Top 5 Things You Should Know Before Trying Shower Sex

Whether you’re doing shower sex with your spouse or you’ve just hooked up with someone, there’s no denying that you and everyone you know likes to “get it on.” Aside from the obvious joy and pleasure it brings and the raw, primal passion of it all, sex is all about being wild. In that aspect, many people turn to trying a different position, doing something new or changing the location of the act itself – with the most common place to try it being the shower.

shower sex tips

However, shower sex isn’t as easy as it sounds. Since it’s very different from regular bedroom intercourse, it takes a bit of know-how in order to master the art of sex in the shower. In that name, here are the top 5 things you need to know before trying shower sex.

1. Forget the Movies

Hollywood is known for giving us illusions about many things, including shower sex, so make sure to forget everything you’ve seen in the movies about long, steamy, hot and seemingly comfortable coitus in the shower cabin. Reality is similar to what you can see on the big screen, but you can rest assured that it’s a very, very different experience overall.

It can get uncomfortable, it requires a lot of endurance and it can be dangerous – so be prepared for everything.

2. Prepare to be Crammed

As we’ve said before, shower sex in real life isn’t exactly as comfortable as most people believe it to be. Shower cabins are built for one person in most cases, so you can imagine how little space there is when two adults step into it.

With that being said, it’s only natural that you’ll need to do a lot of positioning, swapping places with your partner, helping each other stand, etc. It’s a tiny space that requires a good amount of endurance.

3. Bring Lube

It may seem illogical since you’ll be covered in water, but bringing lube with you is a must for shower sex. Despite the fact that we’re forbidden to run around pools due to water being slippery, for some reason, it doesn’t work as a lubricant – water-based lube, however, does.

4. Don’t Try Oral

Oral sex is amazing, shower sex is great, so the two should work together, right? Wrong. There is literally no way for someone to pleasure their partner orally during shower sex without getting a mouthful of water, so try to avoid this part of sex while in the shower.

5. Two Showers Later…

Finally, don’t think for a second that shower sex ends like regular sex does. Right after you and your partner are done, there’s a good chance that both of you will need an additional shower each, simply because of all the mess you’ve made and in order to clean yourself from the sweat (yes, you can sweat while under a stream of water).

Shower sex may not be for everyone, but there are certain rules that apply to all who try it.

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