The Man In The Mirror

So I’m checking out Sssh.Com the other day and I watch this amazing movie.  It’s about a girl who is having a bit of a hard time telling fantasy and reality apart.  You see she has a handsome visitor almost every night that makes passionate love to her.  She thinks it’s just a dream, even though it seems so real.  I guess the only way you’ll find out the truth is to head over there and watch it.  I did ask the lovely ladies over at Sssh if I could share the trailer with you and they kindly agreed – Thanks Sssh

[flv: 480 289]

Below is the “Official Movie Description”
Almost every night the same dream. It seemed so real, he seemed so real. But how could he be, it was after all, just a dream. Daisy sat at her desk and toyed with the trinket, trying to have everything make sense. But it didn’t, none of it made sense. Was she going crazy, she thought to herself. She had read about women who had, had orgasms while they slept and how intense those orgasms were. That must be it. It was all just a really erotic dream. “Earth to Daisy”, her coworkers voice broke through. Daisy jumped. “where are you”, Julie asked. “Oh no where” Daisy lied. She wanted to tell her about him, tell her everything. “you want to grab a coffee”, Julie asked, “Sure” replied Daisy. Daisy pushed her chair back and stood up. She could feel the dull beautiful pain you get after a night of intense love making and she shook her head in disbelief.

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    • Yup, the full movie is there. The guy is totally hunky. I think they must be a couple ’cause they have a couple of movies with them in it.

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