Top Free Adult Sex Education Youtube and Twitter Feeds in 2023

Top Free Adult Sex Education YouTube and Twitter Feeds in 2023 – Sexual Education New School!

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It used to be that when we thought of sexual education it basically covered what puberty was, and make sure you wear a rubber if you don’t want to be a teenage parent or enjoying a healthy dose of penicillin. Now as we have both sexually and socially evolved in society, sexual education covers a realm of other responsibilities and ways to enhance both our own sexual and relationship experiences and those of our partners. Here are a few of the most dynamic sex education voices blending a knowledge of the socio-sexual community and status quo as it stands now.

Shan Boodram

Shan is a sexologist and intimacy expert with a handle on the shifting world, including the shifting positions of both males and females in relationships, the bedroom, finances, and their general lifestyles. She brings about an almost Oprah like feel to her frank and honest discussions, covering such a wide range of topics that there is something from her that everybody can learn if they open their ears and minds to listen.

Shan Boodram on Twitter @shanboody

Hannah Witton

Next up for the inclusive group we have Hannah Witton, who brings a queer and non-binary all-inclusive look to sexual education including answers that some people may have had about how people of alternative lifestyles are able to function in our changing society where even their own definitions are constantly in flux. With everything from kinky fetishes, pregnancy care, recommendations on bookshops for both social and sexual education, Hannah and her frequently updated site are very worthy of your time and consideration if you lean in that direction.

Hannah Witton on Twitter @hannahwitton

Dr Lindsey Doe

Bringing a strong female view and womanly perspective to the sexual education roundtable is sexplanations led by Dr Lindsey Doe, doctor of human sexuality and clinical sexologist. They have covered over 400 different sextoys and reached out to over 190 countries in the last ten years. This longevity brings to the table such a diverse range of topics, opinions, and views combined with its frequent updates make it one of the more respected sexual education sites out there.

Dr Lindsey Doe’s “Sexplantations” on Twitter @elleteedee

Laci Green

Bringing both a social commentary and political perspectives together and tying them to both sexual and intimate relationship health is Laci Green. Covering fetishes and mundane yet also highly relevant topics like Jealousy, STDs, advice for women on what lubes are best, and how to survive that aura of toxic masculinity that some women seem to believe pervades much of their relationships, both in the bedroom and in the work place. In all an excellent place to go for a diverse view that covers a lot more than just bedroom play, and brings an honest as well as responsible view of female empowerment in today’s world.

Laci Green on Twitter @lacigreen/

Emily Morse

Emily Morse brings a captivating look through her sexuality show covering an abundance of topics, as well as intriguing looks at the lives of some captivating people and active porn stars. Her topics range from sex games to understanding our childrens’ developing sexual comprehensions and teaching them proper and appropriate behavior, to such silly topics as to how to have sex if your penis is crooked. Definitely worth looking at for the quality of the production with her video shows, as well as the knowledge and experience she obviously brings.

Emily Morse on Twitter @SexWithEmily

It is easily apparent from this sampling of websites, that sexual education as such has changed as much as society itself has. These websites and their comparable resources demonstrate that nowadays no matter how much you know about relationships in and out of the bedroom, there is always more to learn and new perspectives. So I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks, as well as the young dogs.

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