Sex Surveys: What Percentage Would Have It The Other Way Around?

Sex Surveys: What Percentage Would Have It The Other Way Around?

Surveys might be a questionable way to gather information, but it’s still interesting to go through survey response data and get a gauge of what the public is thinking on any given topic — and I do mean any given topic, because there are surveys on damn near every topic you can think of these days. Boxers or briefs? Paper or plastic? Firing squad or hanging? If you want to know what people prefer, someone out there, somewhere, has asked at least a couple thousand random strangers the same question you have, it seems.

Of course, where media attention is concerned, not all surveys are created equal. Surveys that ask about sexual preferences, or even just ask about sex in the context of gauging our attitudes about something unrelated to sex, get the headlines more reliably than those that, say, ask whether you prefer Saltine or Ritz crackers.

Calico recently stumbled across a report about a survey that asked people what they’d give — or give up — in return for the ability to travel, to finally come out of their COVID shell and get away from it all. The responses caught her eye — and led her to ask many questions of her own. Chief among those questions is the one that’s also the title of her latest post: “What Percentage Would Have It The Other Way Around?”  

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I don’t know if this is true globally and I’m simply unaware of it, but here in America, we loves us some survey data. 

If you spend even a few minutes on Google sifting through search responses, you can quickly find out which tech firms Americans trust and don’t trust, learn whether Americans miss going to the movies during the COVID-19 pandemic more than British and Australian people do and find out which current problems create the most stress for American consumers. (Spoiler alert: Americans are stressed out about their finances, as always.)

Survey Says: Sex-Related Responses Make for Great Headlines

While survey data is only as reliable as the people conducting (and answering) the survey and the methods employed, it’s easy to see why it’s so fascinating, offering a snapshot of people’s attitudes, beliefs, opinions and preferences that’s hard to come by through any other means.

Of course, the survey data which often draw the most attention are survey results involving sex. The media absolutely loves sex survey data – and loves it most when it justifies reporting something ‘unexpected,’ like the notion that a lot of Americans would give up sex for a year in exchange for the ability to travel without COVID-19 restrictions.

Before we get into what this response/rate says, if anything, about where sex currently stands on the list of Americans’ priorities, consider the source: Trivago, the travel-specific search site. I’m not saying they’re fudging their data, I’m just saying if there’s any audience I’d expect to be especially desperate for a bit of travel in its collective life right about now, it’s the Trivago user base.

If You’d Give Up Sex Quicker than Your Job, You Must Have a Pretty Decent Job

At any rate, in CNBC’s telling, over 80% of those polled said “travel is a part of a well-rounded life” – and to get that part of their lives going again, “48%, would give up their job, 38% would give up sex for a year, one-quarter would fork over all of their savings and 1 in 5 said they would dump their partner if it meant they could take a trip in the near future.”

I’ll buy that more people would give up their jobs than would give up sex for a year, in part because during my younger years, I worked a lot of jobs I was only too happy to quit, even without getting a vacation in the bargain. 

Plus, quitting your job would leave time to travel and have sex, because let’s face it, even the most fortunate among us who are lucky enough to be employed probably puts in a lot more time on the clock than on the cock in any given week. 

On the other hand, if you gave up sex for a year to travel, you’d just be stuck going back to your shitty job in a week or two, with no sex to come for another 50 weeks after that. Who the hell wants any part of that bargain?

Now, if you have a truly killer job, something you love doing, or at which you make so much money you don’t mind not loving it, then that’s a different story, obviously. Then I suppose it mostly comes down to how much you enjoy having sex – and how often you’re having sex in the first place, of course. 

Hmm. That brings me to another question…

What Percentage of These Respondents Haven’t Had Sex in the Last Year?

The CNBC article doesn’t say much about the Trivago survey, or offer a link to it, so I’m not sure what these respondents were asked, what their choice of responses included or any other details of that sort. I do know some questions I’d like to ask, though.

I’ll start with this: What percentage of the respondents wouldn’t be subjecting themselves to much of a lifestyle change by ‘giving up’ sex for a year? For that matter, among the people who wouldn’t give up sex for a year to travel, how integral is sex to their travel plans? What percentage are in a long distance relationship? What percentage are sex tourists?

Finally, I’d like to know: What percentage of respondents would give up travel for a year to have sex once? Although to keep things consistent, maybe instead of Trivago, that last question should be in a survey conducted by Tinder.

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