How It Looks When A Celeb Honestly Wants To Stop A Sex Tape Release

by Calico Rudasill,

As I’ve noted before, if there’s one constant involved in the release of a “celebrity sex tape,” it’s the tendency for one of the celebrities involved to make a big show of being opposed to the commercial release of the footage, despite the fact it’s likely to be within their legal power to stop such releases if they really want to do so.

Elizabeth Ruiz Sex Tape
Elizabeth Ruiz

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Naturally, an illicit, non-commercial release of a sex tape is another matter altogether, but as the Hulk Hogan/Gawker situation illustrates, media companies engage in releasing such footage without permission at their own peril – and it’s a hell of a lot of peril, as it turns out.

If you’re wondering how it looks when a celebrity definitely, sure-as-shit does not want a sex tape to be released into the wild, all you have to do is read up on the actions taken by Denver Broncos star Von Miller regarding a bit of sexually-explicit footage in which he’s featured.

Von Miller sex tape
Von Miller Is VERY displeased with Elizabeth Ruiz !

Lawsuit Threats Can Be Marketing, But Miller Isn’t Just Playing Around Here

Regardless of whether Elizabeth Ruiz has been trying to “shake down” Miller as his lawyers claim, I’d say it’s clear the ace linebacker is sincere in trying to prevent the release of the footage, or this case would have been quietly settled or voluntarily withdrawn long before now.

It should also be noted Miller originally filed his request to block the tape’s release as a “John Doe” plaintiff, presumably to avoid his name being associated with the unfolding legal conflict. While it was probably inevitable we’d all learn of the tape’s existence despite this precaution, it’s obviously not something he’d do if his goal was to generate marketing buzz for the sex tape.

If you’re thinking Miller’s claims might lack legal merit, in addition to the judge ruling in his favor, there’s another massive indication the court feels Miller is in the right: It has ordered Ruiz to pay his legal fees, which reportedly add up to $50,000.

I’ll Give Her This Much: Ruiz Has Chutzpah

If I were someone who had just been told she had to pay the opposing party’s legal fees and had no legal right to unilaterally release footage captured on my own mobile device, I think I’d cut my losses, do what the court ordered and slink away quietly.

What I don’t think I’d do is ask the court for permission to keep a copy of the footage for my personal use. Evidently, Ruiz enjoys watching the video so much, she thinks the court should be willing to entrust her with a copy of it, notwithstanding Miller’s claim she tried to extort him.

Here’s the thing, Liz; a skeptic might think retaining a copy of the footage would just give you the opportunity to stick it to Von in the future, either by selling it to the highest bidder on the downlow, releasing it yourself online, or by way of some future “hack” of your device wherein there might be no real evidence of hacking, if you take my drift.

I’m guessing the judge is going to respond to Ruiz’s motion by shaking her or his head, briefly staring in mute disbelief at Ruiz’s legal team, then eventually managing to say “Uh, no way” without laughing too hard at the audacity making such a request requires.

Part Of Me Would Kinda Like To See This Sex Tape – BUT….

For the most part, celebrity sex tape news never interests me, especially when it comes to the question of any given tape’s likelihood of arousing me.

I’ve never watched Paris Hilton’s sex tape, or Kim Kardashian’s, or Pam Anderson’s, or…. You get the picture; these tapes are just not my thing. But part of the reason they’re not my thing is I’ve had sex with inanimate objects which are more alluring, both aesthetically and from a personality standpoint, than the men featured in the above-listed tapes.

Von Miller on the other hand…. Well, I’m not going to lie; there’s a part of me which would like to see what his insanely-athletic body looks like in the context of doing some serious boning.

Thankfully, there’s a much bigger part of me which would feel like the worst kind of asshole alive for watching a sex tape I know Mr. Miller didn’t want anybody else to see.

So, Von, if this footage ever does make it out into the world in violation of the court’s wishes, rest assured I won’t be among those taking an illicit look at it – unless, of course, you later turn out to be the NFL’s answer to Farrah Abraham.

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