Sex Toy Review: Meet the Diamond Wand: An Elevated Classic 

Sex Toy Review: Meet the Diamond Wand: An Elevated Classic 

While it’s fine to have plenty of specialty toys and novelties on hand to keep things interesting, no collection should be without at least a couple of classics. FemmeFunn’s incredible Diamond Wand is a fresh, elegant take on the popular wand massagers that have been sexy-time staples for decades now, but is it right for you? Here we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of choosing a wand massager in general and a Diamond Wand in particular. 

Diamond Wand sex toy review

Why Choose a Wand Massager?

With hundreds of different vibrator styles on the market these days, it makes sense that you’d want to make sure a particular option is truly the best choice for you before you buy. So, what does a wand-style vibrator bring to the table that you don’t necessarily get with a rabbit, a bullet vibe, or any of the other options out there

Unparalleled Power

While some women don’t need much more than some dexterous finger action or a few minutes with just about any vibrator to have an orgasm, everyone’s different. Some women simply require more power if they’re serious about having a big finish. If you’re one of them, a wand massager is your best bet. They come with seriously powerful motors that vibrate to the tune of thousands of RPMs. 

Large Contact Point

Most wand massagers feature large, flexible heads that take all the guesswork out of external stimulation. In addition to activating the external portion of the clitoris, they also stimulate the larger, internal portions, in addition to the erectile tissue of the vagina. Maximizing pleasure potential in this way can make all the difference between having an orgasm and not having one for many women.

Endless Versatility

While some sex toys cater strictly to a niche audience, a wand massager is for everyone. In addition to pleasuring you sexually, your wand massager can double as a soothing muscle massager. It makes a great first sex toy to try using with a partner as well. Unlike other toys that may be insertive or otherwise intimidating to a first-timer, a wand is wonderfully approachable. Wands are capable of pleasuring anybody of any gender as well.

What Makes the Diamond Wand Special?

Like many of the luxury toys in the FemmeFunn collection, the Diamond Wand was specially created to take a classic design and elevate it for true sex connoisseurs. Here’s how it takes everything you already love about wand massagers and makes it even better.

Amazing Vibration Capabilities

The Diamond Wand isn’t just powerful. It comes with some serious options to choose from. Explore your way through 21 different vibration functions, each more titillating than the last. It has a memory function as well, making it easy to pick up exactly where you left off the next time you’re in the mood to indulge. Control your entire experience via a conveniently located touch button in the base.

Next-Level Silicone

When it comes to terrific sex toys materials, it doesn’t get much better than silicone. It’s body-safe, hygienic, easy to clean, and durable. The Diamond Wand is made of the best medical-grade silicone out there, so it feels just like velvet against your most sensitive skin. It’s also deliciously textured for extra stimulation that takes your pleasure over the edge.

User-Friendly Shape

Your Diamond Wand was painstakingly designed to pleasure you exactly the way you want to be no matter what type of touch you might be in the mood for. A tapered tip makes applying pointed, targeted stimulation a cinch. A bulbous head and straight shaft make exploring your G-spot and stimulating yourself internally a snap. It’s incredibly easy to keep your grip and guide your Diamond Wand exactly where your body wants it most too.

Fits Seamlessly into Your Life

Great sex toys don’t just do the job of treating you or a partner to a powerful orgasm anytime you want one. They’re practical enough to fit effortlessly into your routine, no matter how busy or unusual it might be. Your Diamond Wand is small, compact, and delightfully portable, so it easily goes wherever you go. Slip it into your purse or your overnight bag, and take it anywhere. It’s also quiet, waterproof, and discreet, so you can use it anywhere and anytime with absolute confidence. 

With a Diamond Wand in your collection, you’ve always got a go-to toy on hand that’s right for any occasion. Make a relaxing bubble bath extra relaxing by treating yourself to an in-tub massage complete with a happy ending. Impress your partner with a pleasure session that blows both your minds. Send yourself off to dreamland with an orgasm that leaves you at peace from head to toe. With a Diamond Wand nearby, your next orgasm is never far away. Try it today!

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