The Other Third of Pot Smokers Were Too Busy Eating Cheetos To Have Sex

Among pot smokers, it has long been believed that smoking weed before having sex enhances the experience. Calico, a former weed-smoker herself, has long believed this was just a line her pothead would-be lovers were feeding her in the hopes she’d want to confirm the theory with their help.

As it turns out though, there’s some scientific research which supports the notion that pot enhances sex. How solid is this research, Calico wonders? Did the people taking the surveys really put thought into their responses, or were they so stoned they were daydreaming about snacks when they responded.

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Calico also wonders if the data is open to more than one interpretation — some of which may argue even more strongly in favor of pre-sex cannabis use, some which may cut the other direction. And as always, the more she reads, the more Calico comes up with questions. What else can she do when she hears two-thirds of women say cannabis use enhances sex? Find out by reading Calico’s latest post, “The Other Third Were Too Busy Eating Cheetos To Have Sex”

by Calico Rudasill, Porn For Women and Couples

Ever since I reached the age of consent, I’ve been hearing from dudes I know that smoking pot prior to having sex enhances the experience. As it turns out, what I once assumed was just a stoner-friendly belief (not to mention a stoner-friendly pickup line) is backed up by science – at least according to one (presumably totally baked) guy who writes for Psychology Today.

Ladies Dig The Weedstuff

In addition to its clear potential to transform our understanding of the Civil War, it appears a significant percentage of people do feel smoking weed enhances sex.

In one study conducted by St. Louis University, 29% of the women surveyed reported having used cannabis “shortly prior to partner sex,” as the Psychology Today article puts it. Of those women, 68% said using cannabis made sex “more pleasurable,” while 16% said it “ruined” sex for them and another 16% expressed no opinion.

My take on this data is more nuanced, perhaps, than the researchers. For example, having smoked a fair amount of weed myself when I was younger, my hunch is the 16% who expressed no opinion were the highest of the lot.

In other words, instead of carefully regarding the question they’d been asked, I’d bet my bottom dollar these women just smiled and stared back at the researchers, possibly while wondering if they still had any ice cream sandwiches left in the freezer back home.

As for the 16% who said smoking weed ruined sex for them, I’d be interested to hear if they’re of the same opinion where cannabis use before listening to music is concerned. If so, this would contradict my theory about the ongoing popularity of the Grateful Dead, which I have always attributed to their fans simply being too high to realize Jerry Garcia died in 1995, and without realizing it, they’ve been listening to a Trey Anastasio guitar solo ever since.

Were the Researchers High, Too?

The same researchers who asked women about smoking pot during their annual gynecology check-ups later surveyed a larger group, of which a slightly larger proportion (33%) said they’d used cannabis prior to having sex.

“Among users, 3 percent called the herb sex-killing, 65 percent deemed it enhancing, 23 percent said it made no difference, and 9 percent expressed no opinion,” the article describing the study states.

Is it just me, or does saying cannabis made no difference and having no opinion about it basically the same thing? If it’s not the same thing, then why weren’t there people who said it made “no difference” in response to the first survey, in addition to those who had “no opinion”?

I have a theory to explain that, too: The researchers, perhaps in their zeal to truly understand the subject of their inquiry, decided to do a simultaneous side-study into whether smoking cannabis enhances the pleasure of writing survey questions. Then, somewhere along the line, the lead researcher essentially transformed into Jeff Spicoli and forgot to include the “no difference” option on the survey form.

Never Infer, Because When You Infer… Umm, I Make an F Out of… Never Mind

Further undermining my faith in all this weed/sex enhancement research is a detail concerning the third study referred to in the Psychology Today article.

“Stanford researchers conducted the largest study to date,” the article reports. “They extracted information about sex and marijuana from three installments of the large, ongoing National Survey of Family Growth…. their total data set included 28,176 women and 22,943 men, average age 30, who formed a reasonably representative sample of the U.S. population. Compared with cannabis abstainers, men who used it weekly reported 22 percent more sex, women 34 percent more. Among those who used marijuana more than weekly, sexual frequency increased even more.”

OK, that’s all great – but where does it say whether smoking the chronic led to better sex?

“This study did not ask if participants found cannabis sex-enhancing, but to an extent, that can be inferred.”

Seriously, Psychology Today? A data point not included in the research at all can be inferred by assuming an association between that data point and the information which was collected?

This is so intellectually lazy, there’s only one conclusion we can draw from it: Not only was the author of the article stoned out of his mind when he wrote it, he’s having weed-enhanced sex as we speak!

I mean, sure, I don’t have any “proof” to back up that claim, but I think it can be inferred – at least to an extent…

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