There Must Be Many Americans Thinking About Sex Zero Times Per Day

I’m sure at some point in your life, you’ve heard a statistic like “the average man thinks about sex every seven seconds” or “the average person thinks about sex 12 times a day” or “the average Congressman thinks about his own penis exclusively” — but have you ever seen any research that backs up such claims?

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Calico recently came survey data which found that the average American thinks about sex eight times per day, which seems a bit low to her. Among other things, that same survey found that Americans talk about sex with another person an average of five times per day. How can you have a conversation about sex and NOT think about sex at least twice, if not more times?

That’s just the start of Calico’s questions, but it’s not the only one in which her skepticism boils down to simple, straightforward math. Read all about it in her latest post, “There Must Be Many Americans Thinking About Sex Zero Times Per Day”

by Calico Rudasill, Porn For Women

When I was growing up, I remember being told by a classmate that the average man thinks about sex 13 times a minute, or something like that. I didn’t bother asking her where she’d heard such a thing, because I figured it was a load of BS anyway. Simple math told me that if a person thinks about anything 13 times a minute, that leaves them less than five seconds to think about that thing, each time.

Later, though, I asked my older brother how often he thought about sex, and his answer made me wonder if I’d been too quick to judge the statistical claim made by my friend.

“I don’t know,” my brother said, looking puzzled. “A better question might be whether I ever stop thinking about sex.”

Further Research Needed

While homespun wisdom on the question of sexual thought-frequency is plentiful, true scientific research is harder to come by. Dr. Terri Fisher, a professor of psychology from Ohio State University at Mansfield has detailed an interesting bit of research she undertook with a couple of her graduate students some years back, wherein college students tallied the number of times they thought about sex (among other need-based things, like sleep and food) using clicker devices typically used by golfers to keep track of their strokes.

Dr. Fisher’s research isn’t what got me thinking about thinking about sex (redundancy intended), though. What got me thinking about it was the reported outcome of a more recent, albeit less scientific, survey.

According to a OnePoll survey conducted on behalf of Pure Romance, the average American thinks about sex eight times a day.


I’ve Heard of “Speaking Without Thinking,” But This is Ridiculous

I’m a bit skeptical of this outcome, not because I personally think about sex significantly more often than that (which I do), but because of another finding from the same survey. According to reporting by the New York Post, “on top of thinking about the deed eight times, the average American polled actually speaks about sex in some way five times a day.”

I think we may be running up against a difference in definitions here – or a difference in counting styles, at least.

As I see it, it’s not likely one could have five conversations a day about sex while only thinking about sex a total of eight times. Look at it this way: Is it possible for the average person to think about the very subject they’re discussing only 1.6 times during the discussion of that subject? 

From there, other questions arise. How many sentences comprise a “discussion” under this definition, for example? I suppose if I were talking about sex with some guy who couldn’t stop mansplaining my own body parts to me, I would tune out and think about something else while he babbled toward my nodding face, but could I really keep that charade up long enough to avoid thinking about sex again, once we’d first arrived on the subject?

To Balance the Scales Would Require a Lot of Sexual-Thought-Free People

Then there’s the existence of people like my older brother, who further told me his mind would often wander over to sexual thoughts no matter what he was doing at the time. Riding his bike? Thinking about fucking. Climbing up a sheer cliff? Still thinking about fucking. Welding with an insanely hot torch? Mind stuck on an insanely hot waitress. And so on.

By his guesstimate, if he were to separate each discrete sexual thought he had every day, my brother figured his daily average was around 400. This is significantly higher than highest tally recorded by Dr. Fisher’s clicker carrying students (which was 138) and 50 times greater than the average reported by Pure Romance.

As I see it, there’s no ‘correct’ answer to the question of how many times the average person thinks about sex each day. Perhaps more accurately, unless we clearly define what we mean by individual/separate thoughts and come up with a more standardized way of counting such, I don’t think it’s possible to arrive at the answer.

What I do know, again returning to simple math, is that it wouldn’t take a whole lot of people like my brother to render it very unlikely that the average American thinks about sex only eight times a day – unless there’s a fair number of us who never think about it at all, to help balance things out.

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