Sexercise From! was nice enough to let me have this little article on exercise in the bedroom to share with you guys! It teaches us all about how sex can help us keep in shape and what muscles it puts to work. Sssh touches upon other things which we, as women, find interesting! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

There are many reasons that men are attracted to women that are in shape.  Some appreciate the fact that they are obviously taking care of themselves and their health.  Others just like to look at the curves, or the fine physique.  But many are realizing that by being fit, the woman would posses the stamina to completely screw their brains out.  Phrases like, “A tigress in bed”, “Unbelievable in the bedroom”, or “the fuck of a lifetime”, are expressed when describing experiences.

This article is designed to help that tigress inside have the ability to come out to play, or pounce on their prey!  Instead of exercising for cosmetic reasons, would it not be more fun to train for sexual reasons?  Everyone gets frustrated watching the scale, arguing with that pair of jeans that have obviously shrunk in the dryer, or glaring at our images in the mirror.  Wouldn’t a more intimate and exciting goal be more motivating? In addition, the results in this case, literally come faster!

The key to any exercise program, along with a sexercise program, is cardiovascular endurance, flexibility body composition, and muscular strength and endurance.  A little bit of each goes a long way.  The most important component of this or any program is consistency.  Determination breeds success, practice makes perfect, and repetition builds confidence.  These are the words of athletic coaches all over the world.  We are about to embark on training for the greatest sport ever!


We will begin with cardiovascular endurance.  This element is the base of a fantastic lovemaking session.  We cannot just lay back and let or partners do all the work if we want that gold star.  No, we have to have both the ability to go, and to keep on going like that little bunny in the Duracell battery commercials! It is not a coincidence that the incessant pounding of the drum sounds exactly the same as a bed slamming against the wall!

On a daily basis, one should perform at least thirty minutes of sustained cardiovascular activity inside their target heart-rate zone.  There are two ways to find your target heart rate zone.  The more complicated, but exact method takes the number 208 and adds it to .77 multiplied by your age.  Then multiply that number by both .65, as well as .85.  This will give you a range of working between 65 and 85 percent of your heart rate zone.

The easier method involves Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE).  Using this technique you can judge your exertion on a scale from one to ten, one being rest and ten being as hard as you can possible work.  For the first five minutes, give your body a chance to warm up, staying around five.  Then build up to seven or eight and hover there for at least 20 minutes.  Finally, let your body cool down for five minutes, beginning around five, then four, then three, two, and one.

The simplest definition for body composition is the ratio between muscle cells and fat cells.  Of course we would like that ratio to favor on the side of the muscle cells.  Some fat cells are necessary to lubricate the joints and provide insulation, but an over abundance can be unhealthy, and can put a damper on bedroom performance.  The best way to get body composition in check is through a negative caloric intake.  This simply means to loose weight, burn more calories than you take in.  Why not burn those calories in bed?

Another way to increase the ratio of lean muscle is to build lean muscle.  This does not mean that we are looking to become a Cinderella on steroids.  Many women fear that working muscles will render them looking bulky and “man-like”.  This is a myth.  It takes a great deal of work, and a very heavy load for a female to put herself at such a “jacked-up” level.  To build muscle, while looking long and lean, increase the number of repetitions and lessen the weight.  A good range to work at is 15-20 repetitions, at a weight that causes you to be fatigued during the last few repetitions of the exercise.  Certain types of exercises can put muscle where you want it to give you the ability to perform, as you would like.

Lower Body

For the woman on top… Legs, legs, and more legs!  Naturally, squats are a wonderful exercise to help you “squat” up and down on your man!  Think about how many repetitions you may execute while taking that wild ride.  Most like more than fifteen or twenty.  We must train for endurance, and for style.  Strictly moving up and down systematically can serve to be rather mechanical.  We want to pulsate, sway, circle, move, adjust, and change for the amazing ride.

While squatting in the fitness world, it is imperative to have proper form.  As you travel downward, keep the back straight, and avoid having the knees jut forward past the toes.  This puts too much stress on the knee joint.  In order to prevent this, stick your butt back as you move down, much like you are urinating in the woods, and you wish not to “wet” anything.

