Valentine's Day Surprise

For your Man!

Valentine’s Day is next month, but most guys are think of getting all of the the gifts the day before . Well, if you want to out shine the crowd, waiting till the last minute is not the best way to approach things. This month we are going to help you with your preparations for next month’s big event!

Flowers are a must on Valentine’s Day. Roses are what most women want for that day, but with the price of roses doubling within the few weeks before the 14th of February, it is not very healthy for your wallet. What you can do is stick with a single rose or go for a bouquet of flowers, to stay within budget. If your partner doesn’t like roses, you can go for her favorite flower. Personally, I like to get tulips.

The Gift
Over the past few month’s we have been giving you some helpful tips on gift giving for your erotic escapades. Well, here is one more helpful hint: When you are giving a gift, the way that you wrap and present the gift can make or break it’s effect. Imagine giving a pair of ear rings in a brown paper bag to your girlfriend. What do you think will be the look on her face? Now think of the look on her face if the ear rings were professionally wrapped by the jeweler with silver wrap and a red bow. If you want a good reaction, make sure you take the time to professionally wrap the gift.

For this escapade, we are going to get your partner a set of ear rings, but instead of wrapping it in a box with a bow, we are going to package the ear rings in frozen ice sculpture along with one red rose. You can get this professionally created by a local ice sculptor or if you are so inclined, you can do it yourself!

If you wish to do it yourself, what you need to do is go to the local craft store and purchase a Heart Shaped Paper Mâché Box. Put a plastic bag on the inside of the box to protect it, fill it one third with water, and the put it in the freezer. Once it is frozen, wrap the ear rings in some plastic wrap to protect it and then place it on the bottom of the first layer along with the rose. Now fill the box to the top with water and let the entire gift freeze. Once it is frozen solid, you have the ultimate gift box!

The Dinner
The dinner on Valentine’s day should be unique and out of the ordinary. It is a good idea to book reservations in advance if you plan to go to dinner. If this is the route that you are going to take, I suggest that you go to a place that neither of you have gone to. A place that is quiet and intimate. If you plan to have dinner at home, place some candles and play some soft music in the background. And if you want to go all out, rent a room and order in some room service at a fine hotel.

The Rest of the Evening
When setting up the evening, there should always be something mystical about the night. This can be done by setting the mood and surprising her with gifts. There is no doubt that she will ask you what is going on for Valentine’s day, so when she asks, just respond that you have everything all under control, tell her to just dress sexy. When the day comes, make sure that you are also dressed nicely. Pick her up in the car and take her to dinner, take her to a coffee shop for desert, and finally take her to your place to give her your ice sculptured gift along with a card that says: You make my heart melt. The rest of the evening you will have to plan for yourself!

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