Pleasure Product Spotlight: THE ARCHER, by Sen Kouros

by Coleen Singer at Erotica For Women and Couples

From The Artists’ Home Page

Named by one of our Indiegogo supporters, the Archer is ideal for solo use because of its unique easy access reach. Designed to keep your hands at a comfortable position above your lower abdomen while allowing fingertip control of the entire directional arc and pressure points. The handle is textured with a mirrored hysteresis loop.

It is our mission to provide quality erotic accoutrement displaying both superior craftsmanship and sensuality

sen kouros marble dildo sculpure

An elegant twist on an ancient classic, the Sen Kouros were designed by a stone sculptor in the islands off the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. Each kouros is meticulously wrought from fine Italian marble, hand filed and sanded, and then sealed with natural, body safe sealants.

Every kouros design is inspired by the artist’s enchantment with the contours of the human body and the translation of those curves into classical sculpture. Those lines are extended into each piece for a sensuous, natural fit into the hand and body. The marble itself will warm to your touch and the weight balance of each piece provides rocking g-spot functionality.

Chosen by artists for centuries for its unique carving qualities and lusters, marble representations of human beings, our desires and our stories still enchant and entice us. The sculptures in museums of maidens and youths call to us, beckon us to touch the cool flesh that is not flesh. A surface so smooth. The curves so perfect. We can only stand close and imagine running our hands over the folds of fabric that wouldn’t sway under our touch and brushing the immobile cheeks with the backs of our fingers. But we are not allowed. So we make our own.

We couldn’t have chosen better. Stone as a medium, marble specifically, is incredibly sexy. Its weight mimics flesh, as does its temperature. The sen kouros will warm up during use to a temperature slightly higher than our body temperature and continue to emanate the heat until left alone to cool down. Marble is an ancient material, formed under immense seismic pressures and heat eras before we existed. The stone has its own history and its own secrets. Outside of the artisans who carve each of the pieces, you are the first person to ever feel the skin, beneath which is material that has never been touched nor seen and cannot be made by human ingenuity.

We believe in providing a luxurious product to encourage pleasure and sexual health. Our focus is on style and arousal, and we use only fine, natural materials in the creation of our products. We strive to support our local economies and our culture by employing industrial artisans and fostering creative and healthy work environments. We are not interested in cutting corners at the expense of our employees’ health and happiness. Stone carving is intense, hard work employing a variety of power and hand tools. Each stone is unique, as each artisan is unique, and each Sen Kouros is borne in conversation between the two.

Sen Kouros intends to offer limited runs of finely designed items on a fashionable schedule. Our classics, the original Mastered Touch line, will be consistently available for purchase online and at select retailers. Limited editions that are produced out of our designer’s hands will be available on a first come / first served basis on our website and in person when we choose to vend. Custom work and commissions are welcomed.

Coleen’s Review

senkouros dilod setI was delighted to meet Cyra Jane Hobson, one of the founders and masterminds of Sen Kouros at an adult pleasure products conference earlier this year.  When she showed me her works of erotic art, I was simply stunned with the sheer quality and craftsmanship of each marble sculpture that also serves as an insertable please product.  Cyra offered to send me a review sample which I instantly accepted with joy in my heart to have one of these for my very own!

When “The Archer” arrived, I was very impressed with the packaging before even getting down to brass tacks for the review.  It came in a very well crafted wooden box and inside, there was a very well-written welcome message and product care instructions.  The Archer itself was inside a very high quality fabric bag which promises to serve many years for discreet storage.  According to the craftsmen, “The pouch is made of an upholstery-grade microsuede that is easy to clean and very durable. It provides a nice dual layer protection from scratches by metal objects that may also be in your drawers or toybox.”

But, on to the actual work of art:

The Archer is an elegantly hand-carved dildo marble (yes, you read that right – marble!) dildo with just the right curvature for all kinds of insertion variations, and it is remarkably ergonomic.  I have rather small hands, but the way this was carved, it is far more comfortable to hold than the majority of “modern” sex toys that I have reviewed over the years.  Giving it a test drive, vey little lubrication was needed as the highly polished marble prevents any significant “traction”.  In other words, it slips right in there with no resistance.

Before inserting “The Archer”, I considered putting it in some warm water just in case it would be cold.  But, thinking I’d give it a try at room temperature, I was pleasantly surprised that it almost instantly warmed up to body temperature.  Once inside, I gave it a thorough workout in various angles and depths and was happy to find that it hit my g-spot in just the perfect way to bring me to a great climax.

Cleanup was easy.  Just hot soap and water did the trick (note:  do NOT boil marble. It could damage it).

Although The Archer does come with the above mentioned wooden box and fabric bag, this piece is simply to beautiful to hide away, so I have it on display on my bedroom fireplace mantle.

As an added bonus, The Archer can also be used from deep muscle massage.  I simply applied a little massage oil to the tip and with the help of my hubby, managed to unravel a knot in my upper back that I’ve had since graduate school! This is a pleasure product I am proud to now own, and will cherish it for years to come.

You can learn more about Sen Kouros at their website, and explore other designs they create.  They also post their tradeshow schedule, so be sure to go meet them in person when they come to a city near you.


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