The Real Victims of Casual Sex – Prostitutes

by Guest Columnist, Chico Dusty, at The Blog

Call this an unfair generalization if you must, but everyone over 40 should shut up and mind their own damn business.

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Maybe it’s just me, but for me, it seems like baby boomers and aging Generation Xer’s are mortified by how Generation Z is turning out. They’ve got iPhones, iPods, ugh I don’t know anymore!

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Yes, technology is spiraling out of control to the point where it won’t be long before a super race of cyborgs usurp humanity. However, the older generations aren’t worried about that. They’re worried about the hook-up culture and casual sex that young people are engaging in.

The world is too crazy for someone in their twenties to consider settling down. The environment could go at any time, the government held itself hostage for weeks, and no one has any money. Why would you want to marry someone right now with all this uncertainty? Not to mention that this generation has so many more options than ever before. But that won’t stop those old fogeys.

I understand the older generation’s “That’s not how we did it in my day”-mentality. But old people, you have to understand that you totally fucked us. We can’t be thinking of having sex with one person for the rest of our lives because we need to find a job (which is pretty damn hard because none of you are retiring) so that we can keep your old asses alive in a few years. Hooking up allows us to blow off some steam while we wait for you all to die so that we can clean-up the mess you’re leaving us with.

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Everything old is new again? Hookup Sex is back!

Hooking up isn’t hurting the youth of today, we’re internalizing the good times and the regrets so that when we are ready to settle down, we’ve made enough mistakes to make it work. Hooking up isn’t hurting the older generations either. Maybe their jealously is giving them an ulcer.

The only people that hooking up hurts is prostitutes.

Yes, the oldest profession in the world is now in trouble.

A sex survey from the early 90s showed that 16% of men reported having visited a prostitute at least once in their lifetime. The General Social Survey from 2006 showed that the number of men who visited a prostitute at least once had dropped to 13.2%. That figured dropped down to 9.1% in 2012.

How can we explain this decline of prostitute visits? Simple: free, no-strings attached sex keeps getting easier to have.

A potential sex partner is just a few screen-touches away, without any money exchanged. The need to purchase sex is disappearing thanks to hook-up culture.

All of this is to say, if you don’t like the way young people are having casual sex with whomever they want, you should visit a prostitute.

Not only will you be supporting an industry that desperately needs your business in this tough economy, you might see why no-strings attached sex is so popular.

Chico Dusty is a 24 year old, Caucasian male with unusually soft hands and elegantly tapered fingers. Young Dusty turned his back on the lucrative world of hand-modeling to constantly write about sex and the adult industry for’s blog, The Blog.


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