Ohhh, Canada: Another Sex Doll Entrepreneur Targets The Great White North

As she has noted before, Calico doesn’t know much about Canada. It’s a fact clearly exemplified by her primary associations with hearing the word “Canada,” which are all names of singers, comedians, hockey players or brands of maple syrup that probably aren’t even made in Canada.

Recently though, Calico has begun to associate something else with Canada: Sex doll-related business models. How did this happen? Hey, don’t blame Calico — blame the people who want to open sex doll brothels, sex doll rental services, sex doll-staffed coffee shops and sex doll companion animal political lobbying campaigns! (OK, admittedly, a couple of those things probably don’t exist, even in Canada.)

Canada Parliament Flags

Don’t get the wrong idea, though; Calico has nothing against sex dolls — or against Canada. She’s just trying to figure out how Canada became Sex Doll-Business Central, so to speak. All that and more is on her mind in her latest post — “Ohhh, Canada – Another Sex Doll Entrepreneur Targets The Great White North.”

by Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com https://www.sssh.com

When I think about Canada, the first things that come to mind are hockey, unnervingly friendly people, Bob & Doug McKenzie, the Kids in the Hall and Neil Young.

Granted, my list of things that come to mind when I think of Canada says a lot more about me than it does Canada – namely, it pegs me as a middle-aged person who has watched too much television in her life and doesn’t know very much about Canada.

Either way, there’s another item which is rapidly working its way onto my Canada-associations mental checklist. It’s an item I never imagined I’d come to think of at all, much less one I figured I’d someday associate with Canada.

That item (or perhaps “phenomenon” is a better word?) is sex doll-related business models.

Introducing North America’s First Ever Sex Doll Broth…. Uh, Never Mind

How have I come to associate sex doll-related business models with Canada, you might ask? It all started last year, when I read that the first sex doll brothel in North America was poised to open in Toronto.

Alas, as fate would have it, the brothel envisioned by Aura Dolls never came to be, a victim of local NIMBY efforts and concerns that the city wouldn’t approve of the concept.

It’s a shame, really – and not just for the would-be clients of the sex doll brothel, or the sarcastic women who wanted to continue to occasionally blog about the place. Had the business and the city ever come to the table to hammer out an understanding, it might have presented the opportunity for a discussion about more fundamental questions of sex work and the unfair stigma which surrounds it.

Instead, there’s no doll brother for Torontonians (if indeed that’s what they’re called) to visit and no healthy discussion of the merits of decriminalizing sex work – just videos of this guy, who I tragically forgot to mention earlier as one of the people, places and things which come to mind when I think of Canada.

If It Takes More Than 30 Minutes, Is My Sexual Encounter Free?

While the Great Toronto Sex Doll Brothel never materialized, a different sex doll business has since cropped up a mere 1670 miles away (give or take) in Edmonton. In this case, however, rather than customers coming to the dolls, the dolls are sent to the customers.

That’s right, folks: It’s North America’s first (maybe?) sex doll rental business!

According to the Edmonton Journal, the company “Doll Next Door” offers its customers “the choice of a two-hour booking or overnight rental with one of five doll models.”

sex doll next door
Sex doll next door posters

“Customers call, explain what they would like and the doll is then sent in discreet packaging to the customer’s home or a specified hotel,” the article continues.

Personally, I’d like to see the discreet packaging before I committed to renting a sex doll. The last thing I need is the mailman delivering anything to my door which looks like a corpse rolled up in a carpet.

It’s Not The Doll, It’s The Dude (Or Dudette)

As with the ill-fated Toronto doll-brothel, the Edmonton doll-rental business is not without its detractors. Sex therapist Kelly Jenny told the Journal that while she can see some of the benefits of using sex dolls that some people claim, the dolls can also be used “in a negative way to objectify women.”

“There is going to be a lot of push from a lot of people that want to vilify sex dolls and the people that make them, instead of the people that are using the tool in a non-respectful way,” Jenny said.

To be clear, Jenny isn’t one of the sex doll detractors to whom I referred, she’s talking about such people. And her point is a solid one: When it comes to things like porn, or pleasure products, or sex dolls, when users of those products do bad things, critics tend to assign blame to the product (“Just look at what this filthy thing is going to make our poor, innocent sons, fathers and brothers do!”) rather than to the people who misuse the product.

In any event, whether Doll Next Door lasts, or turns out to be a flash in the silicon-coated pan, I must thank it’s founders and operators for one thing: By making room for them in my Canada-consciousness, I’ve had to mentally jettison the lyrics to Bryan Adams’ (Everything I Do) I Do It For You.

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