Finally: A Good Cause that Doesn’t Require My Husband to Put on Pants

Finally: A Good Cause that Doesn’t Require My Husband to Put on Pants

Especially in the U.S., it seems like there’s a day marking every conceivable thing. On May 1st alone, we mark “School Principals’ Day,” “National Chocolate Parfait Day” and “National Mother Goose Day” — possibly all at once, by serving chocolate parfaits to school principals while they read aloud from Mother Goose

Calico’s favorite of these May Days has arrived. It’s her favorite not just due to the theme of the day and the things people do to mark it, but because it jives so nicely with something that’s already among her husband’s habits, meaning that to mark the occasion in her house, all she needs to do is sit on the couch and wait for events to play out in due course.

This year, however, Calico is asking more of her husband in marking this important occasion. It won’t be enough for him to just do his usual thing this time around; he’s going to need to bust out his checkbook, too.

What important occasion has Calico issuing good natured ultimatums to her husband? Will he comply, or do the truly unthinkable and modify his deeply ingrained, habitual behavior? Find out in Calico’s new post: “Finally: A Good Cause that Doesn’t Require My Husband to Put on Trousers.”

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no pants day

Read On…

Something I occasionally need to point out to people who haven’t met me, but have received emails from me or read my posts, is that I’m not British.

Truth be told, there’s not much about what I say or write that would lead people to conclude otherwise, but I do have some tendencies which have been passed down by the Brits of prior generations of my family. For the most part, these are little linguistic quirks, like occasionally referring to elevators as “lifts,” or apartments as “flats,” – or underwear as “pants.”

That last one is the subject of great confusion on the internet, particularly among Americans who wonder aloud things like “If the Brits call underwear pants, what the hell do they call pants?” (For one answer to that question, refer to the title of this post.)

No Pants Day

This post isn’t about British vs. American English, though; it’s about something much more important than that. It’s about No Pants Day.

Depending on whether I got this post done on time, you may be reading it on No Pants Day, or shortly thereafter. (If I were a betting woman, I’d say shortly thereafter, just because I’ve been really slow all week.) Either way, hopefully you already know about this fun day – and the good cause it promotes.

Among the ‘participants’ (sorry; I just couldn’t resist) in No Pants Day are many syndicated cartoonists, including those behind “Blondie” and “Zippy the Pinhead,” as recently reported by HuffPo

For many of those who mark it, No Pants Day isn’t just an excuse to sit around in your underwear (or, if you prefer, your kilt), of course. It’s used as an awareness raising and fundraising mechanism for charities like Dress for Success, Room to Grow and others that supply clothing to those in need.

No Honey, it Won’t Help More if You Go Commando

Now, to be clear, I realize there’s no direct benefit to anyone stemming from my husband wondering around the house without trousers on. After all, he does that all the time and the only thing that improves is my mood – at least on the days when I notice he’s wearing a nice, new pair, rather than one of those old pairs I keep unsuccessfully lobbying him to toss in the trash.

This year, however, I’ve persuaded him that if he’s going to traipse around the house in his undergarments on No Pants Day (which he most surely will, or already has, depending on when you read this), he must first make some kind of contribution to a relevant charity.

I can now happily report that my husband held up the first part of this bargain, donating a couple hundred bucks in total, to two charities that provide clothing donations to local homeless shelters.

Undress to Impress

I do see one way in which No Pants Day could be improved, though: A social media contest for celebrity participants. 

Just imagine if we got, say, Jason Momoa. Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham and Hugh Jackman (just to name several famous fellows off the top of my head who I’m most definitely NOT mentioning simply because I have celeb-crushes on them) to pose for pictures wearing nothing but their smiles and Fruit of the Loom, while promising fans that if they reached a certain fundraising goal, they’d follow up with photos of themselves completely starkers.

Hell, I’m guessing wherever we set the fundraising goal for that contest, we’d reach it by noon on V-E Day.

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