Sex News: Twerking Is The New Normal? Miley Cyrus "transcends" her past as a child star.

by Fiona Wilde

A bunch of people died in a horrific chemical weapon attack this week in Syria. But here in America, we couldn’t be bothered to focus on it because some former child star had vibrated her ass at the Video Music Awards.

How Attractive!

What happened in Syria violated the Geneva convention and could lead us into another military quagmire. It warrants discussion. What happened onstage at the Video Music Awards when Miley Cyrus climbed out of a teddy bear and delivered her embarrassing routine warrants a raised eyebrow and a shrug. But nearly a week later, the media won’t stop talking about it.

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Live in a cave and missed this one? OMG! Shame on you for not drinking the TMZ pink juice! Here you go

(Okay, can I puke yet? And what is it with that Princess Leah Star Wars hairdoo, girl?)

Twerking!” said CNN’s Peirs Morgan, referring to Cyrus’ now infamous dance move. “Why is this still making big news?”

Um. maybe because you won’t shut up about it?

Look, we all know celebrity shenanigans capture public attention. But this whole business has gotten ridiculous. I’m not even going to address stupid Miley Cyrus’ stupid routine with that stupid male singer best known for singing a stupid song endorsing rape.  Frankly, it’s been analyzed to death and I could not care less about the personalities involved.

What I’d rather address is why – in the year 2013 – our country still has love-hate relationship with sex, and how that outlook is turning us into collective idiots.

So what if someone did an offensive dance? Have we gotten to the point we can’t put down the Cheetos long enough to turn the channel? So what if your 12-year-old was exposed to something they shouldn’t have seen? Maybe you should have thought about that before plopping them down in front of a program known for pushing the envelope further and further each year. So what if Miley Cyrus set back feminism? Maybe if we raised stronger girls and more respectful boys, acts like hers and Robin Thicke’s wouldn’t be popular in the first place.

And maybe –  just maybe – this wouldn’t be such a huge story in the first place if we weren’t so sexually schizophrenic. Our media is saturated in sex, but our attitude towards it is still both juvenile and puritanical. We criticize outrageous, no-talent displays like the one on the VMA, but then reward the participants by endlessly talking about it. We tune in to every media report showing slow-motion replays of asses gyrating against pelvises, and then complain that hyper-sexuality is destroying our moral fiber. We’re like the fat person complaining about their weight problem while reaching for that third slice of cake.

The problem isn’t Miley Cyrus or porn or what we think is porn. The problem is our sexual ambivalence. There’s so much to suggest that we haven’t come to terms with the topic, and our society reflects our immaturity by delivering sexualized performance art better suited to a horny 13-year-old boy than to a sophisticated audience. We all tune in and spend the next week enduring media analysis of why we didn’t tune out, or why we keep talking about it. We focus on the morality of the performers, when they’re just putting out what our sexually immature society – with one foot still planted in Puritanism – secretly wants.

In the process we allow acts lacking talent to become famous for all the wrong reasons, while we allow topics that are not news to become headlines.

The answer is not banning this stuff. You can’t ban stupid and you can’t ban bad taste. The answer is for us to substitute a healthy attitude about sex for our love-hate obsession with it. As long as we see sex as a guilty pleasure, it will dominate our subconscious and the media – eager for ratings – will respond by elevating shock performances into stories that just don’t matter.

I wish I could be optimistic and say this is going to happen sooner than later, but I’m not. I just found out that “twerking” is making it into the dictionary. Really? Is it too late to hold a double funeral for our language and our culture? It’s looking like we’ll need two coffins.



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