How To Become The Dominant Woman He Wants

Taking control in the bedroom is one thing, but becoming the dominant woman many guys (secretly) want is an entirely different story. The hair pulling and the neck biting are naughty and hint at being dominant, but at the end of the day they are the tricks for kids.

sexually dominant woman

If you believe kik sex is the spice of life, and are looking to take things to the next level in that department, we’ve got just the thing for you – a comprehensive list of the best tips and tricks you need to know to become his dom.

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Tip #1: Tie Him Up

Tying him up is a classic that every girl should try, regardless of her aspirations to become a dom. Tying up your man is actually much easier than it sounds. You don’t need to have an iron headboard and a pair of puffy handcuffs, although they wouldn’t hurt, at least not figuratively. You can use his old tie or any piece of cloth and tie his hands above his head. The key here is to let him know what’s happening, that you’re taking full control and are about to have your way with him. Whisper your command into his ear and slowly tie his hands at the wrist. The fact that you’re going to use him to achieve sexual pleasure is incredibly exciting to men, and when you master this game you’ll be the dom he’s always dreamed of.

Tip #2: Touch Yourself

Not only is a woman who touches herself incredibly sexy to a man, but the fact that she has the confidence to masturbate in front of him is a very powerful psychological statement and it says, ‘I’m here, and I’m getting off’. Whether you use toys, dildos or your own fingers, pretty quickly you’ll make his head explode. The trick is that most guys like shy and tactful girls out on the street, but in the bedroom they all like their ‘insatiable whores’. With absolutely no intention to objectify women, knowing this fact and exploiting it to no end can make you the best dom he’s ever had, and a woman he’ll be absolutely crazy about.

Tip #3: Undress Him Slowly

We’re all past the age of trying to impress the opposite sex by being loud, showy or moody like the kids in emo pictures. We’re at a point where we can let out inhibitions go, relax and enjoy all those things in life consenting adults are meant to enjoy. Being dominant in bed is certainly one of those things. One of the ways to assert your dominance is to undress your partner really slowly, coupled with tying him up. Take your time and show your confidence in what you’re doing. Make him wait for you and your hands to make their way to his zipper, and by the time his pants hit the floor he’ll be at your mercy.

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