The Sexual Liberation of Beyoncé

By Lola Lovely for Porn For Women.

Let’s get this clear right off the bat. I love Bey. I didn’t used to. She used to be just a part of a girl-group that sang catchy albeit silly songs I wasn’t too interested in. Since she went solo she would release singles that would get me toe-tapping and booty shaking. Singles like Love on Top and Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it). It can’t be denied, even Justin Timberlake and the people from SNL got in on Single Ladies.

But then Queen Bey (as I like to refer to her) gone and dropped a whole dang album with nary a tweet on the internetz (just a mere press release and banner in the iTunes store). Mind. Blown. I mean, I had to pay attention to her then. And boy was I glad.

Her new album is dripping with sexiness. I’m used to Beyoncé singing about boys, being a badass girl, love and all that, but here she was singing about sex. Pure unadulterated sex. And not even in a shy, I’m a good girl, I’m gonna let you sex me, kind of way. She was singing it in a way that made me blush! ME!

One of my favourite songs (out of many) on the album is Blow, a song absolutely dripping in innuendo and dare I say, even a little kink? Oh my Bey, you’ve suddenly become a whole lot more interesting. She sings:

Read on…

“Can you eat my skittles?

That’s the sweetest in the middle

Pink that’s the flavor

Solve the riddle

I’m-a lean back

Don’t worry it’s nothing major

Make sure you clean that box

That’s the only way to get the


If I owned a set of pearls, I would clutch them!

Things just get raunchier as she sings Partition, a song about a situation that we’re all familiar with at some point of our lives – fucking in the back seat – except perhaps our experience doesn’t come with a driver. Our girl doesn’t shy away from being nasty, in a good way.

“Driver roll up the partition please

I don’t need you seeing ‘yonce on her knees

Took 45 minutes to get all dressed up

We ain’t even gonna make it to this club

Now my mascara running, red lipstick smudged

Oh he so horny, he want to fuck

He bucked all my buttons, he ripped my blouse

He Monica Lewinski all on my gown”

Oh yeah he did.

In Rocket she takes charge and tells him what to do (rock it and punish her). It’s totally my new sexy time anthem. I am so proud of her.

I’m guessing that this sexual liberation (and consequently ditching of the ‘good girl’ persona) and reclaiming of her woman awesomeness has to do with the incredibly inspirational speech from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie that she sampled in her song Flawless:

“We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are

Feminist: a person who believes in the social

Political, and economic equality of the sexes”

It seems that Beyoncé took that to heart and let her sexuality literally spill all over this album. In fact her whole album is chock full of songs that scream of a girl maturing into a woman. A strong, confident, sexual woman, mother, wife, performer and much, much more. Because why should she only be defined as one thing? Go on then!

[ed. from Coleen…. After Lola wrote this article, the MTV VMA awards took place in which Beyonce very much proclaimed herself as a “feminist”.  Old school feminist Bell Hooks instantly attacked her as a “terrorist against women”.  No surprise there. Bell has a lecture and radio interview circuit to maintain and this is great fodder to keep her on the road.

Take a peek at this segment and form your own opinion if Beyonce is a feminist in the traditional sense of the word, or perhaps in the tradition of Cleopatra that knew how to use her sexuality for empowerment without being marginalized or objectified…….. i.e. do we as feminists need to wear dowdy pant suits, have bad hair, and suppress our sexuality in order to keep our “Feminist Union Cards”?  Take a peek….  This is a great segment on the topic….

At the end of the day, we women all have choices as to what “works” for us as far as sexuality, our presence in society and the workplace, and what out belief system might be.  The dogma of Bell Hooks very much offends me, as much of what she promotes is being drawn into her ideological cult that strips me of my choices if I want to join that club.  What say Ye, fellow women?

Me? I am very much liking Beyonce at this point as a combination of being a wife, mother, superstar, and sexing it up a bit to be successful in popular culture.

End of Coleen’s little rant as the afterthought to Lola’s lovely article!]


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