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I got into the adult industry in 2012 as a webcam model before moving into film. I started off slowly, performing in lesbian scenes for the first couple of years. During this time I was pressured to ‘move up’ to boy/girl scenes, anal, you name it. “Strike while the iron is hot, make as much money as possible,” I’ve been consistently told.

porn star eva lovia

That whole concept always threw me off. I see porn as any other industry: you create a demand for a product – myself – and control the supply, i.e. taking my time to explore my options. Read on…

I was still in school when I first began shooting, so I only shot during breaks in my semester. I was bartending 90 plus hours a week, going to school full time and filming in my spare time. I was burning out quickly and I knew things had to change. After graduation I decided to fully dive into the adult industry and make the long-awaited switch to boy/girl. I know what it’s like to work 90 hours a week and live paycheck-to-paycheck. I wanted something more.

There is no guidebook on the dos and don’ts of the porn industry; you have to be observant and learn through trial and error. As a naturally shy person, I often find myself simply observing and listening to others in the room. I’d heard awful stories about girls working for a decade and leaving with nothing. They come in, guns blazing, shooting everything in sight, burn out and no one wants to shoot them anymore. For me personally, I got into porn as a way to work for myself, create a brand and parlay that income into something bigger.

After switching to boy/girl scenes, I went from contract to contract, which allowed me to make a great guaranteed income (unheard of nowadays), and still have a lot of free time to work on other projects that I am passionate about. I landed a deal with a huge toy line Fleshlight, which created another revenue source without demanding a lot of my time. By holding out on something as tame as boy-girl scenes, I landed some very rare and wonderful income streams that gave me a lot of free time to keep growing as well as lucrative showcases (a movie where it is all about the star) and feature films.

All this time and freedom has also helped my friends and family in more ways than I can even begin to explain. My little sister was in a dangerous marriage and had two kids under the age of two when I moved her from Tennessee to North Carolina. At a relatively young age I was able to get her back on her feet and help her and the babies while she got her new life together. It turned out that my niece was autistic; it went undiagnosed until she moved in with me, and I suggested she get evaluated after displaying telltale signs.

We started a nonprofit to help parents with autism afford private schooling, which can be similar to putting a kid through college. My best friend from high school, who is also a single parent of three, is my main editor and manages my website. I have been fortunate enough to be able to hire those closest to me and give them job opportunities – the difference between having a savings account and struggling to pay the bills.

With the ability to create my own schedule and explore my passions, I’ve since invested in different business; after a short 5 years in the industry, I have managed to become one of the top performers in adult, create a very successful brand, and I now own companies ranging from restaurant management, software nonprofit groups, to name a few.

If I didn’t get into the adult industry when I did, there is a very slim chance that I would be where I am right now; it would have taken years to save the money to start or fund these other projects. I also wouldn’t be in the position to be able to help my loved ones. There are good and bad aspects of any business, but I believe the main flaw within the adult industry is that if you are not entrepreneurial, it is very hard to make all of the sacrifices worthwhile. But if you can come up with a game plan and focus on your other passions, it can be a very rewarding industry that can better your life and those around you.

Eva Lovia

Twitter @Fallinlovia
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Adult performer and glamour model Eva Lovia is a star on the rise: since her industry debut in 2013, the all-natural brunette of Spanish/Japanese descent has established herself as an extraordinary asset – with extraordinary assets – within the porn community.

The 5’3″ beauty was born in Los Angeles, raised in upstate New York and calls Wilmington, North Carolina home; Lovia began her modeling career while studying psychology in college, competing in bikini competitions with her sights set on a career in adult entertainment.

Lovia soon caught the attention of a small adult modeling site, which led to her first shoot for hardcore website Reality Kings. Since then, the dynamic performer has displayed her considerable talents for studios such as Wicked Pictures, Jules Jordan Video, BangBros, Girlfriends Films and Digital Playground, where she held a prestigious contract with the company for two years.

The star recently was honored as a VIXEN Angel by celebrated adult director Greg Lansky, released her own personally-molded Fleshlight sex toy and just shot a top-secret project for the legendary Penthouse brand. Lovia also makes time to keep in touch with fans via live-chat on her premium Snapchat account.

Lovia is also an advocate of women’s sexual empowerment and her activism shows in her work. “I personally want to make sure every scene I shoot, I am into, and feel sexy – and more importantly, safe.”

Lovia is a successful entrepreneur as well. She and her husband are investors in several bars and restaurants, as well as run a SAS (Software as a Service) platform. Lovia oversees her own official website,, and has designed and maintained websites for her fellow porn performers.

“I think it’s important to have multiple projects going on at the same time,” said Lovia of her action-packed schedule, adding that “I’ve always wanted to be more than a model… I don’t want to limit what I can do.”

For more information visit or follow Eva Lovia at

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