Sex Humor – Do I Have To Do The Racing Part?

For some reason, a lot of people seem to think having sex around the time you’re going to compete in a racing or athletic event will sap your strength, or distract you from the competitive task at hand. This is why you see some coaches banning their players from having sex during the World Cup, or runners abstaining from sex the night before a race.

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New research suggests we don’t have to be worried about sex sapping our strength before competing, which is great news for all those sex-starved runners and soccer players out there — and their partners.

Still, Calico has questions about this research – the most important one being right there in the title of her latest post: “Do I Have To Do The Racing Part?”

– Calico Rudasill, Porn For Women

Every time the World Cup rolls around, you see articles about some national team coach putting his foot down and telling his players “No having sex during the tournament!

Although I can appreciate why a coach doesn’t want his players to be distracted during competition, this sort of sex ban still seems unnecessary, even cruel.

I mean, just look at poor Mesut Özil – doesn’t he look stressed-out enough as it is? Do we really need to prohibit him from having sex while he’s shouldering the pressure of trying to defend Germany’s world championship?

Not Tonight, I Have A Headache Marathon

For some coaches, trainers and overly-involved parents who just can’t let their adult children live, pre-competition bans on sex aren’t just about keeping athletes focused. Some of them believe sex saps the strength and/or stamina of competitors, like a performance-depressing drug, so to speak.

Among some competitive male runners, for example, there has long been a notion that having sex the night before a race will weaken, or encourage cramping in, their legs during competition the following day.

According to research recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (a journal which, despite its title, has nothing to do with Marvin Gaye) however, “engaging in sexual intercourse on the night before exercise is not detrimental to muscular strength in active men.”

This research doesn’t do much for me, for several reasons. First and foremost, I’m not a man, much less an “active” one. Second, if there every comes a night when I have a race to run the following day, we’ll all know I’ve fallen into one of those Freaky Friday body-swap situations involving my friend Rachel, who (a) runs competitively and (b) has made sure the rest of us know she runs competitively by never shutting about that fact.

So, I Should Have Sex, Eat More, Drink Booze AND Smoke Before A Marathon? Sounds Legit

While the journal which isn’t published the estate of Marvin Gaye (but should be) didn’t see it fit to figure out whether pre-race sex is detrimental to female competitors, other research has probed this question.

The good news from this survey of both male and female marathoners is the data suggests their “sexual activity was not related to their relative running performance.”

The bad news, I think the people who took this survey may have been full of shit.

“Those who slept more and took in more calories, compared to the amount they slept and the calories they consumed in previous events, performed better in this marathon, compared to their performance in previous events,” the researchers reported. “Alcoholic drinking and cigarette smoking were not related to self-reported running success.”

So, you’re telling me the people who slept and ate more did better, while there was no relationship between drinking and smoking and running success, for better or worse? I guess this explains why I’m always meeting chain-smoking drunks with big, numbered paper squares stuck to their chests, wearing Addidas Ultra Boosts.

Even knowing I can eat plenty, smoke, drink and fuck the night before a marathon (so long as I get enough sleep, that is), I’m still not feeling the urge to take up running as a hobby, much less as a serious thing.

Frankly, so long as getting drunk, screwing, smoking a joint and sleeping in then NOT running a marathon is an option, getting me out of bed to trudge along the highway for 26 miles while hungover is going to be a mighty tough sell.

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