Using Words To Romance

By incorporating more romance in your life, your relationship will blossom into something that you never knew existed. This month we are going to give you one more lesson from our Book of Romance: The Power of Words.

The Power of Words
The power of words is in their use when it comes to romance. Sure there is telling him/her that you care, or that he or she is wonderful, but it can be more than that. The words “I love you” will be distinctly remembered if said using our methods of communication. Furthermore, we are going to take you through the steps to help you make your special note more romantic. There are many methods of communication but here is a list of our top methods to tell your partner how you really feel.

Voice Mail
Leaving a message on their answering machine at home, work, or cell phone is a great way to share your feelings. Plus, it allows him /her to save the message, so she can play it back at a later time.

Total Cost: Free (though long distance charges do apply)

This method of communication allows you to send a picture and a message together. This works exactly like a post card. All you need is a good website. Luckily we were looking out for you and we have free ecards at Sssh.Com.

Total Cost: Free

Instant Text Messaging
A great invention, it allows you to send messages to cell phones no matter where they are. Instant messages can be sent to significant others that are in different locations, cities, and even countries. All you need is your significant other to have text messaging enabled on their PCS phone, then you can use either your cell phone or online messaging software such as ICQ to send romantic messages to them.

Total Cost: Free – If you use an online messaging with SMS. Cell phone time if you use your cell phone.

Buying him / her just a card will suffice if relationship is still young. What about adding a bonus, like a home made coupon for something like a free back massage.  Giving by you of course.

Total Cost: 0.99 – $5.99 (Average Cost: $3.50)

Sticky Notes
Those pesky yellow sticky notes are everywhere. Now even you can take advantage of these yellow little pads and write down sweet little nothings on them. Be forewarned that if you use all 100 sticky notes in one day, you may turn him or her off instead of on.  Sticky notes can be a fun and thoughtful way to tell your significant other how you feel.

Total Cost: $1.00 for 100 sticky notes (Average Cost: $0.01)

Singing Telegrams
Singing telegrams are a funny way to get your message across. I don’t suggest that you send a stripping telegram, but sending one to a friends place for a birthday party or a simple “I’m Thinking About You” would be appropriate. Note that singing telegrams are subject to available times and you may need to book in advance.

Total Cost: $50.00 – $100 (Average Cost: $75.00)

With Flowers
You want to send the right message when you buy flowers. Here is a helpful reminder of what each type of flower represents:

Total Cost: $10.00-$50.00 (Average Cost: $30.00)

Why do you want to write a love letter? Love letters are a great way to be romantic, telling your partner how you fell while capturing the intense emotions that bind you to them. For people that are shy, love letters are the perfect way to communicate how you feel and what your desires are.
Total Cost: Free

There is magic in many poems. Some poems delight us while others enlighten us. I have sent poems to people that have made them cry and others that bring up memories of the past. If done right, poems can even rekindle love and bring two people together once again.

If you are artistic and can write poems to express your feelings then you are in luck. For those who cannot write poetry, I suggest that you visit a database of online poems and find one for your special occasion. Now all you have to do is print it out or email it.

Total Cost: Free

Though this is a listing of some methods of conveying your love, it should not end here. There is still the wild and the wacky. I have seem people put messages on billboards, announce them on radio stations, and even ask put messages on a hockey scoreboard. Which ever way you go, remember to think of your partner and how they make you feel and what message you want to get across.

How to Write
When it comes to thinking of things to write, there are three major approaches. You can write about the things you notice about them. Things you should concentrate on are personality, talents, specific accomplishments, how you feel about them,how they make you feel. Tell him or her that you are thinking about them, that you miss them, or that you have the best times when you are with them.

Make this New Years Resolution a little different and promise yourself that you will try to be just a little bit romantic everyday.


Anemone–means Beauty Snapdragons–mean Strength
Carnation–means Joy Solidago–means Success
Crocus–means Gladness Sunflower–means Pride
Daffodil–means Respect Tiger Lily–means Prosperity
Daisy–means Innocence Tulip–means Luck
Fern–means Grace Violet–means Virtue
Freesia–means Trust Wintergreens–mean Harmony
Heather–means Admiration Wisteria–mean Welcome
Huckleberry–means Faith Yellow Lily–means Gratitude
Iris–means Promise Red Rose–means Love or Passion
Lilac–means Beauty White Rose–means Devotion
Lily–means Devotion Yellow Rose–means Admiration
Mum–means Hope Peach Rose–means Thoughtfulness
Orchid–means Thoughtfulness Pink Rose–means Friendship
Pansy–means Merriment Lavender Rose–means Virtue
Peony–means Compassion


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