Other, Less Frequently Mentioned Risks of Pool Sex

Any time we assess the risk of any sex activity we’re considering engaging in, or a situation in which we might find ourselves, it’s important that all the facts are considered. Let’s say, for example, you wanted to know whether it’s safe to have sex in a swimming pool; would you ONLY want to know about how the chemicals in the pool water might interact with your various body parts? Or would you also want the person responding to address other considerations that might be pertinent to the specific pool in which you’re thinking about having sex?

This is an important distinction, Calico thinks. And yeah, sure, Calico is prone to overthinking things and coming up with absurd hypothetical questions, but those hypothetical questions might not seem so outlandish once YOU’RE the one standing naked in a swimming pool with your neighbor’s shotgun pointed in your direction, or when YOU’RE the one who gets gnawed on by a snapping turtle while indulging in an underwater quickie.

What the hell am I talking about? To find out, read Calico’s new post, “Other, Less Frequently Mentioned Risks of Pool Sex”

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In the understandable and desirable human quest to make our sex lives more compelling, people are always thinking about trying new things. And one of the great things about the Internet Age is when we’re considering trying out new things, we can find helpful feedback online, so we can weigh the pros and cons of having sex in public, for example, or the pros and cons of casual sex, or the pros and cons of anal sex, or even the pros and cons of hitchhiking

OK, so that last one is a Roger Waters album an ex-boyfriend of mine listened to WAY too often back in the 80s, but you get my point: If ever there’s a sex-related subject on which you want to consider both sides of the question, you’re just a search away from finding the kind of information you seek.

Unfortunately, sometimes people give short shrift to questions they’re asked, perhaps seeking to offer a succinct response in lieu of a comprehensive one.

One such ‘shorted subjects,’ so to speak, turns out to be pool sex.

What is This ‘In and Of Itself’ Crap?

To be fair to Dr. Tosha Rogers, I’m sure she would have a lot more to say about pool sex if she were posed more than a pair of related questions or given more than a couple paragraphs in which to respond.

That said, I’m still not satisfied by Rogers’ reply, which was given in response to the following questions: “What’s the deal with pool sex? Is there any risk for infection or injury to my vagina by having sex underwater?”

Rogers response starts with something of a caveat – “Pool sex in and of itself is not dangerous.”

In and of itself? I can hear you ask. Like me, you’ve deduced that pool sex CAN be dangerous. Imagine there’s a shark in the pool, for example; would you still want to have sex in that pool? I wouldn’t – not even if Sheriff Brody was there to watch over me. (Or given his track record, maybe I should say especially if Sheriff Brody was there to watch over me…)

Look at the Bright Side: You (Almost Certainly) Won’t Die

“When you have intercourse in a swimming pool, you are introducing all of the pool chemicals into your vagina,” Rogers continues, in not-so-comforting fashion. “It will likely cause vaginitis, but it’s not dangerous. Also, be aware that the same chemicals that are in that swimming pool are the same chemicals that are most tampons (unless you use raw cotton or chlorine-free feminine products).”

Is it just me, or does it seem like Rogers puts the bar pretty damn high in terms of assessing the ‘risk’ referenced in the original question? 

OK, so vaginitis is not “dangerous” – but it’s still inflammation that can cause pain, itching and the dreaded “discharge,” the latter of which can turn all kinds of scary, disconcerting shades of yellow-green, if the vaginitis in question is trichomoniasis.

I’m not feeling too eager about this whole pool sex thing, myself. And we haven’t even gotten to the other risks yet.

Other Risks of Pool Sex

Again, being fair to Doc Rogers, she didn’t have time or room to address a lot of the stuff I’m touching on here, so let’s not be too hard on her for failing to address the many other risks associated with pool sex. Me? I’ve got nothing but time to think about potentially scary things – the more unlikely and scarier the better.

Let’s start with a fundamental question not addressed in the Essence post: Whose pool is it?

The reason I ask is that I’ve had neighbors who seem to have taken the “all natural” approach to pool care, gradually allowing their pool to become a shade of green typically only found deep within rain forests, or on University of Oregon football uniforms.

If I take a roll in the hay waves within a deep green private-pool-turned-putrid-pond, what kind of risks does that present? I’m guessing (and hoping!) the sort of chemicals that develop in backyard bayous largely aren’t used in tampons, am I right?

Having sex in someone else’s pool can be very risky for other reasons, too – especially in my home state of Arizona, where even liberals own guns and many people maintain a “shoot first, see if it’s a coyote or my neighbor Calico later” approach to home security.

I’m only scratching the surface here (an activity which can also lead to infection, by the way), but you get my point: When assessing the risks of pool sex, it may not be enough to ask a pair of questions to a single doctor. You may also want to consult with chemists, ballistics experts and of course, the owner of the pool. Who knows; she may be totally fine with you having sex in there, but it always pays to ask first – especially if you live in a “stand-your-ground” state.

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