And Here I Thought ‘Loss of Consortium’ Was Strictly A Civil Law Thing

And Here I Thought ‘Loss of Consortium’ Was Strictly A Civil Law Thing

We’ve all experienced the frustration of really wanting to have sex, but having our partners say they’re not in the mood. As Calico will readily admit, she doesn’t always deal with that frustration particularly well — but she’s also never totally lost her mind, unlike the women (mostly from Florida, unsurprisingly) you’ll see in the news every so often, bludgeoning, stabbing or otherwise assaulting the men in their lives for refusing to have sex.

Khrystian Collins sex arrest

While she’d never go so far as to physically attack her husband for declining to have sex with her, Calico was intrigued to find there’s an option to enlist a powerful third party for assistance. I’m speaking, oddly, of the police.

Is it really possible that cops will come arrest your partner for refusing sex? Or is Calico, as is often the case, merely confused, or not reading far enough past the headline? Find out in her new post, “And Here I Thought ‘Loss of Consortium’ Was Strictly A Civil Law Thing.”

by Calico Rudasill, Erotic Movies For Women and Couples

I’m not going to lie: There are some occasions on which I really want to have sex, but my husband just can’t be bothered – and I don’t always take it so well.

I mean, to be clear, I’ve never taken my husband’s sex-refusal so poorly that I stabbed him over it, something which appears to happen with some degree of regularity around this country, especially in Florida.

Still, I have been known to use less-extreme measures to overcome my husband’s sexual apathy, like whining pathetically, or acting more emotionally wounded than I truly am by having my advances rebuffed. Or, if I really need to pull out the big guns, I might sigh loudly and say “Fine – I guess that leaves me no choice but to binge-watch (insert name of reality TV show he hates here}.”

Book ‘Em, Danno!

While I don’t think I’d ever do it myself, I recently stumbled across another option which can be called into play when my husband is playing too-tired-to-get, one I would never have thought possible: I can call the cops on him.

I know what you’re thinking: When did it become against the law for a man to refuse to have sex with his wife? Well, I’m not certain – but I can say this much: In Ohio, it must have happened before July 18, because that’s the day which spawned the following morning’s headline “Warren police arrest man trying to avoid sex with girlfriend.”

What makes this situation even more amazing is this guy isn’t even her husband, merely her boyfriend. Just imagine, if they can arrest your boyfriend for refusing to have sex with you, what harsh punishments must await a husband who commits the same offense?

On the other hand, I haven’t read past the headline yet, so maybe this is going to turn out to be one of those disappointing misunderstandings of which I seem to have at least two each week.

A Disappointing Misunderstanding Revealed

Naturally, as I read further, the mundane, drab, thoroughly deflating reality of the situation quickly becomes clear. As it turns out, the cops weren’t there to arrest Khrystian Collins for refusing to have sex with his girlfriend, they were there to arrest him for a bunch of other stuff which was caused by his refusal to have sex with his girlfriend.

According to the report, Collins was charged with “obstructing official business” – which could, I suppose, be a euphemism for declining sex? – as well as resisting arrest, trespass, and domestic violence. (The last of those charges stemmed from Collins threatening to hit his girlfriend, not actually doing so.)

So, we start with a guy who doesn’t want to have sex, and wind up with trespassing, resisting arrest, domestic violence and obstructing official business? That seems to have escalated quickly. How did we get from point A to point B here?

Did They Offer Him A Deal To Avoid Prosecution, At Least?

“The first officer to arrive spoke to Collins through a passenger side window that was cracked open a few inches,” according to WFMJ. “The report says Collins told the officer that he locked himself in his girlfriend’s car because she always wants to have sex and it was too hot in the apartment…. More officers arrived, including a police supervisor who tried to coax Collins out of the car. The report says Collins rolled up the window as the police supervisor reached inside to unlock the door. The officer managed to unlock the door, and the police pulled him out of the car after he refused to budge. Collins, who told police he was injured, was first taken to St. Joseph Hospital for treatment before being booked into jail.”

Man, this guy must have seriously not wanted to have sex! 

Do you think the cops gave him the option of changing his mind, once they were on the scene? Probably not, right? I mean, even the worst lover I’ve ever had was better in bed than the experience of being unceremoniously yanked from a car by cops, taken to the hospital, charged with a handful of crimes and left sitting in a jail cell. As such, I’ve got to believe Collins would have said “OK fine, tell her I’m ready to get it on, I guess” if they’d offered that as an alternative to arrest.

Although…. There was that one guy, Todd, back in college. Sex with him was bad enough to maybe trade for getting yanked out of a car by cops – but I think I’d still shy away from the jail cell. I suspect the décor and general ambiance in there wouldn’t help my chronic insomnia one bit.

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