Review: Bubble Love. Bathtime Will Never Be The Same

By Coleen Singer at Erotica for Women and Couples

I had the pleasure to run into Kim Airs at an adult pleasure products show earlier this year.  The crew at have been friends with Kim for close to 20 years now, harkening back to the days when she ran a high-end sex toy boutique (Good Vibrations) in Boston.  Kim headed for the west coast after that and is now Director of Sales and Business Development at, creators of the remarkable award winning pleasure product, Bubble Love.  Kim offered to send us two of these magical devices, one to review, and one to give away to a lucky member as one of our prizes in ongoing contests.  We happily give her our postal address and the next month, it was Bubble Love time at Erotic Scribes!

What is Bubble Love?  According to Kim and the folks at

Bubble Love is a personal massager that delivers millions of tiny pulsating bubbles all over your body to relax and rejuvenate. Bubble Love turns an ordinary bathtub into a spa experience. It is the first submersible, hand held bubble jet that’s ergonomically designed to allow anyone to control the intensity of their underwater massage. Bubble Love is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, too!

Bubble Love can work in water depths from 6 to 28 inches using the deep-water float that’s included. It’s always Bubble Love Time for women who love water and are seeking adventure in the bath. It’s new. It’s sexy. And it is definitely fun. The Bubble Love is easy to use and is perfect for everyone. Relax in a tub like never before! Allow the strong yet gentle bubble jet to soothe tired muscles all over your body.

“...Soothe tired muscles all over your body“?  Yes, that indeed is true, but we all know the primary purpose for this innovative device is to send a jet of bubbles at you clitorus!  But, in today’s marketplace where mainstream is so darned “family-values-friendly” without describing it as a personal massager, there would be no hope in getting Bubble Love on the shelves of Brookstone and Walmart!  No harm, no foul.  Product manufactures say what they gotta say 🙂

Let’s first take a peek at a clever video Bubble Love has produced:

Coleen’s Review:

The first step was getting it charged.  It took about 3 hours and it made some rather loud whining noise at first which later went away.  I checked around the web to see if anyone else had experienced the noise issue, and was relived to see the review on SluttyGirlProblems had noticed the same.  She emailed the BubbleLove support team about this, to which the Bubble Love’s engineer / inventor responded:

The high pitched sound during charge is louder when the unit is first placed on charge. It gets quieter as it nears full charge and then is barely audible.This is due to the type of rapid battery charge design. It is a pulsed charge circuit to allow Bubs to recharge within 3 hours if the battery is totally drained.

They also noted to that “most of the units make that sound, and that it’s “most likely a bug in the first production run of Bubble Love, which will be rectified in all the new runs.” I was glad to hear that it wasn’t harmful to the toy, but that didn’t fix my immediate issue. It was annoying and loud – and my apartment is really small – so instead of being able to plug it in and go about my day, or plug it in while I was asleep, I waited until I was away on an overnight trip to give it a full charge (about 3 hours). They were right – by the time I returned home, the noise was gone!”

Once it was charged and I felt confident that the noise issue was not a product defect that might lead to some horrible things directed at high velocity at my vagaga, it was now time to get the full experience!

At first, I was a little daunted at how to set this up in the bathtub to work correctly, but the instructions were well-written and in no time I had drawn a hot bath and had Bubble Love up and running, shooting a fascinating stream of bubbles for me to sit in front of.  Mechanical vibrations generated by traditional massagers provide direct skin contact and may be too strong for many users. And some water jets can be irritating or too harsh for others. Bubble Love uses the relaxing powers of water to create its strong yet gentle touch. Bubble Love can safely be used all over the body, but being a sex toy reviewer, you know where I focused it on!

To vary Bubble Love’s capabilities, I simply squeezed the silicone air tube to create a pulsing sensation and immersed the floating ball under water to shoot out a different kind of soothing massage like nothing else I’ve felt before!

The Bubble Love Instructions correctly stated: “The air-infused bubble jet of Bubble Love is fully adjustable using a handle-mounted air control dial. Simply turn the dial to increase the jet’s force for maximum massage. A suction cup is included for smooth tub surface mounting, allowing you hands free use. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides one hour of relaxing massage and Bubble Love comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.”

After some adjustment to get the stream and intensity “just right”, I leaned back and enjoyed one of the most memorable orgasms EVER.  Silicone insertable sex toys, even the high-end ones, tend to make my hand tired and cramped within a short period of time.  Bubble Love, however, pretty much does all of the heavy lifting, and allowed me to simply lay back and enjoy the ride.  And compared to traditional insertable toy cleanup, Bubble Love is a joy as it comes out of the tub clean already and just needs a quick rinse to get any bath oils removed.

Bubble Love Dilly Attachment
Bubble Love With Dilly Attachment

Separately, you can buy the “Dilly” attachment to the Bubble Love. It basically is as exactly described… a dildo! It fits into an attachment port under the bubble jet portion of the toy. Just like the suction cup, it’s a bit floppy when on dry land (like in the picture below), but it is totally supported and easy to use when in the bath.

Aside from the charging noise issue, the only thing I noted was that unless it’s set up just right, it tends to be a little “tickley”.  That might just be me, who is VERY ticklish, but with some experimentation it can easily be set to the “Goldilocks” setting:  Not to hard, not too soft…. Just right!”

Learn More About Bubble Love and order yours now at


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