting the community is not just protecting from Covid-19, it is also about protecting our way of life, and respecting the privacy of our community members. 

I leave you with this.  As a community, we can hold out a few more months until the vaccine is in full production and distribution and then, when it is safer, throw some of the best events in Swinger history.   So just hold out we will be back to our naughty lives as usual soon. 

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