Puff-Puff-Pass… Me A Condom?

Puff-Puff-Pass… Me A Condom? Evidently, there’s some recent research which suggests people who smoke cannabis have a stronger sex drive and/or enjoy having sex more than people who don’t smoke weed. Calico is open to the possibility this is true, but will likely never find out for herself, because that’s certainly not how she remembers stoned sex being many years back when she occasionally indulged in it.

couple smoking pot

As Calico remembers it, stoned sex involved more confusion and distractedness than orgasms. She does remember a number of guys back in college who seemed to think she should be eager to first put a bong in her mouth, then later replace that smoking apparatus with their penises. Granted, this was only slightly less appealing than what he nerdier male friends wanted to do, which was get stoned and play video games. Either way, she was stuck playing with some dude’s joystick, but the latter at least didn’t literally leave a bad taste in her mouth.

So, given that background, what does Calico ultimately make of this recent research connecting cannabis and strong sex drives? Find out in her latest post, “Puff-Puff-Pass… Me A Condom?”

by Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com Porn For Women

It has been a long, long time since I had sex while stoned.

I didn’t quit smoking out of concern for my health, or because I thought it was morally or ethically wrong to smoke pot – weed and my brain just suddenly stopped getting along, sometime in my early 30s.

What had for years been a very pleasant experience of puffing away on a joint began triggering anxiety attacks in me, out of the blue. I’m sure there’s an explanation and maybe if I were really attached to the idea of smoking again, some doctor could figure out my issue and get me back on the path to enjoyably baked.

I just don’t miss getting stoned that much, however – and if I’m ever truly desperate to experience it again, I think all I’d have to do is go to my sister’s house, walk into my nephew’s bedroom and inhale deeply.

The reason I’m thinking about stoned sex today is I ran across an article which asked: “Does weed boost your libido?” More accurately, as it’s an item in The Daily Mail, that should read “Does WEED boost your libido?” – because when the British tabloid press wants to sensationalize something, BOLD ALL CAPS is how they roll.

Joan Rivers Takes A Hit From A Bong
Joan Rivers Takes A Hit From A Bong!!!!

Your Results May Vary…

“A November 2017 study from Stanford University found that both women and men who smoked pot daily were more likely to have sex more frequently than those who didn’t use the drug,” the Daily Mail reports.

Since correlation is not the same thing as causation, I’m guessing that Stanford study was filled with caveats noting it’s possible there’s simply a big crossover between sexually active people and people who smoke marijuana, not something about marijuana which is making people enjoy sex more.

The two sex experts interview for the Daily Mail piece suggested as much, while pointing out that even for people who like both getting high and getting it on, there are potential pitfalls in mixing the two.

“They both note that not everyone will experience the same reaction when using marijuana,” the article continues. “Some marijuana strains can induce sleep or increase anxiety, neither of which leave you able to enjoy a sexual encounter.”

Wait, you’re suggesting being unconscious or stressed to the gills isn’t a recipe for having great sex? I guess in addition to a penchant for the caps-lock, the Daily Mail has something of a contrary gift for understatement, too. Who knew?

Different Strokes For Different Stoned Folks

Truth be told, I was never a big fan of stoned sex, in part because my mind really wanders when I’m high – and for me, a wandering mind during sex is a recipe for communicating all the wrong things to my partner, like complacency, distractedness or boredom.

When I was good and baked, I liked doing stuff which required absolutely no input or participation on my part, like listening to music, watching TV shows which didn’t require thought and going to the first and third Thursday-morning sessions of Astronomy 301 each month.

Why only the first and third Thursday sessions of Astronomy 301? Those were the days we’d screen the latest images from the Hubble space telescope, a project of which our professor was a big part.

At the time, male friends of mine with whom I wasn’t occasionally having sex would lobby me to get stoned with them and then play video games. Meanwhile, the ones with whom I was occasionally having sex would lobby me to – get ready for a big shock here – get stoned with them and then suck their cocks.

In addition to not liking the flavor mix of earthy bong resin and the peculiar bitterness of college-dude-dick, there’s nothing worse than having your mind drift off in the middle of performing oral sex. You know how it goes: One minute you’re vigorously sucking away, the next you’re holding some guy’s knob like a pencil and trying to write a grocery list with it.

I suppose there’s probably some pothead guy out there for whom having his dick wielded like a writing implement is a major turn-on, but the one I live with doesn’t happen to be one of them. Plus, back when we did smoke weed together, he was even less focused a stoner than I was. When we’d try to have sex stoned, he’d disappear into the other room to fetch a condom and come back with a giant bag of Cheetos.

Don’t get me wrong: I like Cheetos – just not as a lubricant.

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