Tik Tok Sex Advice: Maybe He Should Stick to Legislating – Or Maybe Not

Tik Tok  Sex Advice: Maybe He Should Stick to Legislating – Or Maybe Not

There’s nothing new about politicians and elected officials being hypocrites. In some ways, hypocrisy just comes with the territory in politics — especially when it comes to faux outrage and pathetic pearl-clutching surrounding issues of sex and sexuality.

Plus, as more than a few standup comedians have pointed out over the years, any time you hear a public figure say something particularly judgmental or scornful about sexual immorality, or “deviant” behavior, it’s a decent bet that they’re into that very thing. (Remember Jimmy Swaggart and Ted Haggard, anyone?)

Calico draws the line at thinking politicians ought to be forced to resign their positions just for saying crude or sexist things, as she feels that if enough voters want the guy out (and let’s face it, it’s almost always a guy) that’s what elections are made for.

On the other hand, if an elected official appears to be better at something like doling out advice on oral sex techniques than writing legislation, maybe a career change IS in order — not to punish them, but just to make the most of their talents and skills.

Which politician has verbally stepped in it now? Did he also have sex with an escort while high on meth and then lie about it? Is TikTok really a good forum on which to offer oral sex advice? Read all about it in Calico’s latest post, “Maybe He Should Stick to Legislating — Or Maybe Not.” 

– Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com Unique Adult film Entertainment

Joe Jeffries sexually explicit tik tok
WV Representative Joe Jeffries

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For a field in which people are often predisposed to be cautious with their words, politics is a realm rife with sexist remarks about and/or direct at women.

Sometimes the sexist remarks come from Icelandic politicians being secretly recorded, other times it’s a Turkish president speaking when he knows damn well he’s being recorded and uses that opportunity say something brilliant like: “A woman who refuses maternity and gives up housekeeping faces the threats of losing her freedom. She is lacking and is a half [a person] no matter how successful she is in the business world.”

And sometimes, of course, it’s a big, loud orange idiot to whom, for some unfathomable reason, many people cannot stop paying attention (and if they’re even given the opportunity to stop paying attention to him on so much as single platform, he’ll sue.)

Wasn’t There Once a Game Show Called “TikTok Doh!”?

Other times, a politician’s comments aren’t sexist, exactly, but are sexual in a way deemed inappropriate or offensive, not just by the putative targets of his comments, but by many of his peers, as well. This manner of crude comment is particularly awkward when it comes from someone who is on the record opposing the idea of other people talking about sex – at least in an academic context.

These are precisely the circumstances currently surrounding Joe Jeffries, a Delegate in the West Virginia legislature. Jeffries, who has sponsored a bill “forbidding displays relating to sexuality in public school facilities and forbidding the teaching of sexuality in public schools,” evidently believes the proper context for discussions of sexual matters is TikTok.

Look at the Bright Side: His Fetish Could Have Involved Adult Diapers

Addressing what he views as the proper position for a woman to adopt when receiving oral sex, Jeffries strongly weighed in with a perspective that would likely be heartily endorsed by fans of the face-sitting/smothering genre of adult entertainment.

“So, here’s the thing ladies,” Jeffries began his comments, per West Virginia’s Metro News. “If he’s not pushing you up, gasping for air, then you are probably doing it wrong. You should be rubbing that thing all over his face, like hard. His nose should be shoving your clit so far back up inside of you that it just drives you wild. Sit, not hover, sit. Push down. All your weight. He’ll take care of the rest.”

Although I’m not much for grinding my genitals into my partner’s face, this certainly isn’t the worst sex-related advice I’ve ever heard from a politician. (That distinction belongs to the “squeeze an aspirin between your knees as contraception” crowd.)

Whatever one might think of Jeffries’ face-sitting pointers, I don’t agree with those who say he should resign because of his TikTok video comments – although I can sort of understand why the state senators at whom he allegedly yelled “How does the governor’s genitalia taste?” at the end of a conference meeting might feel differently.

I do think, however, if you’re going to go around telling people it ought to be against the law to teach sexuality in public schools, you should probably avoid speaking in graphic terms about oral sex on a platform that’s popular with teenagers. (Just sayin’.)

I’m tempted to say here that Jeffries should “stick to legislating,” but looking over the list of bills he has sponsored recently, in terms of his career prospects, I think he may indeed be better served by stepping down from his Delegate position and devoting all his time to being a TikTok influencer.

Or perhaps Jeffries would be happier serving as a brand ambassador for Brazil Smother?

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