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Have you ever wondered why music makes sex more enjoyable? To some, it’s the fact that music muffles loud sex noises and heavy breathing, which helps people relax and let go. To others, it’s the fact that music increases pleasure by triggering dopamine production in the brain. Every aspect of courtship, from local dating and meeting strangers at a bar to getting it on in the bedroom is made more pleasurable if done to the sound of your favorite music.

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Consequently, the wrong tunes can kill the mood so before you make a sex playlist, read on to see which music genre to include and which to avoid at all cost.  Read on…

Your Favorite Genre and Sex Appeal

Remember your teenage years when taste in music was one of the first things you wanted to know about your crush? And if they gave the wrong answer, did you stop being attracted to them? In case you did, you were not the only one, and this goes for any age, only it’s the most prominent in high school because everybody has a favorite band or singer then, which may not be the case in later years.

Researcher show that the type of music people like can influence how attractive they seem to others. For instance, country music is one of the least popular when it comes to attraction, and being a fan of country tunes reduces the sex appeal of both sexes. No Garth Brooks in the bedroom, please! On the other hand, women find fans of heavy metal music quite attractive, while men don’t fancy gals who’re metalheads. Interestingly, classical music has the opposite effect. Men are attracted to women who like classical music, while women are not attracted to men who prefer this genre. Finally, men go crazy for women who like the same music as they do, whereas women don’t care if a man they’re attracted to like the same tunes.

Your Brain and Pleasure

Music, especially randomness in music, has been shown to increase the production of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure, such as eating or sex. It’s not surprising then that a study conducted by Spotify revealed that music playing in the background was 40% more likely to lead to sexual arousal in participants than their partners’ touch. In an unrelated study, researchers found that if participants were listening to music they enjoyed, their dopamine levels were up to 9 percent higher.

Also, it seems lots of women out there know, consciously or not, that music increases IQ points and overall intellectual ability, which is why psychologists believe women are attracted to musicians. In a study published in Psychology and Music, researchers found that women were more like to give their phone numbers to an attractive man carrying a guitar case than if that same man was empty-handed.

In another study, researchers set up two different profiles where one featured a man holding a guitar, and another one had a photo of that same man without the guitar. After sending the message: “Hey, what’s up? I like your photo” to 100 single women, 28 percent of them responded positively to the profile that had a picture of a man holding a guitar, while only 10 percent responded positively to the profile without it. In addition to being associated with higher intellectual ability, music is also fun and playful, which is another reason why women respond positively to it.

Although your guitar is the ultimate chick magnet and it can do wonders for you to help you get a girl to your place, not all tunes featuring guitars are made equal. For maximum effect, stick to “All of Me” by John Legend or “Not a Bad Thing” by Justin Timberlake, and leave “I Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash or “Blue Ain’t Your Color” by Keith Urban for the rodeo.

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