Sex Toy Review: The Bgood Deluxe Curve

The Bgood Deluxe Curve

If you’re into sex toys, there are certain items that should be considered absolute musts and a great G-spot vibrator is definitely one of them. While G-spot stimulation is definitely different from the clitoral stimulation so many of us are used to, it’s well worth experiencing because of the toe-curling orgasms associated with it. What better way to get to know your own G-spot (either on your own or with a partner) than with the right sex toy?

If you’ve been looking for a good one to try, then look no further than the Bgood Deluxe Curve from B Swish. It doesn’t just treat your G-spot right. It’s flexible enough to be fantastic for a variety of different purposes. Let’s take a closer look.

Sex Toy Review: The Bgood Deluxe Curve
The Bgood Deluxe Curve

Smooth, Versatile Design

While I have nothing against a toy with more bells and whistles, I really dig the simplicity of the Deluxe Curve’s design. It’s smooth, sleek, and streamlined. The overall look is gorgeous and really inviting. It’s also a nice size without being super intimidating or potentially overpowering. The curve is super gentle and very natural-feeling. Its surface is also super soft – a real pleasure to touch and an even greater pleasure to actually use.

In fact, its design is exactly what makes it such a useful addition to just about anyone’s treasure chest. It’s great when used the good old-fashioned way, especially if you really dig G-spot stimulation or are interested in exploring it further, but it feels just as phenomenal when used to stroke your clitoris or circle your nipples.

You can even bring it into bed to use with your partner for an exciting change of pace you’ll both enjoy. In other words, the Bgood is a great fit for people that like to get creative with their vibes or switch freely from one type of stimulation to another.

6 Different Settings to Explore

When it comes to settings, the Bgood delivers with six. In other words, it brings a little something to the party for everyone and is perfect for those that want their toys to come with multiple possibilities when it comes to actual sensation. To begin with, there are three different speeds ranging from nice and slow, to good and quick, to really intense. There are also three different pulsing rhythms to enjoy.

You’re free to change the intensity at will with the simple touch of a button – definitely appreciated when things get hot and heavy. No worries whatsoever about having to break the mood to fuss around with unnecessarily complicated controls! Instead, you can simply focus on the moment, whether you’re by yourself or choosing to share the love this time around.

As far as overall power goes, I’d say the Bgood is capable of delivering when it comes to most expectations. It’s not powerful enough to chip your teeth or peel the paint off your walls. It is powerful to get the job done, even when you’re looking for a relatively intense experience.

The Bgood Deluxe CurveDurable and Waterproof

If you’re one of the many women that really can’t imagine life without her toy chest, the chances are pretty good that you don’t consider a given toy truly versatile unless it’s waterproof. After all, who doesn’t enjoy the occasional bathtub pleasure session at the end of a long day? A quick morning romp in the shower now and then (with or without a partner) never exactly hurt anyone either. You’ll love the Bgood Deluxe Curve if you’ve been looking for a nice, powerful vibe that’s also 100% waterproof.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see how battery efficient the Bgood apparently is. According to the packaging, the two AAA batteries it relies on for power could be expected to last for about three hours of use total. When I first found out how intense a couple of the settings were though, I had to wonder whether or not that was just wishful thinking. However, after spending a little more time with it, I’d say that the specified battery life estimation is just about right.

I’ll just make sure to keep a supply of AAAs perpetually on hand from now on. I’m already warming up to this particular toy and can see using it a lot more in the future. Time will tell!

Body-Safe and Easy to Care For

If you have sensitive skin, you already know the struggle is real when it comes to finding the best sex toys that won’t cause a reaction or lead to problems at any point down the line. The Bgood Curve is made of 100% body-safe silicone and plastic. No phthalates! It’s also non-porous, so this isn’t one of those toys that feel like they’re never quite clean enough. Use it on yourself or your partners as you please. As long as you wash it thoroughly between uses, you’re good to go.

Speaking of cleaning, that’s easy thanks to the fact that it’s waterproof. Just clean it gently and thoroughly with gentle soap and some warm water. (Toy cleaners work just fine as well if you prefer.) If you really feel like you want a higher degree of sanitation, washing in a 10% bleach solution is safe to do with the Bgood as well. Then simply store it away in the handy bag it comes with until it’s time for your next pleasure session.

The Verdict

Overall, I really liked the Bgood Deluxe Curve. It’s a great option for you if you’re looking for a basic but versatile vibrator that can cover a lot of bases. I especially recommend it to users that are interested in really exploring how satisfying G-spot stimulation can be. The variety of settings, ease of control, and waterproof design also make it a great fit for people that want to be able to use their sex toys how they like, when they like, and where they like.

As touched on above, it might not be for you if you prefer sex toys that deliver almost intolerable levels of intensity or have a lot of unusual features, but that’s not really what the Bgood Deluxe is about. It’s about seeing how far a relatively no-nonsense vibe can really take you and this toy does that and then some.



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