Why YOU’RE Having Less Sex! Some Reasons

Why YOU’RE Having Less Sex! Some Reasons

– Calico Rudasill, Sssh.com

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Frankly, there’s just no doubt in my mind that whatever the reason is that I’m having sex less often these days, my husband is to blame. 

Granted, I’m not entirely certain it’s true that I’m having sex less often these days, unless by these days we’re talking about since Monday, which is when he left town on a one-week trip.

And sure, I suppose physically not being here to have sex with me is a decent excuse, but I don’t think he ever even considered the option of flying home in the middle of this business trip to take care of his far more important household duties, which I still count as a major affront.

Must Be the Porn Sex. Or Maybe a Lack of Porn?

Regardless of my absent husband’s obvious complicity in my lack of sex this evening, odds are his absence doesn’t explain why you or anyone else won’t be enjoying a nice roll in the hay tonight.

So, why are people having sex less often these days? It’s hard to say, exactly, because the notions, theories, conclusions from studies and survey results floating around out there vary considerably.

Some say it’s because men are so inundated with porn these days that they aren’t interested in sex with actual women – but the people who say such things tend to be the same people who often previously argued that watching porn makes men voracious sex monsters who can’t get enough, so I tend take such theories with a grain of salt. (More accurately, I tend to take just the grain of salt and leave the theory on my plate, untouched.)

Besides, when researchers have explored the “porn is driving abstinence” theory, the theory has fallen flat. Several studies, including one conducted by a psychologist at San Diego State University, have found that “people who used porn were more likely to be sexually active, not less.”

Are We Just Getting Too Old for This Sex Shit?

Some people say the decline in sex is a function of demographics – as the global population trends older, the amount of sex we’re having, in the aggregate and therefor on average, declines. But the data doesn’t back this conclusion, either.

In other words, people everywhere appear to be having less sex, regardless of how old they are – and regardless of whether they know and have had opportunity to interact with my husband.

Either way, still other researchers have found that “Gen Z,” which I have been assured is not the name of a pop star, porn star, reality tv personality or energy drink, has a more pragmatic approach to relationships.

“They realise that they might have different partners at different times in their lives [who] may fulfil different needs,” Julie Arbit, Global SVP of Insights at Vice Media Group, told the BBC, adding that Arbit has found that “just one in 10 members of Gen Z say they are ‘committed to being committed’”.

Wait, you mean to tell me there’s only 10 members of Gen Z? Just when I thought I understood what this term meant, I’m back to being confused all over again. Is Gen Z the world’s biggest boy band?

You know what, the nearly 15 minutes of research I’ve done here have only left me more uncertain than I was when I started. I’m just going to satisfy myself with the assumption that my husband is – at worst – only partially to blame for the global decline in sex frequency and leave it at that.

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