If You Outlaw Robot Sex, Only Outlaws Will Have Robot Sex

If You Outlaw Robot Sex, Only Outlaws Will Have Robot Sex.

Next to Harrison Ford, there’s probably nothing Calico would rather see in a sci-fi movie than a cool robot, high tech android, or self-aware cyborg. From friendly droids to futuristic murder bots with thick Austrian accents, Calico just loves her some robot.

fembots robot sex

Calico also looks forward to the day when sexbots reach the point where she’ll truly be attracted to one — perhaps even one modeled after the aforementioned Harrison Ford? After all, she has already secured an agreement from her husband that he won’t be jealous, childish or cruelly mocking if she happens to someday hook up with a sexbot — so long as he’s allowed to similarly explore the world of erotobots, of course.

There are those who don’t think people should have the option of having sex with robots, though. They think the idea is inherently unethical, or sinful, or just not ladylike, or whatever their complaint may be. And while Calico can see an argument for certain parameters and limitations… well, she’s really grown fond of this robo-Ford fucking fantasy, goddammit.

Will we limit what robots can do — and what humans can do to robots — in fear of negative social consequences? Should we trust Elon Musk to make robots for us, even if just to do “boring” tasks? Why the hell would a robot want to run a 5k anyway? Read all about it in Calico’s new post “If You Outlaw Robot Sex, Only Outlaws Will Have Robot Sex”

– Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com high tech adult movies.

Read on…

As someone who was once a sci-fi obsessed teenager, I’ve done more than my fair share of thinking, speculating, fantasizing and fretting about robots, androids and cyborgs over the years.

Perhaps fueled by some of the less prescient sci-fi authors I read back then, I developed unrealistic expectations for how quickly robotic technology would progress. I mean, it’s 2021 – why am I still doing my own laundry?

Arguably, Running a 5k is a Boring, Repetitive Task

It does seem like we’re making serious advancements in robo-tech lately though, as there has been all kinds of robot-related news pinging across my feed. I’m talking about robotic nurses, who knows, maybe cute, but possibly super-creepy Disney-bots, and a planned “general purpose” Tesla-bot that will do “repetitive and boring tasks,” according to Elon Musk.

Speaking of boring, repetitive tasks, an existing robot has already run a 5k race – although, truth be told, it sounds like the robot didn’t run the 5k race particularly well.

“During the 5K, Cassie’s total time of 53 minutes, 3 seconds included about 6 1/2 minutes of resets following two falls,” reports the Oregon State University Newsroom, “one because of an overheated computer, the other because the robot was asked to execute a turn at too high a speed.”

I can relate to the problem of taking a turn at too high a speed – that happens to me on my way from the living room to the kitchen all the time. Also, on the bright side, I haven’t seen any reports indicating Cassie failed either the pre- or post-race drug test.

robot sexy fembots

The Road to Skynet Hell is Paved with Good Sexbot Intentions

As they pass from fiction into reality and become poised to make an actual impact on our world, naturally there’s a lot of talk about ethics, morality, safety and risk around robotics, as well. We’ve all seen The Terminator, after all – we know that machines can’t be trusted.

Ok granted, the reason that machines can’t be trusted is mostly to do with the fact that machines are created by people and people certainly can’t be trusted – which is why we need good people to step up and protect us from machines made by bad people. Or maybe we need good machines made by bad people to step up and – whoa, careful there, Cassie: Take that step too fast and you might fall over and need to be rebooted!

Where was I? Oh, yeah: We need good people to step up and protect bad people from machines made by other machines. Or something. It’s all a little confusing.

There Oughta Be a Law…

The important thing is, we have legislators and assorted other buzzkills out there, thinking hard about the dire need for governments to regulate robot sex, by which I mean passing laws under which bad people would be punished for doing naughty things to good robots.

“Critics argue sex robots objectify women and increase the risk of sexual violence by desensitizing people to the way they treat living beings,” writes Flinders University on Phys.org. “On the other hand, advocates claim benefits of sex robots can include empowering older Australians and people with disabilities, addressing sexual related anxiety, treating dysfunctions, promoting safe sex and creating a safe place for people who feel insecure about their sexual orientation.”

Look, reasonable people can disagree whether there’s good call for outlawing certain kinds of sex robot, or maybe outlawing sex acts with robots not designed for sex, or any number of other potential, limited restrictions. But as a woman who has been looking forward to someday cashing in on her husband’s promise to buy her a sex robot once a desirable model comes along, I think it should be perfectly legal for a woman of (relatively) sound mind to own, keep, use, upgrade and vigorously mount any sex robot she damn well pleases.

In other words, you can have my theoretical, not-yet-available sexbot when you pry it from my cold, dead… 

Hmm. You know what? I think I’ll just leave it at that.

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