Top 5 Sex Positions for This Summer

It’s not like we’re all supposed to know every move from the Kamasutra, but spicing up your sex life every now and then isn’t exactly a terrible thing to do. And we’re not talking about getting down with a teen crossdresser or anything, but mixing it up will refresh your relations. And now that it’s getting pretty hot outside, why don’t we take a look at the top 5 sex positions you should try out this summer.

1. The Swimming Porpoise

swimming porpoise sex position

As you can probably imagine, adding some innovative sexual positions to your routine requires a certain dose of creativity. Plus, is there a hotter place for doing it in summer than the pool? We don’t think so, and neither does renowned sex and love therapist Dr. Ava Cadell.

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The Swimming Porpoise is a perfect setup for a belly-high pool. As Dr. Cadell explains: “The man should stand in the shallow end with his back firmly braced against the edge of the pool,” advises Ava. “He can hold onto the woman’s hips as she spreads her legs wide open and does the breaststroke motion, opening and closing them for deeper orgasmic intensity.”

2. The BBQ Quickie

bbq quickie sex position

Since we’ve already mentioned pools, let’s take a look at yet another hot positions that can be done whenever you’re at a pool with your partner.

The woman should stand on the floor and while bent over a bed or a table – or in this case – an edge of a pool. The guy comes in from behind and the rest, as they say, is history.

This summer sex position got its name because it’s great for a quickie, especially if the girl is wearing a skirt, and it can be done while at a BBQ.

3. The Lounging Lioness

lounging lioness sex position

Now, let’s get out of the pool and onto a deck chair. While pool positions are hot and wild, bumping uglies on a deck chair is rather romantic and memorable. Hence, the Lounging Lioness.

Dr. Cadell says: “The man lies on his back, and the woman lies on top of him with her legs closed. This gives him a tighter sensation and puts added pressure on her clitoris. It’s the perfect position for caressing her breasts. Plus, it’s empowering for the woman, as she is in control of the speed, depth and angle of penetration.”

4. The Teddy Bear

teddy bear sex position

Whether you’re on a picnic or a secluded beach, there’s always a chance you’ll start doing it right there on the ground – which means there’s yet another way to mix things up this summer.

Basically, he gets into the classic marriage proposal position, while she climbs on top and straddle him. Here’s how Ava explains the Teddy Bear: “This is romantic and great for kissing, eye gazing and cuddling. The woman can bounce on his penis for the right amount of penetration as well.”

5. The Pouncing Panther

It sounds awesome and although it might be something you’ve seen before, it’s still a pretty hot position that you should definitely try this summer.

The Pouncing Panther is technically doing it doggy-style on a deck chair. Yes, most of us have done it this way, but being out in the open and having somewhere to lie down and relax in the sun afterwards adds to this already great sexual position.

And a few more shown in an AskMen video!

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