It’s Official: We Can Call the “Headline Typo of the Year” Contest Two Weeks Early

There are typos and then there are OMG, WTF, LMAO typos — the kind of mistakes which can end jobs if the bosses in question are sufficiently unforgiving. You know where I’m going with this: Yes to THAT typo, the one about Julia Roberts and all the things in her life which are only getting better with age.

julia roberts holes typo

Thankfully for Julia — and thankfully for those who get to write funny blog posts about that awful, no good, but deeply-funny-in-a-very-immature-way headline — she’s not alone in being the victim of typo-driven “fake news.” As Calico notes, typos are a malady which have afflicted everything from students and teachers to elected officials and professional athletes. Heck, even the Magi, those three Christmasy wise guys, have fallen prey to careless copywriters over the years.

Still, when it comes to recent headline flubs, even Calico must admit Julia and her holes just might take the cake. Read all about it in her latest post, “It’s Official: We Can Call the ‘Headline Typo of the Year’ Contest Two Weeks Early.”

by Calico Rudasill, Porn For Women

Whenever I watch election coverage, I always find myself questioning the wisdom, accuracy and propriety of calling the winner far in advance of the tallying of votes ending. If I were among those pundits and talking heads who cover elections, I’d be too terrified of creating the next “Dewey Defeats Truman” moment on behalf of my employers to start calling races when fewer than 100% of the votes have been counted.

That said, I suppose there are some contests which can safely be called early. One such contest, if only it existed, would be the one for News Headline Typo of the Year, 2018.

Hey, don’t take my word for it – just ask Julia Roberts.

She’s Like a Fine Whine Wine

Part of me feels for Julia, because for the last several days, her holes have been the subject of more jokes than Donald Trump’s hair blowing in the wind did back in April – and that’s a LOT of jokes.

On the other hand, if there’s anybody whose holes truly might be getting better with age, it’s Julia. I don’t say this because I have any firsthand knowledge of her body, but because I’m a small, petty person who is deeply envious of this woman’s good looks – and more to the point, her ability to hang on to those good looks for far longer than is fair to the rest of us. (There: I said it.)

No matter how you slice it, my greater sympathy is for the editors and staff of the Jamestown, NY Post-Journal, the paper which ran the headline. As I’d imagine is the case for a lot of other people, I’d never heard of the Post-Journal before this incident – and now they’re forever cemented in my mind as the “Julia Robert’s Holes Get Better with Age” newspaper of record.

This seems unfair, because I’m sure they’ve offered a lot of great coverage over the years, some of it perhaps involving students getting their “first hand job experience.”

At Least She’s Not Alone…

Lest Julia feel singled-out, I’d like to assure her she’s far from the first person, business, or event to be a victim of a terrible typo. Hell, even the Magi have fallen prey to such errors, making them sound a bit like sports-obsessed cheapskates.

Others have been accused of telling jokes which cause people to soil themselves. Some typos have victimized entire categories of educational institutions, suggesting they offer benefits of which many parents might not approve.

In many cases, otherwise innocent typos can lead to the spread of misinformation – although maybe I shouldn’t be too quick to conclude that the best part of the Super Bowl wasn’t “yes.” I mean, I don’t remember it happening, but maybe Yes played the Super Bowl halftime show sometime back in the ‘70s?

It Could be Worse, Julia: You Could be Nigel Farage

While the headline concerning Julia and her holes clearly was a mistake, every so often there’s a typo which seems like it could be more accurate than whatever it was the writer intended to write.

How is that possible? How could a mistake be more on-point than the word which was supposed to be published?

Last year, the BBC showed us how in just twelve words, only one of which was misspelled… Or was it?

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