Top 7 Reasons You Should Not Hesitate To Try Sex Toys

Remember when you and your partner couldn’t keep your hands off each other? Doesn’t it feel like that was a lifetime ago before those taxing jobs, the kids, and all the things they’ve made us incorporate into our adult lives? Now you’re asking yourself what does BDSM mean? Sex lives wane. So, regardless of how much passion there was between you two early on in the relationship, unfortunately there comes a time when familiarity takes over and strikes a wound. So what do the smart couples do? They turn to sex toys! Below are the top 7 reasons why you should order sex toys right this minute, and reclaim your sex life!

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#1: Toys Make Sex Different

Even if sex with your partner is still mind-blowing sometimes, various sex toys will turn your bedroom into your own small porn hub, and ensure you rock each other’s worlds every time. They will make both of you get off more easily, especially her, and eliminate any frustration that may have entered her boudoir.

#2: The Big O Is A Certainty

Not that you still don’t think your partner is the most attractive person in the world, but all those years of being together have taken a toll on you, and it’s more difficult to get excited and achieve orgasms. Enter sex toys. With so many of them on the market for him and her, you’ll actually get to go places neither of you have ever gone before! And they will be dirty.

#3: Toys Help Reduce Pain

There are numerous reasons why sex may be painful, and all medical conditions absolutely need to be treated by a doctor, but if anxiety is behind the pain, sex toys can do wonders in that department because they can help you relax if coupled with lube, and give you a nice massage that will make penetration and all other parts of sexual intercourse pain free.

#4: Toys Are Adventurous

Sex toys are adventurous because they are something new, an unchartered territory waiting to be explored. If you’re itching for a new sexual experience, what are you waiting for? Walking into a sex shop is certainly part of the adventure, but if that’s too much for you, order toys online, you’ll get them in discreet packaging, and your mailman won’t have any idea what’s inside.

#5: Toys Show Your Confidence

Introducing sex toys to the bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem in your sex life. It can mean quite the opposite, which is that you’re a confident person who knows exactly what they want in bed, and are not afraid to ask for it. People who take their pleasure seriously are incredibly sexy, and your confidence will give your partner the wings to get you off with a bang.

#6: Toys Mean Less Work

Sex toys in the bedroom, the back of your car, at a hotel or wherever you like to do it mean less work for you partner to get you off. In case your partner is struggling to find the right position to get the job done, why not use a vibrator that could do all the work for you? Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it is all we’re saying.

#7: Toys Can Lead To More Sex

Let’s face it, most women don’t have such strong libidos as men do, and in long-term relationships it’s often hard to have as much sex as men would like. Well, toys to the rescue. In a study conducted by researcher Debby Herbenick, out of 2,000 female participants, women who had used vibrators in the month preceding the study reported higher levels of sexual desire and sexual arousal – which translates into more sex!

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