Finally, I Have Some Understanding of the Male Orgasm! (In Rats.)

Finally, I Have Some Understanding of the Male Orgasm! (In Rats.)

When you’ve watched as much porn as Calico has in her career (which included a stint digitizing and categorizing sex scenes captured from VHS tapes to give you a sense of how long we’re talking about here) , it’s safe to say you’ve been exposed to a great many visual depictions of male ejaculation.

The thing is, watching men ejaculate doesn’t really teach us anything useful about male orgasms — other than encouraging the (false) belief that where men are concerned, orgasm and ejaculation are the same thing.

Thankfully, there is important scientific research being done into the male orgasm, apparently led by the intrepid researchers at Japan’s Okayama University, who have been spending their time…. well, maybe it’s best if I let Calico explain what they’ve been up to over there at Okayama University, because I just ate lunch and I’d like my pasta to stay right where it is for now, thank you very much.

What have these researchers been doing? What does it have to do with male orgasms and ejaculation? How many more times can I get myself to write “ejaculation” instead of “jizz spurting” or “load dropping” or “spunk squirting”? At least a couple of those questions can be answered by reading Calico’s latest post, “Finally, I Have Some Understanding of the Male Orgasm! (In Rats.)”

– Calico Rudasill, Pon For Women and Couples

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Ah, the deep, abiding mystery of the male orgasm! 

I don’t mean, of course, the mystery of what the male orgasm looks like, because the collected works of most adult filmmakers over the history of the adult entertainment industry stands have documented approximately 837 trillion instances of men ejaculating. (Side note: I was going to say “ejaculating on camera” there, but if one were to take that phrase literally, there’s probably only several million instances of men directly besmirching cameras with their spunk.)

I’m talking about the less visible chemical and biological roots of the male orgasm – in other words, the “why” (or “why not”) and “how” of men cumming, rather than the “on and/or in whom?” question.

And of course, I already have to stop myself in the interest of scientific accuracy, because as is helpfully noted in one of the links above, “men can ejaculate without having an orgasm and vice versa.”

Fact: Oxytocin and Oxycontin Are Not the Same Thing

The information available at those links above is all very interesting, but it’s not really strange or sordid enough for my taste. After all, what fun is it to read about the mechanics of the male orgasm if we’re not squirming in our chairs as we do so?

Thankfully, I have stumbled across a very interesting article that explores the role of a hormone called oxytocin in sex – one that very efficiently gives me something to squirm about.

Now, if you’re like me, your brain initially read this headline as being about oxycontin, rather than oxytocin. Just to be clear, while oxytocin is a hormone, oxycontin is an opiod medication that some have called a “commercial triumph (but a) public health tragedy.”

Anyway, back to oxytocin, male orgasms and… rats?

“What Did I Major in at Okayama U? The Science of Rats Spunk, Of Course!”

“The functional mechanism of oxytocin in male sexual function and behavior is not clearly understood, but there is some evidence supporting the role of oxytocin-specific nerve cells or neurons in the brain that project to the lower spinal cord and control penile erection and ejaculation in male rats,” reports a post on (I mean, where else would one expect to find an article about rat orgasms, right? Clearly, this rat orgasm subject is some high tech stuff!)

“Now, in a brand new study published in Current Biology, a group of researchers led by Professor Hirotaka Sakamoto from Okayama University, Japan, has explored this potential role of oxytocin and the underlying mechanisms in modulating male sexual function using rats as a model system.”

It may not be clear to anyone reading this why paragraphs like those above would make my skin crawl, so let me explain. I have a terrible, self-destructive habit of mentally creating narratives and scenes related to what I read, as I go along. So, as soon I read about researchers from Okayama University, orgasms and rats, my brain fills in the gaps with a mental picture of Japanese men in lab coats giving hand jobs to rats.

To be clear, I’m fairly certain this research did NOT involve scientists manually stimulating rodents to ejaculate – but just trying telling my brain that! My brain simply doesn’t want to hear facts, reason, or logical explanation right now. Honestly, this far in to my protracted sheltering in place, I think my brain has just gone rogue and is now cooking up one freaky mental picture after another as a form of nonviolent protest to the stimuli I’ve been feeding it.

Step Away from the Internet, Calico

Unfortunately, from the rat’s point of view, in light of what DID happen as this research was being conducted, I’m quite certain they would have preferred the hand jobs.

“To assess the role of oxytocin in copulatory and ejaculatory responses, the team injected oxytocin into the spine of male rats.”

See? I keep telling people lab researchers are the most sinister motherfuckers this side of Voldemort, but nobody listens. (Granted, ‘they’ mostly don’t listen because ‘they’ aren’t there, or more frequently because ‘they’ are my husband, but that goddam toaster oven of ours could at least offer some positive reinforcement every once in a while.)

“Oxytocin caused an increased sexual activity and neuronal activity in injected animals. More specifically, oxytocin was found to directly activate SEG/GRP neurons via oxytocin receptors, which detect oxytocin, and influence male sexual function in the rat lumbar spinal cord. Using an oxytocin receptor antagonist, which reduces the activity of oxytocin receptors, resulted in a latency and decrease in number of sexual activity and ejaculatory responses in majority of the animals, confirming the importance of oxytocin.”

Admittedly, I’m not 100% sure what any of that means, other than it’s now quite clear to me that to offset any pleasure they might have inadvertently caused these poor rats to have via all their poking and prodding, the researchers then used some manner of “antagonist” to assure the rats stopped taking any pleasure from the process.

Did I start out this post by saying I had finally come to some understanding of the male orgasm? If so, that was a mistake – because to the extent I’ve come to understand anything at all, it’s that I really need to spend the rest of the day reading about something other than ejaculating rats.

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