You Even Check Your Phone WHEN?

Nothing makes Calico feel old faster than hanging around with her nieces — especially when they won’t put down their phone during dinner, leaving her no choice but to try to make conversation with chairs and utensils, or even worse, other adults.

Still, even though she’s becoming more accustomed to the constant mobile device use by those around her, there are still things which blow Calico’s mind. Take the new survey from Sure Call for instance, which among other things reports that 22 percent of users check their phones while in the shower.

cell phone shower

In-shower phone use isn’t the strangest or most inappropriate time and place in which people admit to checking their phones, however — not by a long shot. What is? Find out in Calico’s latest post, “You Even Check Your Phone WHEN?”

by Calico Rudasill, Porn For Women

The other night, I was having dinner with my older sister and her two kids, one of whom just finished high school a few weeks ago, the other about to start her junior year of college. Repeatedly throughout the meal, one of us older folks would address a question to one of the girls, to which the initial response was, invariably, “Huh?”

They didn’t say this because they didn’t understand the question conceptually; they said it because they never once set their phones down long enough to participate fully in the conversation. Several times they were gently admonished to put their phones away – which they would, until it chimed again, which seem to occur roughly every 14 seconds.

Checking Your Phone During Dinner Is One Thing, But….

The notion that millennials are overly attached to their phones is hardly a revelation, of course, but as someone who grew up in an era when phones were largely something permanently attached to the wall by a cord, it’s still jarring to observe.

To be fair to the younger set, this living-in-my-phone thing isn’t unique to them. According to the analytics firm Flurry, as of last year American adults were spending five hours per day on their mobile devices on average.

Even knowing this, I still can’t get my head around a (survey-derived) statistic I ran across today: 10% of users admit to having checked their phone during sex.

Seriously, people? During sex?

cell phone checking during sex

All I can say is these people are having not-so-good sex and/or have very forgiving partners. Or maybe their partners are checking their phones, too? Is it possible to keep sex going when nobody involved is primarily concerned with the sex they’re having?

Maybe I should ask my nieces that last question, because according to the same survey – surprise! – younger folks are more likely to check their phones during sex than are their elders. In fact, younger folks were more likely to check their phones while on the toilet and while in the shower, as well.

Look, I know you kids out there don’t want advice from an OLD like me, but please consider the following tip: At least abstain from checking your phone while having sex in the shower.

Oh, and just don’t have sex on the toilet, full-stop, because gross.

Yes, It’s Possible: You CAN Exist Without A Phone In Your Hand At All Times

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an expert at worrying about things which aren’t worth worrying about – like the chance I’ll accidentally brew a new and very hostile life form in my kitchen sponges if I use them for more than a few days before disposing of them.

One thing I don’t worry about, though, is being separated from my phone. In fact, I try to make sure that happens for at least an hour or two, every day.

Among the people who took the Sure Call survey, however, “27 percent of those surveyed admit to some level of fear/anxiety when they are caught without their phones.”

Granted, “some level of fear/anxiety” is a vague statement, so I don’t know if this is fear in the sense of “Oh gosh, I fear I may have forgotten to turn of the TV before I left home today!” or fear in the sense of “Some axe wielding maniac is going to show up at my door and behead me any moment, I can just feel it!”

Either way, it’s amazing to think a technology which wasn’t even available when I was my nieces’ age has become so indispensable to people in the interim. It makes me wonder what emerging technology just hitting the market now will be something the next generation simply can’t do without.

Hmm. Come to think of it, here’s hoping the indispensable device of the future is not this thing, or we’ll fucking never finish dinner.

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