Morning Sex Sounds Great – IF You’re A Morning Person

Morning Sex – When it comes to giving advice, it’s clear that in most contexts there’s no such thing as “one size fits all” advice which will work for everybody, or in all situations. If someone is buying home supplies for the winter months ahead, for example, it makes perfect sense to tell them to keep a snow shovel handy if they live in Minnesota — but if you pass along that same advice to an Arizonan, they’re just going to look at you funny.

morning sex advice

Sex advice is the same way; what might constitute good counsel for one person might be totally irrelevant (or worse, actively harmful) for another. Calico recently ran across an article which explains why people should be having sex in the morning, but how much sense does that advice make for people who struggle to get out of bed, or wake up in such a foul mood they’re liable to scratch the eyes out of anyone who makes sexually overtures to them before they’ve even had their first cup of coffee?

Is morning sex for you? Or is it maybe not the best advice for those who get up at the crack of noon? Get Calico’s take in her latest post, “Morning Sex Sounds Great – IF You’re A Morning Person”

by Calico Rudasill, Porn For Women and Couples

Almost irrespective of what sort of counsel one is seeking or offering, there’s a dilemma we confront when it comes to advice: Advice is often quite general, while our needs are often quite specific.

The problem with this ‘specificity gap,’ for lack of a better term, is obvious – if I want to know where to find the power steering fluid reservoir on a 1986 Toyota pickup truck, being told where to find one on a 2017 Prius probably doesn’t help much.

He Loves the Smell of KY in the Morning…

Sex advice often suffers from the same manner of specificity gap, whether the advice is about sexual positions you should try, how often you should have sex, or the best dildos available on the market. After all, it doesn’t do me much good to hear how wonderful sex feels in any given position, if I’m not physically capable of having sex in that position to begin with.

The same can be said of advising people to have sex in the morning, regardless of their personal orientation towards mornings.

In my case, while my husband generally hits the ground running, fairly springing out of bed at 5am to face the day, I’m more likely to tarry a while under the covers. And when I say I “tarry a while,” what I mean is I often go back to sleep until at least 10am.

Once I do rise, if anybody tries to make me do anything other than brew coffee, drink coffee and maybe pet a cat or two prior to 10am, I’m liable to bite their face off and spit it into the fireplace.

So yeah, I’m not what you’d call a “morning person.”

Morning Sex, Mansplained

That said, I try to maintain an open mind, especially where sex is concerned, so if someone can present me a good enough argument in favor of morning sex, I might be persuaded to change my ways. So, morning sex-advocates, what have you got?

“In 2015, the sex toy company Lovehoney surveyed 2300 adults about when they preferred to bone,” the article reports. “Men tended to crave sex between 6 and 9am, with “peak horniness” occurring at 7:54am. (The opposite was true for women, who said they preferred to have sex between 11pm and 2am.)”

Hmm. This is not an encouraging start. When trying to convince me to modify my habits and tendencies, leading with “men love it!” is maybe not the most effective approach. I said I’d try to be open minded though, so let’s continue.

“In a 2018 survey, Mattress Advisor asked nearly 1 000 adults who lived with a partner about their attitudes toward morning sex. More than half of the men – 53% – said a morning romp made them more productive during the day.”

This just in: A slim majority of men like something, so we’re recommending it for everyone. Compelling stuff!

Any Time is the Right Time for Oxytocin

Come on folks – can you please come up with at least ONE argument in favor of morning sex which doesn’t assume I’m a dude?

“Sex floods your body with oxytocin, a stress-relieving hormone that makes you feel relaxed and happy. Not a bad way to kick off a tough day at work. For an extra dose of stress relief, make time for a little cuddling before you get out of bed and hit the shower.”

OK, that sounds somewhat more universal – although I’m not sure I like the idea of my body being “flooded” by hormones, even ones which make me feel relaxed and happy. Some people may say you can’t get too much of a good thing, but such people clearly have never gotten piss-drunk on tequila shots.

Plus, if sex is what releases the feelgood hormone, does it really matter if the sex takes place in the morning, as opposed to any other time of day?

“Oxytocin can be released not only during masturbation and intercourse, but also during close touching,” the article quotes Dr. Debby Herbenick, a sex researcher at Indiana University, as saying.

Aha! So, not only do I not need to have sex in the morning to release the feelgood hormone, I can get my oxytocin fix in DIY fashion?

Sorry honey – no morning sex for you!

Don’t feel too bad, though. Given the “bite first, ask questions later” volatility of my morning moods, if I ever decide I need a rush of feelgood hormone before having my first cup of coffee, it’s probably best that it come from interaction with a penis which isn’t attached to you.

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