Vocabulary-Enhancement Tip: Do A Google News Search For 'Sex'

As part of her frequent writing about sex, Calico often uses Google news searches to find potential subjects for her posts. Every so often, she learns something non-sexual in the process, whether it’s about legal issues related to sex, scientific research involving sex, or alleged alien abductions centered around extraterrestrial scientific research and/or laws involving sex.

In her latest Google-news-driven quest for sexual topics, Calico learned something quite unexpected: A new-to-her alternative term for “cannabis.” Now, appropriately enough considering one of the known side effects of marijuana, Calico’s problem is she can’t remember why she searched Google’s news feed for ‘sex’ in the first place. She’s pretty certain it wasn’t to learn that Tina Turner used to worry about her wigs during sex, but she can’t rule out the possibility it was related to the sex life of Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova.

What was the word Calico learned? Will she ever remember why she searched the news for sex-related stories in the first place? Do the Philadelphia Eagles really need to “fast” from having sex to get their season back on track? Find out the answers to some of these questions, maybe, in Calico’s latest post: Vocabulary Enhancement Tip: Search Google News For ‘Sex’


by Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com Porn For Women

While I often write confidently enough about far-flung topics to suggest otherwise, in truth there are very few subjects on which I consider myself to be very well-informed.

For example, while I once studied astronomy in college, the only thing I know about the Hayabusa2 rover is that it’s operated by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency – something at which I’m betting  lot of reasonably bright people might be able to guess, given only the rover’s name to work with.

As it turns out, it doesn’t take much to shatter my illusions of being well-educated on any given subject. In fact, all it really takes is a single Google news search for a term I frequently query.

Wait – Have People Been Fucking Their Ganja?

One area of life on which I thought I was very well-informed, until recently, is the admittedly narrow field of alternative terms for the word “cannabis.” Granted, part of the reason I believed this to be the case stemmed from watching key interviews conducted by Ali G – but you must admit, his pot euphemisms list was impressive in its scope.

Oddly enough, the Google news search which has disabused me of the idea I have a nearly-comprehensive command of alternative terms for cannabis had nothing to do with getting high – or making rope, or extracting oils, or cooking, or any of hundreds of other things one can do (or make) with cannabis, or hemp, which makes the plants so useful.

So what term did I search Google news for? Why, it was “sex,” of course.

The reason why the article I found through that search showed up in the search results is clear enough: The headline references the publication The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

And why was the JSM referenced in an article which also introduced me to a new term for cannabis, you might reasonably ask? It showed up because the article was about a study published in the JSM entitled “The Relationship Between Marijuana Use Prior to Sex and Sexual Function in Women.”

At this point, you might assume the unfamiliar term I stumbled across was some manner of medical term of art, or the name of an obscure chemical associated with weed.

Nope. The word I encountered was “dagga.”

And Here I Assumed it Was an Alternative Spelling for a Type of Knife

“Dagga makes sex feel better for women (The Journal of Sexual Medicine),” reads the headline in question.

At first glance, I thought this might be a phonetic spelling of “dagger,” albeit one rendered based on hearing someone from Australia, or perhaps Boston, saying the word. The context of the word quickly ruled out that possibility, of course; I suspect even the most sexually adventurous among us wouldn’t find that a dagger causes sex to “feel better.”

Thankfully, my confusion was quickly alleviated by the same conduit which introduced it. Googling the term dagga revealed that it’s a South African term for cannabis.

The search also returned some interesting facts about canna – sorry, I mean about dagga – in South Africa that I never would have known, but for my accidental foray down South African Slang Road. For instance, I had no idea that South Africa’s Constitutional Court recently ruled “that the cultivation and use of marijuana, or dagga as it is locally known, is legal if it is for personal use and if used in private.” And I certainly didn’t know that, despite the court’s ruling, people can’t be sure whether they can be arrested for smoking dagga in their homes, because in South Africa there is no legal definition of “in private.”

Now, If I Can Just Remember Why I Did This Search In The First Place…

Once I’d solved the dagga mystery, all I needed to do was figure out why I’d conducted a Google news search for ‘sex’ in the first place.

Was I looking for something specific, like whether Tina Turner worried about her wigs during sex? Was I wondering how often Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova are having sex since having twins? For that matter, did I even know Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova were a couple?

Oh, that’s right: I write about sex, a lot, and I try to keep my posts topical when possible. Clearly, searching Google news for ‘sex’ is one way to stay current on the topic – and a way to expand my cannabis-related vocabulary, evidently.

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