Begin with 8 repetitions or “reps”, moving down, then up.  For the next 8 reps count to 3 as you move down more slowly, and then up for 1 count.  Then for the following 8, move down for 1 count, and up slowly for 3 counts.  Slow the next 8 way down, counting to 4 counts down, and 4 counts up.  Next, add some pulses for 8.  Move down with 4 counts pulse for 4, then back up for 4 counts.  Finish off going down for 4 counts, pulse for 8 counts, then back up for 4 counts.  Rest for one minute, then do it all again for a second set.  As you get stronger, increase from 2 sets to 3 or 4 sets of the whole routine!

Upper Body

The upper body needs to be strong as well, so that we can grab on to things, lift-up, hold position, balance, and try out multiple positions.  In order to accomplish this feat, we must have strong abs, arms, back, and chest.  The most important key points to working the abdominal muscles is pulling that belly button toward the spine as you lift your body up, and keep those abs TIGHT.  Lay on your back, with our feet flat on the floor with the knees bent.  Lift your upper body up in the counts, lifting (tight-tighter-tighter) then release.  Repeat for 15 repetitions.  Complete this 15-rep cycle 3 times, totaling 3 sets.

Arms are up next.  Working the triceps and biceps.  For the triceps, head for a set of stairs in your house to try some triceps dips.  Place the heel of you palms on the second to last step (so that your back is to the staircase).  Slowing lower your body down and up for a total of 15 repetitions.  Complete this cycle to 15 three times.  To challenge yourself, you may add weight to you lap using weights, container of laundry detergent, gallon of milk, or medium sized dog.

You may use similar types of weights for biceps curls, only you would need one for each hand (two medium sized dogs?).  Hold a weighted item in each hand, as you stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.  Starting will your arms straight down, slowly curl your items up as you bend your elbows leading your items to your shoulders.  Slowly lift and lower your items in counts of 4 up, then counting 4 down.  Continue this exercise 15 times.  Again, you should feel fatigue on the last few repetitions.  If you do not, simply add more weight.  This rep cycle, like all others, should continue for 3 sets.  Aren’t you glad were writing this all down for you?

The chest can be worked with your everyday push-ups.  Remember those from gym class?  Those teachers told you that you’d need them some day.  Perhaps if they were more specific and told you they could help with sex, you would have paid more attention!  For the beginner push-up executer, start with your knees on the floor, hands on either side of your shoulders, and face nearly touching the floor.  Keep your back straight and abs in tight as you slowly lift your upper body by straightening your arms.  Move slowly up and down, lowering that face close to the floor.  Once you get good and strong, you may progress from your knees on the floor, to your toes on the floor.  Do as many as you can, progressing to 15 repetitions.  Once you make 15 repetitions, you can increase your number of sets.  Work each muscle group every other day.

Are we tired yet?  Don’t quit now, we still have the back to strengthen.  Lay on your stomach.  Put your hands under your hipbones, to support the hips.  Start with your nose nearly touching the floor, and lift your upper body slowly up off the floor and then return.  Your feet should not lift off the floor.  As always, 15 repetitions build to 3 sets of 15.

Last but not least is our flexibility.  We want good flexibility so that we can easily get into all those crazy positions and hold that pose without irreparably pulling a muscle!  The key to stretching is to stretch every muscle group at least once per day after the muscles have been warmed up, hopefully by exercise.  Hold each stretch for at least 15 to 30 seconds.  The key here is consistency.  If you stretch everyday and hold every stretch, you will see improvement in as little as two weeks!  Remember to stretch only until you feel the stretch.  You should not feel pain.  And never bounce when stretching.  Ease into every stretch taking deep cleansing breathes.

Congratulations!  You have just been trained by an actual personal trainer to get your body ready to do what you like to do best!  If you work this program diligently, you will see some improvement in your strength, cardio abilities, flexibility, and body composition.  This will result with an increased amount of energy, stamina, range of motion, and POWER in the bedroom!

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