Fake News – Mia And Gilbert; Feuding, Or Promoting?

In her newest post, Calico looks at two very different stories involving former porn performer Mia Khalifa and former NBA star Gilbert Arenas — one which chronicles a social media spat between the two celebs, the other which claims they’re about to start a new gig as co-hosts of a sports-talk show.

So, was the Twitter/Instagram dustup all a publicity-generating ruse? Was it legit, but turned out to be the start of a beautiful friendship? If there is to be such a talk show, how long until Gilbert brings a firearm (or firework) to the job? Is the whole thing a hoax, trolling us all? If a tweet falls in the forest but nobody is following the sender, does it still wind up being referenced on Instagram?
Mia Khalifa Fake News
Read all about it in the Calico’s latest piece, “Mia And Gilbert; Feuding, Or Promoting?”  Read on…

by Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com Porn For Women

Before I begin, I promise this is going to be my last post about former porn performer Mia Khalifa… for a while, at least.

I wouldn’t have bothered with this post about Khalifa, frankly, except this one ropes in former NBA star Gilbert Arenas, who also played for my alma mater, the (recently implicated in an FBI fraud investigation) University of Arizona.

For some dumb reason, I pay a modicum of attention to the comings, goings, rantings, ravings and bizarre criminal incidents involving former UA players – and in these areas, it’s safe to say Arenas has provided more odd news fodder than most of his former Wildcat peers.

What I can’t figure out about the Khalifa/Arenas situation, though, is whether these two are at social media-odds with another, or just engaging in some controversy-driven promotion of an upcoming sports-talk show.

Some Fake News Is More Fake Than Other Fake News

A few days before I saw the news about the sports-talk show Khalifa and Arenas reportedly are going to co-host, I read a piece saying Arenas had given Khalifa “a taste of her own medicine” by posting screenshots of her “sliding into his DMs” – a term I’m fairly confident doesn’t refer to base-running, but I can’t be sure, because I’m a clueless middle-aged person who isn’t up on the latest lingo the kids are using these days.

Anyway, as the story goes, Arenas posted this screenshot to Instagram, along with a message I’m sure makes sense to a lot of other people, but goes right over my old-school-curler-adorned head.

“@miakhalifa would slide in my dm #fortheD (some sort of emoticon that looks vaguely demonic),” Arenas wrote. “The thirst is real since backpage is gone (same vaguely demonic emoticon). This #Bihhh has no room for negotiations with me. $150 or you better slide into #nelly dm for that raw dick behind a #walmart (frowny, possibly enraged emoticon).”

If I’m interpreting this correctly, which I assume I am not, Arenas hereby offered to have sex with Khalifa and/or Nelly for $150 – provided the encounter takes place behind a Walmart.

Responding (presumably) on a different social media platform, Khalifa took to twitter to deliver her retort: “Is Gilbert Arenas even relevant anymore?

It all seemed like a simple (and dumb) enough celebrity feud at that point, a brief exchange of social media salvos which would soon be forgotten. But then…

Might Some Real News Be Fake News, Or Vice Versa?

I wouldn’t have given the back and forth between Arenas and Khalifa a second thought, had it not been for the Daily Mirror’s reporting just over a week after Khalifa apparently sent the messages Arenas screencapped.

“Former porn star Mia Khalifa – once ranked the number one performer on Pornhub worldwide – is set to host a new sports talk show,” the Mirror reported. “It’s been announced that she will be teaming up with former NBA star Gilbert Arenas for a new daily program on Complex magazine’s YouTube channel.”

There’s a lot to unpack there, including the fact it wasn’t that long ago, in the grand scheme of things, that the phrase “new daily program on Complex magazine’s YouTube channel” would have made even less sense than it does now.

So, assuming the Mirror’s report is accurate, my question is whether this show was in works before the social media spat occurred, or did someone at Complex see the articles about Arenas putting Khalifa “on blast” as the kids say (Maybe; or have the kids stopped saying this already?) and think to her or himself: Wow, what amazing chemistry! We should give them a sports-talk show; it would be just like Mike and the Mad Dog, only less coherent!

Personally, I’m skeptical about the reported collaboration. I think the truth is Khalifa is going to get her own show, and she tossed out the idea of Arenas co-hosting to troll the Mirror and the public. I could be wrong, but I won’t be shocked if this turns out to be the case.

What Crazy Stunts May Come?

If the reports of the Arenas and Khalifa doing a show together are accurate, it may prove more entertaining than most sports-talk shows, if only because it could go WAY off the rails at any minute. You never know if Arenas might throw a million-dollar birthday party for himself on the set, or show up for work with a trunk full of illicit fireworks.

While Khalifa is probably less likely to bring anything explosive to the studio, she has a well-established history of drawing athletes into her orbit, so presumably she’ll be instrumental in booking guests from the sports world, even if some of them are likely to be – as she recently suggested her prospective co-host is – quite “irrelevant.”

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