Top 5 Sexting Tips Every Woman Should Know

Women who cheat need to be extra careful when it comes to sexting. Although sexting is frowned upon on the internet in general, it is very popular with someone special. However, there are certain things that every woman, tied down or not, needs to know before sexting turns into a nightmare with husband/boyfriend or before the receiver of those sexts finds someone else to sext with.

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Sexting Tip #1: Be Careful With Sexy Photos

Thanks to technological advancements that made it super-easy to create and thanks to our beloved celebrity-obsessed culture, nowadays everybody has a sex tape, let alone naked pictures of themselves and other people.

When it comes to sending those naked pictures around, you need to be very careful because if they wound up on the internet things could get ugly. You could be fired from your job, your family would certainly be embarrassed, and there are certain people you wouldn’t be able to look in the eye for a while (trust me!).

Tip #2: Forget Cutsie Emojis

Save your purple hearts for your husband, kids or friends. A hot guy on the other end doesn’t want to see them as you’ll likely remind him of his 8-year-old cousin. Being cute never got anyone laid or the experience was an unmemorable one at the most. You want to go for steamy stuff, like, ‘I’ve got nothing on but my perfume’ kind of thing as you describe how wet your phone is after you dropped it into your bubble bath. Dancing rabbits and skating deer are for kids, and you want your sexts to be 18+!

Tip #3: Let Your Imagination Run Wild

Role-play for sexting works just as well as it does in real life to get you going. Don’t be shy because even the nicest guys like some naughty every once in a while (well, all the time, but they’ve been taught to suppress their desires down to the socially acceptable level). Don’t picture that cute guy from the gym you gave your number to. Picture Brad Pitt in Troy or Chris Hemsworth in Thor or whomever would be on the receiving end of your sexts in your fantasy world.

Tip #4: Have Clear Goals

This isn’t the where-do-you-see-yourself-in-five-years type of goal. This is more of a where-do-you-see-yourself-at-4am kind of thing. If your sexting gets so hot and steamy that either you or your sex buddy scream ‘I’LL BE OVER IN 20 MINUTES, what are you going to do? ‘I have to get up early’? Even if you did, you had to say so much earlier! You don’t want to lead someone on and then shut the door in their face. They won’t like you anymore! A much better response would be, ‘Hurry, my bubble bath is getting cold’!

Tip #5: Embrace Your Sexuality

If you’re going to sext, do it right! If you get one of those what-are-you-wearing kinds of messages, the next thing you say can make or break your sexting evening. ‘Nothing but a ponytail. What r u going to do about it?’ is the type of response that can point things in the right direction. You also want to be in control of the situation, and if it means being aggressive, so be it. Being passive will not get you far, and if ‘pull my hair when you’re doing me doggie-style’ is the thought on your mind, there’s never been a better time to say it!


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