Helpful Tip To All Pro Athletes Who Aren’t John Wall: Just Leave Mia Khalifa Alone

In her newest missive from the depths of cyberspace, Calico has some advice for all athletes who don’t play for teams based in Washington, D.C.: Former porn performer Mia Khalifa doesn’t want your direct messages and won’t keep them private. At the same time, the court of public opinion seems divided on the question of whose social media etiquette is worse, the athlete who can’t take a hint, or the object of his affection who can’t simply ignore the athlete, rather than trying to embarrass him publicly.

Mia Khalifa

Read all about it in the new post “Helpful Tip To All Pro Athletes Who Aren’t John Wall: Just Leave Mia Khalifa Alone”  Read on…

Poor Wilson Contreras; hasn’t he ever heard the name Chad Kelly?

Contreras, a catcher for the Chicago Cubs, is just the latest athlete to make cyber-overtures to former porn performer Mia Khalifa – and he probably won’t be the last to regret doing so.

“Cubbies, your man’s is (sic) wandering around left field,” Khalifa recently tweeted, including screenshots of direct messages which came to her from Contreras’ account. “Can you come get him?”

Oh boy; here we go again.

Unless You’re A D.C. Jock, Don’t Bother Knocking

As near as I can tell, there’s exactly one pro athlete who really has a shot with Khalifa, and his name is John Wall.

To be honest, though, just because Khalifa has taken exception to Wall’s player rating being too low in a basketball video game (and offered some measure of sexual favor to the game’s developers in exchange for raising it) this doesn’t mean she’d necessarily welcome unsolicited DMs from the guy, were he to send some.

History suggests Khalifa is more welcoming to D.C. sports stars than others, however, the evidence of which includes her FaceTime friendship with Washington Redskin Su’a Cravens. There’s also ample evidence athletes not from the Beltway will receive rougher treatment, whether anyone else thinks they deserve such, or not.

In The Court Of Public Opinion, It’s A Hung Jury

Speaking of whether the rest of us believe athletes who cold call Khalifa via DM are deserving of being put on blast, reading over the responses to Khalifa’s tweet about the messages from Contreras, it’s safe to say the jury in the Court of Public Opinion is far from unanimous in its verdict.

Naturally, there were those who thought Contreras should have taken a hint from the lack of responses and laid off, long before his persistence led to Khalifa’s “wandering around left field” tweet.

“Maybe now he’ll get the message that just (because) he’s seen her on the internet doesn’t mean she owes him shit,” tweeted a member of Team Khalifa.

Others were critical of Khalifa for being unnecessarily mean to Contreras, and questioned why she couldn’t have simply ignored him.

“Why didn’t she just unfollow him so he couldn’t dm her again tho,” asked one.

“Because she wanted to tweet this,” responded another of Contreras’ defenders.

Others eschewed weighing in with serious feedback, instead taking the opportunity for some fun, baseball-related word play.

“It shows he’s not afraid to chase a couple pitches,” tweeted one jokester. “Even if it means he might strike out.”

For all the ladies among us who have been the recipients of unwanted attention from men (and I’m thinking that’s close to every single one of us, no?), a tweet from @_soloveligh summed things up pretty nicely, I think, in a way which responded directly to those saying Khalifa was just seeking attention by posting the exchange in the first place.

“She’s not the only woman who deals with this BS,” wrote @_soloveligh. “It needs attention because it needs to stop.”

And No Such Exchange Is Complete Without The “I Was Hacked” Excuse

As for Contreras’ side of the story, it was delivered by Octagon Baseball, which represents the catcher. I’ll give you three guesses how they accounted for his DMs to Khalifa – but you’ll only need one.

Contreras’ “twitter account was hacked,” the group told Deadspin.


We believe you, Willson, really we do – just like we believed Draymond, Anthony, J.R., Steve, Kurt, Jim and the rest of the innocent hacking victims who definitely, no doubt about it, do not like porn, or ever intentionally send people pictures of their junk.

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