Three Isn’t a Magic Number for Dating/Sex, Either

Three Isn’t a Magic Number for Dating/Sex, Either

Do you have a “lucky number”? Maybe even a set of five lucky numbers you call upon whenever the Lotto jackpot reaches 8-digit territory?

For the most part, Calico has never been a superstitious person. But in her younger years, she did think there was something special, even magical, about the number three. She even chose the number three as her number for the only sport she ever played in school! Sure, the other members of the debate team found it strange and many of them insisted debate isn’t a “sport,” but she has always suspected her teammates were just jealous of her spiffy #3 sash.

As she grew older, Calico began to date the magic of three, eventually deciding the only significance it had was the one she gave it. What she didn’t know, apparently, was that there’s some kind of “rule” that says people shouldn’t have sex until the third date — a rule she spent her college years repeatedly violating by approximately three dates.

Does anybody really think this is a rule? Who are these people? Does having a particularly attractive bartender serve you a drink count as a “date,” at least for the purpose of adding up how many dates you need to have with him before his shift ends? Who gets to decide these things and when exactly did we vote them into office? Read all about it in Calico’s latest post, “Three Isn’t a Magic Number for Dating/Sex, Either?”

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Growing up, I was certain there was something very magical about the number three. “Third time’s the charm,” people would tell me, or “knock three times for good luck.” 

It was a notion that continued to pop up for me through my early adulthood. “Don’t forget the Comedy Rule of Three,” a friend helping me develop a comedy sketch in my college days reminded me. I even ran across the idea of the idea when helping my parents plan a trip to China.

It’s not like I relied on the number three for anything important or planned my life around it – but I will admit that in an otherwise mostly superstition-free life, my belief in three as a lucky or magic number was about as close to religion as I’ve come (unless you count my near-zealot-levels of obsession with certain photographs of David Beckham, which I would prefer that you not do, quite honestly).

If We Don’t Wait for the Third Date, Which One of Us Turns into a Pumpkin?

The good news about three not being some sort of magic number is that this lack of enchantment also means the old ‘rule’ about waiting for the third date to have sex is something you can safely ignore – if indeed for some reason you were not already ignoring it.

“If you landed on this page, you probably asked Dr. Google ‘How long do I have to wait to have sex?’ after meeting someone who does to your loins what matches do to candles,” writes Gabrielle Kassel for 

She’s not far off; I landed on that page because of a Google news alert I have set up for the word “sex.” Even so, it’s hard for me to imagine Googling that question, because while I spent much of my life thinking three was a lucky number, it was never a lucky number that was going to stop me from getting lucky before I reached it in the date-count.

“There’s no hard and fast rule about when you should or can be having sex,” a sexologist named Caitlin V. told Kassel. 

By the way, I’m assuming here that V is the first letter of Caitlin’s last name, not the Roman numeral for five, because if it were the number five, I’d feel compelled to spin off into some discussion of numerology here – and not even an existing form of numerology to which at least some people adhere, like Christian numerology, but an amateur, ersatz, Calico-numerology in which nobody believes, not even me.

One Woman’s “Date” is Another Woman’s Maître D

Where were we? Oh yeah – the number of dates people are supposed to go on before they have sex.

The article continues by again using the phrase “hard and fast,” albeit in another context and because of this, I’m starting to feel like the author is giving us more insight into her own sexual preferences than she intended.

As sex therapist Jesse Kahn noted in their comments to Kassel, “There’s no universally accepted definition of a date.”

This is certainly true in my own experience, even though I’ve never subscribed to the no sex before the third date rule. For whatever reason, I did once believe that sex should not come before the first date, so I found ways to redefine my first contact with my sexual partners as a “date.” That way, if I had sex with a man before I knew what his name was, I could at least think back to our first date, that romantic occasion on which he brought dinner to my table, about an hour ago, before he went down on me in the restaurant’s utility closet.

I Did NOT “Have Sex” with that Waiter

Anyway, as Kassel also notes, there’s no clear definition of “sex,” either. For some people, including at least one former President, it’s not really sex unless there’s intercourse. This is great news for people who like oral sex, because it means you can ride a complete stranger’s face to your heart’s content and still honestly tell your friends you didn’t have sex with said stranger.

“You and the other people/person involved get to decide what having sex and dating means and looks like for you,” Kahn helpfully explains.

Sadly, I have to disagree slightly with Kahn here, at least where my own experience is concerned. How so? Let’s just say if my husband and I could truly decide what sex “looks like” for us, we’d both probably opt for there to be fewer wrinkles and stretch marks involved.

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