This Sort of Thing Didn’t Happen Back in the Days of Horse Drawn Carriages

This Sort of Thing Didn’t Happen Back in the Days of Horse Drawn Carriages

Everywhere you look these days, people are blaming technology for their problems. From people who think teenagers used to LIKE talking to their parents before smartphones were invented to pundits who fret that robots will take all our jobs by 2030, tech-blaming is becoming the new national pastime.

Now, you might expect Calico to decry this, or to counsel us all to keep in mind that technology is neutral and it’s people who decide how technology is used, but the truth is the tech haters have won her over. She no longer believes technological progress is necessarily a good thing.

And if there’s one area of life where people haven’t blamed technology enough, it’s in the transportation sector, Calico believes. Ever since we transitioned to automobiles, airplanes and various other rapid transport methods, we’ve been inundated with exposure to all manner of depravity, much of it in open view to innocent members of the public.

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What is Calico’s solution? Find out in her latest post, “This Sort of Thing Didn’t Happen Back in the Days of Horse Drawn Carriages.”

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by Calico Rudasill, Erotic Movies and Entertainment For Women and Couples

As you may have noticed, it is de rigueur these days to blame technology for all sorts of societal ills. Kids these days are all fucked up because they spend too much time staring at their phones/computers, robots are taking our jobs by the millions (by which I mean the jobs not already taken by illegal immigrants, of course) and those randy, seductive laptop computers evidently make some of us so horny, we try to marry them.

I’m sure as you read that opening paragraph, you assumed I was about to let loose with a rant about how dumb it is to blame our problems on technology and mocking those who do. Quite the contrary! Today, I’m here to advocate for adding more naughty technologies to the list of Bad Tech Influences That Make People Do Wrong Things.

Bring Back the Buggies!

Before I make my next assertion, I feel compelled to admit a simple fact: I have not truly and exhaustively researched this area of history to assure my claim is backed by hard data. 

That said, I’m willing to wager that back in the day of horse drawn carriages, users of such transportation were not routinely exposed to their fellow commuters having sex, right out in the open.

These days, however, with our newfangled automobiles, trains, subways, solar-powered rental scooters, Segways, etc., it seems like you can’t drive down the street without seeing people fucking on a passing bus, or doing the nasty on the floor of a subway station.

Look, say what you will about the slow pace, inefficiency, deplorable animal cruelty and nightmarish logistics of having all public transportation reverted to the horse and buggy system, but I can almost guarantee that if you were making your way across town in one of those suckers, you wouldn’t be confronted with the sexual dalliances of your fellow passengers – unless you were the one fucking your fellow passenger, which is a totally different story, obviously.

This is Terrible, Inexcusable Behavior… Let’s Share It on Social Media!

Even if you don’t agree that the right way to stop people from having sex in, on and around public transportation is to ban all modern forms of public transportation and replace them with buggies and rickshaws, I think we can all agree that when we see people doing things that are disgusting and socially unacceptable, the best way to deal with it is to share videos and images of that behavior on social media. Luckily, the heroes who witnessed the deplorable subway platform and on-bus sex at issue in the articles linked above knew posting the images they’d captured was the only sensible thing to do.

John Paul Donan, the man who saw the “mad, very strange” event of a couple having sex on a bus, said that he was initially amused and entertained by their transportation-based tryst – until he saw that the bus was hurtling toward a school, filled with innocent, starry-eyed children.

Thankfully, sometime between the first paragraph of this post – in which I referenced kids spending too much time staring at screens – and this paragraph, innocent, starry-eyed children stopped using social media, because as Donan also noted, that’s where his footage wound up. Donan added that he hoped “they’re a couple and not doing it on the sly because now they’ve gone viral.”

Yes, put the footage out in the open on the internet where anyone can see it – because that will teach those disrespectful, inappropriate fuckers not to sully the innocence of children by doing things out in the open where anyone can see it.

As many Brits are so fond of saying… Brilliant.

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