Strange Celery Facts – Including One I Sorta Wish I Didn’t Know

Strange Celery Facts – Including One I Sorta Wish I Didn’t Know

Do you like learning strange facts? Do you enjoy researching weird claims to see if they are factual or not? If so, do you ever sort of regret having done the research, when it’s all said and done?

Calico is feeling a mild twinge of regret over one weird fact she stumbled across and fact-checked. In truth, her regret has less to do with the fact than the implications of that fact on her future endeavors — specifically, future endeavors that involve eating, slicing, cooking, or otherwise encountering celery.

This is a damn shame, because Calico really likes (or perhaps I should say really “liked”) eating celery. The crunchy veggie just works in so many ways — smeared with peanut butter, chopped up in a salad, floating in a vegetable soup, used as a bludgeoning instrument for hitting her husband on the head when she doesn’t have a rolling pin or frying pan handy — the list goes on and on.

So, what did Calico learn about celery which has put her off this once-loved veggie? Can she overcome this and return to happily eating celery in the future? Is there something disconcerting to learn about carrots, as well? Find out in Calico’s latest post: “Strange Facts – Including One I Sorta Wish I Didn’t Know”

by Calico Rudasill, Strange Sex Movies!
strange celery

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As a kid, I was fascinated with Ripley’s Believe It or Not – at least until my older brother spoiled it for me by sitting around debunking a few of Ripley’s more extraordinary claims, leaving me disillusioned and more skeptical of the world and people around me than any seven year-old probably ought to be.

As it turned out, my brother’s cruelly selective cherry-picked debunking led me to the false impression that Ripley’s (and Robert Ripley the man who founded it) was a big ball of lies and distortions, when the truth is more complicated than that – and includes the fact that Ripley was probably right vastly more often than he was wrong.

An Interest in Weird Facts, Rekindled

Fortunately, my temporary disenchantment with Ripley didn’t turn me off the idea of weird facts altogether and I remain entertained by them to this day. Some of my favorites which are relatively new to me (and which may be old hat to some of you) include the fact that the “cosmic microwave background” from the Big Bang is “responsible for a sizeable amount of static on your television set” (or was before the advent of cable television, at least); pound for pound, the fastest-punching animal in the ocean turns out to be one that weighs significantly less than one pound (must admit, I didn’t realize there was a “Fastest Punching Animal in the Ocean” competition) and it’s really true what my grandmother once told me – properly stored honey never goes bad.

This post isn’t about Robert Ripley, or the ongoing publication which bears his name, though. This post is about weird facts I learned from sources other than Ripley – including one weird fact that I now sort of wish I did not know.

An Interest in Weird Facts, Rethought

The fact I wish I didn’t know pertains to wild boars. And no, it’s not the fact that some boars can run at speeds up to 48 kilometers per hour – although admittedly, that fact might suddenly become significantly more alarming if I ever find myself running from a wild boar.

Honestly, the wild boar fact I now sort of wish I didn’t know isn’t that awful, nor does my revulsion at learning it have much to do with boars. It has much more to do with how much celery I eat – and the fact that from here forward, whenever I think about celery, I’m also going to be thinking about the term “boar taint.”

Why will I make this connection between celery and boar taint from now on, you might reasonably (if somewhat hesitantly) ask? Well, it’s because the weird fact of which I recently became aware is: “Boar sex has a strange connection to your crunchy salad ingredients.”

An Interest in Weird Facts, Regretted

When I read that headline, I really hoped that Sara Chodosh, the author of the article, was referring to croutons, because I don’t really go for croutons. So, if there was some unpleasant association between boar sex and what amounts to little crusty chunks of stale bread other people put in their salads, that would be something with which I can easily live. 

Alas, Sara’s post is not about croutons.

Addressing the subject of hormones, Chodosh notes that “hormones are much more than sexy strings of peptides, and they’re not exclusive to humans—or even just to animals.”

“Plants, too, have hormones,” Chodosh explains, continuing that in the then-current episode of “The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week,” she talks about “one particularly surprising example: celery happens to contain an unusually high amount of a particular human sex hormone that doubles as a pheromone in pigs.” 

Oh, yum. And yes, there’s more!

“Some folks may even recognize the smell of celery as resembling the odor of ‘boar taint,’ which has nothing to do with a pig’s backside, but is still kind of nasty,” Chodosh continues.

Here’s the thing, though: I will NOT recognize the smell of celery as resembling the odor of boar taint, because I have never – and will never – smell a boar’s taint. Maybe more people run around sniffing boar taint than I realize, but I’m betting many of you reading this, perhaps even most of you reading this, have never sniffed a boar’s taint, either.

Chodosh says she won’t spoil what role the hormone in question plays in celery, adding “suffice to say it’s nothing sexy.” She also anticipates what some of you may be thinking and reveals the possibly disappointing fact that “because humans don’t react to pheromones the same way some other animals do, no amount of celery is going to get your partner in the mood (unless they just, like, really dig ants-on-a-log).”

Sounds like if you want to know more about the connection between celery and boar sex (and/or taint), you’re going to have to listen to Sara’s show. I’m not about to do so myself, because given what she revealed in the post previewing the show, I’m afraid to hear how carrots fit into all of this.

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