Yogurt; a Quick Cure for Feminine Problems

There’s something that I want to share with just the ladies. So men with sensitive stomachs just click the back button and go read a different post! Okay so with the men gone it’s time to get down to business. Being a woman is expensive. Point finale. We spend so much money on makeup, hair products and clothes alone  and then when you add in the necessities like tampons, birth control and medications for god forbid yeast infections and other minor things that go wrong down there, one would think that we must be millionaires! I have two things to talk about the first is the new product that came out not that long ago called Diva Cup. For those of you who have never heard about it I’ll explain. The Diva Cup is a pretty small cup made from silicone. The idea is that you can put it in as you normally would a tampon and empty it at the end of the day if your menstrual flow is normal. Completely reusable and washable this ingenious idea is the perfect alternative to the costly box of tampons or pads. The cup is not that expensive, especially if you buy it online and within just a few months it had paid for itself considering the amount of money you would still be spending on other products. On top of that, the cup is a lot more earth friendly than the mountain of pads and tampons that we put into our garbage dumps every year!

The second thing that I wanted to discuss was something that a friend told me. She works in a lab with a lot of microbiologists. Many of her co-workers are form Europe and they have different home remedies than we westerners do. One day the topic of vaginal infections and yeast infections came to hand and my friend was told that putting yogurt into your opening down there will clear up almost any infection within a couple of days. They said it was a well known cure in Europe. Not really believing them, my friend tried it the next time she was curse with the beginings of a yeast infection and yes, the cure did seem to work. She has tried it many times since and is never disapointed. The trick is to use preferably an organic yogurt that has no added sugar, sweetener or flavor. She’s really good in science and I have to admit that I am not good at understanding all the little details when she explains stuff to me but to break it down it works like this: some of the bacteria found in yogurt is the good kind of bacteria that we already have. Usually an infection means that our good bacteria is losing the batle to the bad so by putting more of the good stuff down there, we are helping it win the war. All the other kinds of bacteria in the yogurt are processed by our body so there’s no bad side effects of putting yogurt up your wahoo. So there you have it folks! two simple ways to save money! Just think about how much a little cup of yogurt costs compared to the pricey treatments that pharmacies sell. It is well worth the money to try it out!

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