Angie Rowntree’s Invictus Receives Accolades from Mainstream Film Festivals

BOSTON – today announced that the recently released post-apocalyptic thriller, Invictus, has been officially named a Feature Semi-Finalist for the 2019 Los Angeles CineFest, as well as a Sci-Fi Category Semi-Finalist in the Winter Edition of the Toronto Alternative Film Festival. The film’s director, Angie Rowntree (@AngieRowntree), who began submitting Invictus to film festivals just after the release of the free mainstream version in October, said her primary goal remains getting the film in front of as many viewers as possible.

invictus movie poster

“I’m very pleased with the reception Invictus has received and I’m optimistic that the more people who see the film, the more successful it will be in starting a conversation around  the issues at the movie’s core,” Rowntree said. “Opening a dialogue about important issues like an independent press, climate change, and government oppression is the first step to solving the underlying problems that we face as a nation today.”

Many reviewers have observed the ways in which Invictus, like much of Rowntree’s previous work, breaks the mold of adult filmmaking, intrepidly venturing into emotional and philosophical territory, which isn’t commonly found in erotic films.

In a two-part review of Invictus, reviewer Rich Moreland notes that while “Invictus doesn’t forget its adult film roots, it seldom dwells on them.”

“In a broader sense, Invictus is a moral journey to save mankind,” Moreland adds. “Invictus paints a different picture by transcending porn’s sameness and venturing into art”.

Invictus presents the story of scientist Jane Darling (played by Delirious Hunter @Delirious_xxx), a woman determined to combat the social and environmental decay into which the world has descended.

As she struggles to survive she encounters Paul Young (Joeydotrawr @Joeydotrawr), a journalist who escaped the government’s crackdown on the independent press. Paul joins Jane on her quest to fight back against the forces, which continue to tear the world apart.

Invictus works as a standalone movie and raises fan expectations for story-driven pornography,” writes Patrick Parker of “It’s a well-written sci-fi piece set in a beautifully filmed dystopia. Finally, a real movie that’s not afraid to show sexually explicit love scenes. Or maybe it’s a pornographic film that pushes the boundaries of plot and dialogue to be on par with mainstream filmmaking. Either way, (Invictus) is something special.”

In another glowing review, Peg Aloi describes Invictus as “dark-toned, post-Trumpian fable” which has a “Walking Dead vibe, with gorgeous cinematography and top-notch love scenes.”

“It’s so gratifying when acceptance and praise comes from outside the adult industry, because it’s something which is very, very rare to experience as a director of adult films,” says Rowntree.

A free screener of the explicit version of the film is available to the media, as well. Contact for login credentials.

An explicit version of the Invictus trailer can be viewed at



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